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Newbie here... dirt, soil, compost...all the great browns!

Kennesaw, GA

Hi all! I'm new here. I'm in 7b.
I have a mix of veggies and flowers started indoors in Jiffy seed starting mix. They are doing great but now, as I wait for it to warm up a bit outside to transplant, I worry that they are not getting any nutrients from the "fake" soil (starting mix).

After they were strong enough, should I have transplanted them into a soil/compost based mix instead of keeping them in seed start?
How can I fix it now..should I add some plant food and/or kelp to tide them over till i can get them in the ground?

Also- my garden is new and I had yards of organic soil brought in. I plan on adding work casings, azomite, kelp and compost tea later. Should i add some perlite in it to make it more aerated or is perlite only for potting?

Sorry for all the questions. I'm lost about dirt. :)

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

First of all I'm not sure what you mean about the starting mix, did you mean seed compost bought from the store !!!!, anyway now that the plants have germinated, IF there are 2 new leaves showing and they are large enough to hold in your hand, then it's time to pot the INDIVIDUAL plants either into a single small pot with a good compost mix from store, (DON'T add any feeds at this time) if you don't want to use pots, then fill seed trays with the same compost I mentioned, flatten the soil to gently firm it, then make a hole with a pencil grip the seedling by the leaf and tease the roots free at the same time, then pot the seedling into place either in pot or tray, gently firm the soil around the tiny plant but don't squeeze the roots when firming around the roots,
In pots a gentle tap at the bottom is usually enough firming with trays, normally a gentle squeeze with fingers us enough, make sure you water the seedlings but dont drown the,. I prefer to sit the pot or tray in a basin of water till the soil changes darker brown, that indicates the soil is wet enough, drain excess watwer and set the seedling in good light but shade from direct sun, don't plant outdoors until the soil is warm enough, a good weed colony is a good indicator that the soil is warming up enough.

At planting outdoors when soil is ready, then you can add some food to the soil, I would use blood/fish.bonemeal as this is a slow release feed and could last all season OR use a multi purpose feed, whatever type of feed you use, don't go mad, too much is as bad as too little or none, make sure you read the directions on the packet,
Good luck. WeeNel.

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