Peroxide and water mixture

West Palm Beach, FL

I have read that soaking seeds in a mixture of peroxide and water speeds the germination process.

I just tried the following mixture for some melon seeds

9 cc of water & 3 cc of Peroxide (a 3 to 1 mixture) after 5 hours I planted the seeds and placed them in a greenhouse how soon should I see the first sprouts (ball park figure)


Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

Sorry, I don't knows melons. Did the seed pkt give a "days to emergence figure?

What kind of melons? I could look up some average numbers in a seed catalog.

BTW, drugstore hydrogen peroxide is usually 3% strength. So your dilution gave you 1%.
(I hope you didn't start with "food service H2O2 - that is around 30%!)

I've seen advice going as low as 1:32 - 0.1% - for soaking seeds, though plenty of people use it as strong as 0.3% and maybe higher. (I would guess that a seed as tough as most melons can really "take it".)
1 ml per ounce
1.5 tsp per cup

I'll be curious to see what others say about how long you should soak various kinds of melon seeds. Sometimes, for thick tough seeds, I see things like "scratch them and then soak overnight.

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