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Dogwoods, Central Alabama?

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8a)

Hi guys. I have a question if anyone could help. I really want a dogwood (looking at the pink dogwoods) but I don't have ANY large trees in my yard. I currently have a small weeping cherry (5 feet) and a small saucer magnolia (3 feet). Everything I read says they do better in canopies or on the edge of a forest type setting. Can I plant one in my back yard (no shade)? I really want one, but not at the risk of hurting it. Anyone have any luck with dogwoods in their area, full sun, lacking other trees?


Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

Yes. Tho more than shade they like an afternoon shade and an acidish soil. They stay the size of small trees tho.

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8a)

But if you can't provide that shade...?

Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

They are still great, I am seeing dogwoods all over Georgia today and used on the interstates by themselves. In full sun. Solid whites, pinks in full gorgeous blooms. It won't give them any problems if you dont have any shade at all.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

As long as you provide soil mixed with plenty of humus and make sure that it doesn't suffer from drought you should be fine. Dogwoods planted in more sun usually have a bigger show of blooms than their cousins in the shadier areas. Lots of folks around here have them planted in full sun.

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8a)

Thanks to both of you! I think I'll take a chance and go ahead and get one.

Prattville, AL(Zone 8a)


I love dogwoods and planted one in my Prattville front yard in 2007 where there was no shade. It always struggled and then last year, it never leafed out (it has never bloomed in all that time). Lo and behold, this spring, we had several new dogwood branches come out at that spot. Take a chance if you want, but please remember to water it a lot. We did and thought it was established pretty well, but our drought the last few years did it in along with full Alabama sun. It might be okay for those trees on the highway because they're bigger or more established or something when put in, but I'd be careful about putting a big box store tree (mine was) out with no protection from that afternoon sun and if you do that, water, water, water!

St. Simon's Island, GA(Zone 9a)

It would probably work out better if you planted it in the fall (Octoberish). That way it could have some solid new root growth by the time hot weather came back around, and wouldn't require so much water. Also, a lot of those dogwoods you see along the road are wild, not planted. Some bird just pooped a seed that sprouted, and it fairs much better than those you plant from a nursery pot. I don't know why, but I have tried and tried and tried, even with shaded areas, but to no avail. But, good luck. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8a)

Oh... well :(. I haven't gotten a chance to make it to little mountain growers to pick one up (if they still have them). I got my fiance's mother one (for mother's day) and they are beautiful, she has a very nicely shaded back yard though. I had thought maybe for the first couple years I could set up an umbrella for it until it got more established but now I'm hesitant. I'll let you guys know what I do. Thanks for all the tips and input!

Murphysboro, IL(Zone 6b)

I tried planting dogwoods in my yard with no canopy cover with no success. One died quickly and the other hung on for several years without growing and died a very slow death.

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