Easter cactus in bloom

ringsaker, Norway(Zone 3a)

Happy Easter everyone. Here's a couple of my easter cactus in bloom today, =)

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Decatur, GA

Really beautiful! I especially like the bright white one. Nice work!

Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9a)

I love the white one also. They are just beautiful!

(Carole) Cleveland, TX(Zone 9a)

Really stunning! thank you for sharing!

ringsaker, Norway(Zone 3a)

Thank's for your comments:) I personally think easter cactus is one of the most beautiful of all the holiday cactus, and especially since their flowers last for a month or so, compared to the thanksgivingcactus were the flowers only last a few days.. :)

ringsaker, Norway(Zone 3a)

And here is my last one flowering- its just loaded with flowers. :)

Thumbnail by haltir
Decatur, GA

wow, you have the knack for these plants. Beautiful!

New Castle, IN

Any special care tips you could pass our way? They are beautiful

ringsaker, Norway(Zone 3a)

Thank you Helenchild :) Mayniac69: from my experience i've learned that they should never get too dry.. if they do, they will start to trow leaf segments, so i make sure that the plants never go completly dry. I have them in a room facing north, since they don't like to strong sunlight, but bright indirect light. During the summer, i hang them outside in the shadow, and they get fertilzed now and then. I let them hang outside until just before the first frost is arriving in fall- and when i take them inside they are usually loaded with buds. I have one though, that i don't hang up outside during the summer because it is in a large pot i find hard to hang up.. with that one, i place it in the basement, from november trough to february, when the buds will start to form. The easter cactus need a cold period to produce it's beautiful blooms, and without any cool ( +10 C) They do not bloom after my experience- that is :)

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