WE WERE WRONG! It's A Triple Sprout Mango + More!

Perth, Australia(Zone 11)

Well, this was an exciting discovery this evening! Jake dug up the twin embryo mango seed to separate them and to our surprise, there was yet another seedling that was below ground!

In the opening of the seed where it had split open, there looks to be ANOTHER one developing!

Is it possible to have triplet or quadruplet embryos??

As Jake dug up the seed, the more mature seedling broke away from the pip, but you can see from our other thread 'Double Mango Shoot' that it came from the same seed. It has a well developed tap root and has been transplanted on his own. We re-planted the seed with the two offshoots to let them develop more. We are just growing these for fun and not to produce a crop - and it seemed to be MORE FUN than we thought!!

Jake & Jahna

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Perth, Australia(Zone 11)


We have just answered our own question! We looked up images of polyembryotic mango seeds and seen a WHOLE bunch of awesome triple, quadruple and other cool multiples of these awesome seeds! We NEVER knew that you could get such a thing and we are SO STOKED that we have one growing in our own garden...
Jake has actually had a lot of years with his Dad growing mangoes from seeds in QLD and has never come across such a cool phenomena (as we now like to call it! lol!)

At least we have a great place here at DG to share our new found excitement!

I realised after re-reading your responses to the twins, that the word 'poly' actually means more than one, not just two! LOL!

Cheers guys!

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