TEA ROOM # 120

Clifton Springs, Australia

I'll share the cake with you Jean,
It looks delicious....lol

Have to tell you that I took out the Jostaberry, I felt guilty because it was growing so well, but 3 years is enough to wait for fruit, so out it went.
Besides I had a new Tibouchina that I had to find a spot for and they flower for 6 months....it's a pink and white one, so that will be interesting..when I find the label, I'll tell you it's name...

Hope everyone is well.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Small piece for me , Jean...

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Took me half a day to get logged into Dave's. I was beginning to think they "booted" me off. But so glad they didn't.... thinking of going to Google Chrome, is it any better than firefox????
Been gardening. Only got a half dozen brugs more to put into holes......

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Its overcast at the moment but may clear later. Hubby says maybe some rain. I hope so.
Not much doern yesterday as I was playing around in the family history again. Been a while so I htought I'd see if anyhting new has surfaced .

Anthony, you were lucky to get any cake while Charley Mule was around. Hope all is well down your way.
My daughter tells me they are are to holiday at Cradle Mountain in July.
She like scold weather . Strange girl.

Charleen, I use Firefox and have done for years now . I have tried Chrome but I cant remember why I dont use it . It is on the computer in case I want it again.
You may like it.

Dianne, I'm with you in not keeping plants that wont produce what they should. I ripped all the berries out here, as what few did come were eaten by the birds.
Tibouchinas are very pretty but I dont think they would like my garden.

Al, your crocuses look beautiful. They were one of my late Mum's favorites
She never let my Dad mow the strip of lawn where they came up each year..

Hello Moon and Teresa.
Hope all is well at your places.

Its shopping day so I had better get myself moving.

Here a treat for morning tea. ...Chocolate Almond Torte..

Enjoy your day and stay safe.

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

I know I hate a heck of a time getting back on.
Since it is working now, I'll leave it alone.
Hope everyone has a day day or night or whatever time it is at your place.
Tbo and his new red collar, Wisteria in pine trees, Rhododendron and finally witch hazels blooms

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Clifton Springs, Australia

I am the opposite to Jean, Charleen..I've been using Chrome for years and I keep Firefox just in case.....Download it for yourself, then if one doesn't work the other will....
Doesn't T.Bo look so fine with his red collar...
Your flowers look lovely....

Very fine rain all morning here, it's washing all the leaves....
I have to plant the rest of my spring bulbs this week, I'm cutting back on the number of varieties that I keep, I was getting far too many to properly take care of..

I had the last of my little watermelons, they were really nice this year....
Jean how are you going with the pink double Abutilons?, mine flower, but I don't think they are happy, the dwarf ones grow well though...

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Hubby has little jiffy pots of dirt with all kinds of green showing. He started them in greenhouse after He dragged the brugs out. Seems he was anxious to get them out to start his little plants. Even talking about another small greenhouse. i wonder who it is for....???? :)
We have a Kawansa (?) flowering cherry tree and the rhododendron is several years old....

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Its a bit nippy but going to be a lovely Autumn day.
I found no orphans yesterday. The shops hardly have any plants these days in our area.
I did buy a new electric frypan and a slow cooker. My slow cooker is old with scratches on the ceramic now.
I got a larger one on special. I had to buy a new electric frypan as the lid on the old one just broke a few days ago.
I opened the cupboard to get it out to use and there was the lid (pyrex ?)shattered in pieces.
Looked like it had imploded and dropped into the the pan. I am very glad it didnt happen while I was using it.
There were no cracks in the lid, no bumps to it and nothing to fall on it in the cupboard.
It has lived in the same cupboard between uses for about 9 years. I was amazed as I have never heard of anything like this happening.
I rang the Sunbeam customer service and it took me 3 tries to get anyone who could understand what I was talking about. I was worried the same thing may happen to other of my appliances with this type of lid.
The chap I spoke to was so offhand I just thanked him and hung up, feeling annoyed.
I took a pic of the damage and will post it to the company. (see pic below.)

Today I will move a few bromeliads around and maybe try to pull a few weeds.

Charleen, your trees are looking very lovely. Spring blossom is always so pretty.
Maybe you should put in for the new greenhouse and let hubby have the old one.
Pat those furry ones for me.

Dianne, my little abutilons are growing but not doing much at the moment. The double pink had plenty of flowers but is a bit scraggly. It may bush up when I trim it a bit in Spring.
I wouldnt bother with any more. The larger ones in the garden do better even if they are all a bit leggy. I usually cut them back but the largest are growing up through the middle of the bougainvillea and the white plumbago so I will not venture in to do anything there. They seem happy . The others will get their haircut .

Hello Al, Teresa, Anthony and Moon.
I hope all is going well with you all.
I am off to enjoy the sun even if its a bit cold out there.

Heres your morning tea treat....Carrot Cake.

Enjoy the day and stay safe

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

I took these this morning...I love Spring....
Iris, Red hot poker Close up of blooming cherry tree Butterfly I had in Green house and another phot of the Blooming Cherry.
Happy Day everyone....

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Its very empty in here. Where is everyone ??

Very warm yesterday and humid which is unusual for this time of year.
It may be a bit cooler today but still no rain which is also unusual for the season. I think all the people in our northern states have had ours as well as theirs.
I was playing musical chairs with my bromeliads yesterday. I have them spread around the shadehouses and outside now. They seem to multiply overnight.
My brugs are all looking very nice and green with lots of buds.
The iris will be showing new leaves soon and I still have to move a few of them once the ground is wet.

Hello Charleen, thats a beautiful color in your iris.
Red hot pokers are always a good show.
That is a very pretty butterfly too.
You should make one just like it, so you always have it in your garden.
Pat the furry ones for me.

Hello Dianne, Teresa, Moon , Al and Anthony.
I hope all is well with you.

I will leave out something tasty for morning tea....Orange Date Muffins..

If noone eats anything, Charley Mule will enjoy the leftovers.

Enjoy your day.

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Just a quick hello....playing games with the Grands...

Hope all is well with each of you.

Happy Birthday Al. Hope you have a lovely day.

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Hello..Been busy as usual,,and not keeping up with the seedling weeds.. Luckily, I was just Given some lilium seeds from'Rainbow Francombs ' stables in Oregon... 'l. Parvum' and' l.Bolanderi'and l'.Kelloggi'..........I've been hunting the 1st 2 for about 5 years.........Dentist/filling at 11 am , better get ready!-Anthony

Clifton Springs, Australia

Happy birthday Al....hope it's a great one....
Moon, Al's cake looks lovely, could you spare a piece? lol

Jean, as soon as you mentioned the lid on your frypan, I checked mine....it's a Sunbeam too....
They will have to give you some reason for it disintegrating like that,,,,

Anthony, congrats on finding those seeds.....I love your liliums, but now I am only going to keep a select few.
I am finding it difficult to keep up with the pots, they are everywhere.....same goes for all my bulbs.....

Lovely pics Charleen...happy time for you...

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Dianne, here is a slice cut just for you...grin

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Moon, I was out for lunch, yesterday and had the best Banana Split that I've had in years....mind you I haven't had one for years....
It was a whole banana and Kiwi Fruit, Strawberries, Ice cream, whipped cream, a wafer and a Chocolate decoration on the top......topped with a passionfruit sauce.......heaven....

So I really should put that delicious birthday cake away for another day.....lol

Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Thanks for the greetings All, I had a great day today. My brother Tommy took me to our favorite trucker's rest for a pancakes and ham breakfast. Then Ellen and I traveled to the city to visit three different garden centers. I bought a new Earthbox planter (I now have two) along with some potting soil, some dahlia roots she wanted, and a few veggie seeds we needed for Spring planting.

Now get this one... I won the State Lotto for $100 that paid for nearly everything, including a Rib dinner on the way home! Okay, that was a fun trip, time to get back to the garden!


Merino, Australia

Happy Birthday Al.
sorry I was remiss in not putting out your cake. Charley Mule must have eaten it...lol
Congrats on a very lucky birthday.

Dianne, I bet you ate the cake as well. I would.

Moon thank you for getting such a yummy cake for Al.

Its thinking about rain here but not actually doing anything.


Christchurch, New Zealand

I'm so tired - worked today & it was busy!
We made almost $4,500 so the accountant should be smiling :)
It is a big relief that business is picking up, a month ago we were pleased if we did $1,500!
I have an early start tomorrow, being picked up at 7am!
I am stewarding Test A at our obedience trial.
Indoor venue so no problem if it rains but the forecast is for a fine day.
I was going to enter with Sugar but I missed the cut off date & with all the disruptions lately I don't think we would have been ready.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

AL- sounds like you had a brilliant day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning

Jean, I have been thinking about your fryer pan lid....it sounds like what the engineers call stress fractures....tiny stresses in the glass from heat/cold. I had a Pyrex casserole dish "implode" like that....and it was only a year or two old. The manufacturer said it was likely a tiny flaw in the glass that went un-noticed over time. I do hope you get some rain for your garden.

Dianne....that banana split sounds delightfully "evil"....and oh so yummy. Fortunately the cake will keep. GRIN

So glad you had a lovely day Al....just what birthdays are supposed to be.

Teresa, good that things are picking up at work....perhaps now that things are starting to cool down a bit sales will be stronger. Enjoy your day at the trials.

Anthony....so tickled you got liliums you really wanted. i am sure you will have lovely crosses and blooming beauties in no time. It is nice to see you back here again.

Charlene, those blooms are so pretty...I love spring too....One of the bearded irises bloomed and a couple of the Louisiana irises too.

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Looks like another lovely Autumn day , but still no sign of rain.
It was overcast yesterday with only a few spots of rain.

Teresa, nice to see you having a good result at work. As Moon says, sales should really pick up from now on as the cold creeps in.
Enjoy your day with all the dogs. Sugar will have lots of time for other trials.

Moon, beautiful irises. Mine are just thinking about putting out new leaves after the heat of summer.
If heat on the rhizomes is good for them , they should be great by Spring.
I am sending a pic of my frypan lid to the company to show what happened. I already bought the new one but would like to know what caused it as I have several appliances with the same type of lid.

Anthony, you are going to be so excited waiting for your new bulbs to flower.
i had to go pick up some of my daffies that had been dug out by the blackbirds.
They seem to like digging them up and just leaving them sit .
At least I can find them to replant. If the maggies want to play with the bulbs they carry them off.

Al, I hope all your seeds make for a wonderful Spring garden.
Glad you enjoyed the lotto win.

Dianne, I spent most of yesterday repotting my small clivias.
I now have a nice lot of pots down both sides of the path in the shadehouse.
Do oyu keep clivias ?
I love the flowers and they last so long on the plants.
I am waiting on the small ones to grow and flower although they are mainly for the leaves.
Give Tilly a pat for me.

Charleen, dont feed that Charley as I gave him a large lot of cake this morning.
He is a greedy boy. TBo helped him eat it all too.

Hello to anyone else popping in .

Hers a tasty nibble for morning tea.....Raisin Cookies

Enjoy the day and your gardens

Stay safe

Some are Chinese broadleaf and some are variegated.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Yes Jean, I have two big pots of the basic orange one...I think it's the only plant in my garden that I don't feed, water or worry about....
They are so self sufficient...
Tilly said thanks for the pat and sends a big lick to you.

Congrats on you lotto win Al, that's the nicest way to spend money .....

Moon. they are beautiful Iris..both types.

Teresa, hope you enjoyed your day as steward.....

Anthony, I hope your lip is feeling better......

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Christchurch, New Zealand

what lovely irises, pretty colours :)
I am shattered after my day at the obedience trial.
I was asked to show manage instead of stewarding...
that meant being in charge of how things run, having time stewards for stays & scent decoys for the top two tests ready when needed & sorting out running order when competitors had to be in two rings at the same time.
It actually went quite well & most people were happy to help if they could.
I even managed to get a load of washing done & the garden watered before I was picked up a 7am.
the weather is cooler but still dry.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

I just lit the first woodheater fire for the year... Beautiful.... I can feel the heat getting into my bones, neck and fingers....Dianne , my lip is healing.. ''lovely oriental dentist man''.......Have been weeding seedling boxes this arvo,.. Have to make room for winters firewood,.,..This heat from the fire is beautiful.. Sleep tight everyone-Anthony

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

I'm sure the heat feels great on a chilly night Anthony. Yep, Charley gobbled up that cake and barely left crumbs for Tbo.
Been getting rain today, plants will love it.
Hope you night/day is a good one...
hugs and nuzzles....

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. I finally got here to open the door.
I was sidetracked with looking through some new family tree stuff.
The time just disappears when one gets into lists of names & dates.

Anthony. sounds like you are all set for the winter.
My eldest daughter & hubby love Tassie and holiday there each winter. She likes the cold...Funny girl...
They are hoping for lots of snow and as far as I know will be staying somewhere on or near Cradle Mountain.

Teresa, you must have had a very busy day but did really well.
You may be asked again, now you have the experience .
Congrats on a great day.

Charleen, its funny talking about snow while you are all looking forward to Spring sunshine..
I saw Abigail this morning . She sneaks around the side of the Tea Room so I can feed her without Charley seeing...lol

Hello Dianne, Moon , Teresa and Al.

I am off to post a few things so will pop back later.

Its cold outside and we had a small shower. I had better wear my coat.

Heres something yummy for morning tea......Raisin Scones..

Keep warm and enjoy the day.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

What about Adam Scott....you beauty.......


Christchurch, New Zealand

lol - Jean, I have no doubt I will be asked again if there haven't been any complaints...
the trick is to avoid being the only mug to take on the job or you never get out of it.
It wasn't a big deal this time as I wasn't entered with Sugar but in future I want to compete & be able to focus on my dog without any extra responsibilities.

I harvested some lily seed on Sunday, have them in an envelope inside to keep drying.
I gave Mum some seeds, it will be interesting to see what we end up with in a couple of years time :)

Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

I can't take my golf too seriously, but Adam Scott made an amazing score at the Master's Tourney in Atlanta Georgia yesterday! Congrates to all Aussie sports fans for a fantastic win! What a match to watch.


Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Looks like being a lovely day here . Yesterday was overcast with a few very light showers , but not cold.
I didnt do much but did pot a few broms.

There are bulbs popping up all over the place and they do look pretty amid all the dead stuff.
With the ground so dry , I have to watch the blackbirds as they dig around unearthing some the smaller bulbs.
I am forever replanting them here and there.

Al, I dont watch golf here, but it was nice to see a young Aussie fellow take off the trophy.

Teresa, I agree with you, its much more fun to participate than to be running things.

Hello Dianne, Moon , Anthony and Charleen.

Its rather quiet in here lately. Everyone seems to be disappearing.
I like our chats but I may be talking to myself soon....lol

Heres something nice for morning tea ...Almond Sponge...

Hope you all have a happy day

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Now another tragedy in the US....
Our thoughts are with you all.....
Makes you wish for the good old days...


Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

We were walking on that same square just a few months ago. What does it take to make sense of all this? I like to think that the rest of us are at least sane enough not to pull this stuff..


Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

It is so horrible. I don't know why people want to hate. It makes me sick. I try to love all folks.

Brug garden going back in.
This next one is coming back from roots
Another shot of same brug garden
Love you all....

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Sick, evil minds.....been around for centuries, but now....too many venues and too much enabling info.....and somehow, it is the children who suffer the most. This song has been around since 1967.....and it is even more relevant today.


Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
A lovely day yesterday and looks like the same today.
Nothing much to be done here until it rains. I cannot even pull out the weeds as the ground is so hard.
Lots of salvias flowering and more bulbs coming up. Now I see all the green leaves of the babianas coming through the old dead ones.
There are even a few early buds on the zygos.

I need to chat about nice things like our gardens as hearing about the awful happenings in Boston make me sad.
There is so much evil out there. Thank goodness there are so many good people to balance the scales.
I think we should have a good news day on all our news media every week.
Nothing but good news about the world for a whole day may help us all to overcome the evil.

Hello Al, Moon and Charleen. Our sympathies go out to all over there who have someone injured or killed in the awful explsions.

Hello to Dianne, Teresa and Anthony..
Hope all is well in your areas.
A few minutes contemplation in our gardens to remind us of how lucky we are to even be enjoying a garden.

A treat for morning tea.......Chocolate ButterCake..

I am off to look around my garden and thank Him Upstairs that I am around to see it all.

Happy day and stay safe


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Clifton Springs, Australia

Dropping in for a sec this morning, very cold here.
Our gardens do make us thankful and appreciative of what we have...
I look at this pic that I took of a Monkshood this morning...the blue is so beautiful...you wouldn't think that in a world of such beauty there can be such cruelty.

Had to come back again for the cake, Jean..
Try to have a good day everyone...

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Where the hell is this world going!!!-No further comment or my comments would get me into trouble...............

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Its very smoky here this morning with the cool air keeping the smoke form the burn offs down low near the ground.
Lovely yesterday and similar today.
I am not getting much done in the garden at the moment until rain comes to soften the ground.

We had a very interesting happening yesterday morning in the garden.
Hubby came in to get me after investigating a lot of squawking and screeching from the birds outside.
They were all going mad because a beautiful Collared Sparrowhawk had grabbed a Wattle bird for breakfast.
He was down on the ground in the garden and I was able to get some great pics of him with his breakfast.
He was quite unconcerned about me getting to within about 6'from him.
We didnt interfere as I believe in letting Nature take its course and the bird had to eat.
I hope the pics dont offend any squeamish among you, but I wanted to share, as it is wonderful to see any of our wildlife so close, right in the garden.

Hello Dianne, glad you got some cake before Charley Mule.
Thats a beautiful blue in your flower.

Anthony, you are right in wondering what is going on these days.
At least the beautiful bird in my pics has a reason for his actions. ( food for survival)
One does wonder whether the birds and animals may just be better at living in this world than we humans.

Hello to anyone else out there looking in.

Heres a snack for morning tea. ....Chocolate Cake.

Enjoy your day

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Computer went down thanks to Phone line, took me nearly 4 hours and here I am. No wonder hubby leaves it up to me.
got to get a filter for phone, they say. But working good now.
I started at 9AM and got finished at 12:34, That is too long to have your ear stuck to a phone.
Dogs kept barking, they thought I was talking to someone.... goofy things..

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Very chilly here this morning. We are certainly getting proper autumn weather now except for the lack of rain.

Charleen, join the club...
We used to be always getting problems on our phone line . We were also told to get a filter, but hubby being the expert with all things electronic put his own on which works quite well.
Some of our dropout problems were also caused by the modem we had. Bought a new one one on advice from our friendly computer man and now have very few problems.

Hello Anthony, Dianne, and Teresa. hope all is well at your places.

Moon & Charleen, such a terrible disaster with that explosion in the Texas fertiliser place.
Our sympathies go to all those who lost loved ones.

I am off to check on all my brugmansia buds and see if our sparrowhawk is around.
Hubby says there are two sitting up on his radio tower. Its a great lookout for hawks and such.

Take care everyone and stay safe.

Herre a treat for morning tea.....Chocolate Torte...


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