TEA ROOM # 120

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Bad things are happening over here. It is so horrible. Thank you all for caring.
Love you all....

Clifton Springs, Australia

What can we say, just take care of yourselves over there.....
Hopefully the suspects they have are the right ones....

Hello to everyone.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Hello, I have a damn cold.. so I resemble something 2 notches up from crap!!-Anthony

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Very chilly here this morning.
The sun is coming out so will be warmer later.

Charleen, all our best for everyone concerned in the tragedies over there.
I sent Charley home with cookies so you had better watch him or he'll eat them all.

Anthony... Colds can make you feel so miserable... Stay warm and drink lots of lemon juice & honey..

Hello Teresa, hope all is well over your way.

Hello Dianne and Moon.

I am off back to the heater.

I will leave something nice out in case anyone pops in for morning tea...Honey Ginger Scones...

Stay safe and warm..

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Got you some pictures. Brownish colored iris so beautiful... Mass of Oxalis. Frogs, so pretty with fallen cherry blossom petals, This is my favorite view on my woods walk and lastly. Charley and the gang waiting for the rain. They are under a carport I had put there for them.....

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Clifton Springs, Australia

I bet the longears love being in all that lush grass, Charleen...you do have a very pretty walk in that pic...
Anthony cuddle up on the couch,watch the footy and look after yourself this weekend...the garden will wait.

We saw Oblivion yesterday, I don't much care for Tom Cruise but he is a good actor, the film was good..
The technology was amazing.....I want his plane......

Jean, the sun is out here and it's quite pleasant, I'm off into the garden....we have to take out the dwarf nectarine, it's just taking up too much space and it isn't a heavy cropper, it's a shame but I have to be ruthless.
Have a pleasant day all..

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Hello All.

Jean, shivering here too. we have a cool spell moving through today....good heavy intermittent rain over a couple hours last night...temps around 12C this morning and possibly 7C in the morning. Supposed to get near 24C tomorrow
I have been busy chasing after my Grandsons....Tomorrow is the younger's 4th birthday. We are spending the day at the Zoo long with a couple of daughter Jan's close friends and their children. The three of them have been friends since they were 7 years old. Hoping the weathermen are right about the weather.

Charleen, The Iris is lovely and your path just beckons, come walk, Sounds like our storm is moving your way. Lots of wind and a good bit of lightening last night. Hope it behaves itself.
Heard that the second bomber from marathon bombing has been captured alive....his older brother was killed in the first confrontation. It is my understanding he was a pre-med student....makes one wonder what kind of doctor he would have made.....

Dianne, I hear ya on the ruthless....we spent a day removing the foliage/vines from a Sweet Autumn Clematis just so we could start to dig out the actual plant...unfortunately it had invaded a loropetalum, a rosa Banksia 'Lutea' in full bloom, a .red callistemon and a climbing rose.....the clematis is gone, and the area opened up again....I use that as comfort for the wicked way the Roses and shrubs got chopped back in the process.....my daughter does not fear collateral damage...especially in the garden. She is not a fan of bugs and 'things'

Anthony, hope you shake this cold quickly. Lots of fluids and stay warm and dry.

Have a lovely weekend


Christchurch, New Zealand

Look after yourself Anthony!
Your name sake - my nephew is 15 yrs old on monday.
I never forget his age as he was born 2 months before my Copper dog...

the weather has been wet & cold here - dog club is cancelled tomorrow so I get another sleep in :)

Sugar weasel woke me at 4.30am but needed a potty break so i guess i can't blame her... she was quiet after that & didn't stir til 8.30am after that.

We had a lovely afternoon at the Airforce museum followed by drinks at the old Officer's Mess with other Wings over NZ forum members.
We were wearing our new forum t'shirts - Baz & i had merino underneath - 11C is not t'shirt weather!!!
Baz & I had our wedding reception at the old officers Mess - was a really memorable day, got married in the base chapel & wedding photos taken in the museum & out on the airfield. Middle of winter & bitterly cold but I think that just added to the memories.

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Beautiful pictures and Best of everything for your wedding. Anthony, you take care of yourself. Moon, Hubby always blames Alabama, so you are safe. I was glad for the rain but not the chilly weather. but we are blessed, at least it isn't snow. Seasons are mixed up everywhere...

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Its a real autumn morning with the chill in the air. The sky was really red so I am hoping the old saying of it meaning rain, is true today.
I dont think so though. The sky has only wispy clouds .

Moon, nice to see you had rain, even if it was cold. I bet the grandkids loved the zoo.
My late first hubby used to work at the zoo in Melbourne and my kids loved going there.

Charleen, I hope some of the rain gets to you.
Love the carport you have for the furry ones. Lots of nice green grass too.
If Charley saw my paddock, he would pack up and go home.
Just dead brown weeds.

Teresa. Very nice for you to be back where you married. Lots of memories there.
Pretty cold when one has to get up in the night for any reason. I bet Sugar was quickly back inside.

Anthony, keep warm and put on the long johns when you go out....lol
Not pink lace bikini weather at all.

Dianne, I bet your tootsies get cold of a morning too.
I have some little bubble wrap blankets for my brug buds.
Hubby laughs at me , but I said once the flowers are photographed, the blankets wont be needed.
I did suggest a very very long electric cord for the electric blanket for them.....lol

Hello to anyone else out there.

Heres your morning tea nibbles.....Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I am off back to the heater.

Keep safe and warm

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Morning all,

Nippy but beautiful this morning....the garden looks much better without the nectarine and now I'm looking at an enormous Salvia that is about 10ft wide.....it has to go too, it's far too big for my garden and can't flower because it's wandered off into the shade of the Donut Peach....
Just the place for a white Japanese wind flower, I have pink growing in another spot, so white in the shade will look lovely.
This garden is 5 yrs old now and you can see what needs changing.....
Lovely wedding pic, Teresa sounds as though you enjoyed going back...

Jean, can I make up little raincoats for those buds? they are so precious and some of them are slowing right down with this cooler weather, so annoying.

Have a great day everyone...hope you are feeling a bit better after the footy last night, Anthony.

Merino, Australia

Dianne, hubby said if I stand outside with an umbrella over the buds here, he will call for the men in white.....lol
Watch out your hubby doesnt do the same...
The things we do for our plants...
Lucky there are a lot us all mad in the same way , so we can support each other against all the non plant people....

Freezing here.
I have not gone outside as yet. I am debating on how many layers of clothes I need..... maybe I'll just stay by the heater. I now have the small heater here at my feet.
Hubby keeps looking in at me and laughing.

I notice he is starting to turn it on at night while sitting on the computer....Men !!!!!

I must get a pic of one of my lovely salvias that has withstood all the summer weather and is a mass of green & blue flowers.
I may plant more around the brugs under the ash tree.


Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.

We had RAIN last night. Only about 17 points but still enough to make all the plants sit up nicely.
Its not as bitey out in the wind either.

I will say hello to all and than leave something nice out for morning tea.

I am off to check on things before we have to go out this morning.

I hope all is well with you all and that you are enjoying time in your gardens.

Your morning tea nibbles....Blueberry Muffins..

Happy day and stay warm and safe.

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Merino, Australia

Good morning anyone.....
Its very quiet in here. Charley Mule is getting a lot of left over cake lately.

We finally had a nice bit of rain and the plants are all loving it. Lots of buds opening on my brugs and the bromeliads are liking some good water instead of what comes out of our taps.

I hope you are all out enjoying your gardens and getting lots done in them.

Moon, enjoy those grand kids as they do grow so quickly.
Al, hope you are getting lots of Spring planting done.
Charleen, Cjarley is getting very fat on all the cake I give him.

Teresa, hope all is well over your way . How are Copper and Sugar.
I bet Copper likes being next to the heater now you have it working well again.

Dianne, did you get rain too.
Lots more bulbs popping up here and one of my azaleas has decided to flower. Poor confused thing.

Anthony, I hope you are feeling much better by now. Go sit among your plants.
That always makes one feel good.

I will leave out a few cakes as someone may pop in ....Assorted Cream Cakes...

Happy day

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Yes, he is getting quite fluffy. But You know how Equine are Jean, he still thinks he is starving. Even tho they go down into pasture to eat. Charley sure loves all the beautiful cakes.
Radar, doesn't he look innocent????? NOT
Tbo chewing on chain that keeps longears in pasture. Tbo is a nut!!!!
A couple of iris and of coarse I got a picture of the long ears. Need to get you some new pictures of them.....
Hugs and love to all.....

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Radar, does look innocent..Charleen and those iris are lovely, isn't nature wonderful how it can combine those colours.
If we tried it, yuk

Very little rain here, Jean...I really must plant the rest of those bulbs, they will be climbing out of their boxes soon..
I suppose I could make an attempt now....I have to psych myself up......
I'd better I suppose.....
back later.

Christchurch, New Zealand

lovely iris there Charleen.
Want to watch that T Bo doesn't damage his teeth chewing on the chains...
my first dog, Haski, chewed on chicken wire & made a mess of his teeth.
If he'd lived to be older than 7 years old it would have caused him trouble with decay...
sadly he died young when his heart burst at a weak spot caused by his being starved & neglected for his first 10 weeks of life.
We found him in time to save him from dying of starvation but the long term damage was already done.

On a happier note, Sugar is fit & healthy, Copper is kicking along at nearly 15 so it's all good right now.
I finally entered Miss weasel in her first obedience trials - we are doing Rally - O which is all on lead so hopefully she will be good enough to get qualifying certificates. Three QC's & she will have the Rally Novice title the same as Copper has.

I also entered Novice Obedience - that means a heel pattern on lead followed by the pattern off lead, a recall where you leave the dog & walk about 12 paces away - the steward tells you when to stop, turn around & then call your dog.
Ideally the dog waits in place & then comes straight to you & sits close in front until commanded to go behind you & return to the heel position on your left leg.
Sugar sometimes just follows me out, other times she waits & then just looks at me when I call her... and it's not unheard of for her to run toward me & just keep running!
And then there is the dumb bell retrieve...
ideally the dog sits beside you & the dumb bell is thrown on the steward's command, dog waits until sent, runs out, picks up dumb bell & runs straight back to the handler, sits in front & holds until commanded to give, then is commanded to return to heel.
Sugar loves the retrieve... & sometimes runs out immediately it hits the ground... & sometimes runs out & keeps going
last thing is the stay exercise, a 1 minute sit with handler facing away followed by a 2 minute down, handler facing away.
And so far in training I have kept Sugar on a long line & only gone a few paces away - and faced her the entire time.
Big step up to have her lined up off lead with all the other dogs entered in the class - and go at least 10 paces away - and keep my back turned...
oh dear - what have I done ;0

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Abating Flu virus, 'thank the lord'..being unwell and incapable-is the pits!!..When I felt OK, I had to go and do what I could.. potting mini daffs.. and a load of firewood to stack [didnt help] a few stiff brandys did though!!!! and work has been flat out and gruelling.. Charleen, Ive got a stupid 'Cocky' who drags his night cage , around in his day cage..then sits on top of the little cage and 'surfs' when I re-position it in the big cage, using long sticks [I treasure my fingers].......... No room for a chair, Jean!!!!-amongst my plants!!--Anthony

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Cocky is just "showing Off." isn't he??? Hope you are feeling better Anthony...
sounds like dog show is going to be interesting. I'm sure she is not only one who is still puppish!!!

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Its a very nice morning here. The sun is climbing over the trees and with the bit of rain we had, all the plants are standing up very straight.
Shopping day today as tomorrow is Anzac Day.

Teresa, Sugar will do very well and be so well behaved she will win.
I am sending her mental messages to be the best...lol

Anthony, great to hear you are getting over the flu. It certainly does make one feel so awful.
I bet Cocky has a laugh to himself when you have to move his small cage. He probably does it deliberately so he can have that little ride.
Make a sitting space in your garden. We all need to sit out among our plants at times. I have several made of old logs etc.

Charleen, TBo must be trying to let Charley out so he can come along with him for more cake...lol
Radar looks very cute and innocent. Love your irises. Mine are all looking dead at the moment.
Its wonderful how they come back each year after the heat of summer and no water.

Dianne, I am off outside to check my brug buds before we go shopping.

Better move myself and get out there before hubby decides its time to go.

Enjoy this .....Chocolate CheeseCake

Happy day and stay safe

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Best regards to you all on Anzac Day.

Hope you are all well and content.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Thank you very much, moon...
After going to our local dawn service.....
We will settle down and watch one of the biggest football games of the year....Go Bombers..
There is a game on in NZ too,tomorrow, Teresa......

My mother always loved Anzac Day, because they held the service in her nursing home and all the dear old returned servicemen who lived there always wore their service medals and when the ceremony was over they would all go over to her and she would look very closely at the medals.......she loved all the fuss.

Jean, go and check your babies again...just in case.....

Christchurch, New Zealand

I am going with Baz to the Air Force Museum for the service there, not sure if I can make it to the RSA service as well but I'd like to stop in there at some stage to say hi to my old regulars.
Not to mention my Step dad will be there & it's always fun to have a few bevvies with him :)

Glad to hear that you are starting recover Anthony, wise move to protect you fingers - even friendly Cockies can have a rush of blood to the brain & do some serious damage!

Jean I really hope your mental messages get through to the Weasel, I love her dearly but she is more of a handful than all my other dogs put together.

Take care every one.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Slightly overcast with a red sky . Yesterday was a lovely mild autumn day after a light shower in the morning.
It was odd doing the shopping on a Wednesday instead of Thursday, as one does tend to get into regular habits.
I found no orphans and these days I rarely bother to even look as I see the same old plants all the time.
Hopefully I will find something nice at the trash & treasure in 2 weeks.
We may pop over to Mt Gambier after that to see what plants are waiting for me to rescue them.

I am going to repot a lot of my smaller brugs today so they have room to grow ready for Spring.
Lots of nerines flowering and still more bulbs coming up.

Hello Moon , Al , Anthony and Charleen

Dianne, I am running in and out checking my babies. Hubby thinks I'm mad.

Teresa, good luck with the Weasel and I hope she wins everything .

I am off back to the heater as it is a bit nippy here.
I will watch the Anzac marches on TV. I dont go to any services but always remember my granddad who was killed at Gallipoli.

Heres a nibble for morning tea. ....GingerBread Cake

Stay warm and safe


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Clifton Springs, Australia

We didn't end up going to the local service.....we watched a very beautiful and moving ceremony on 7...they took the feed from Corumbin in Q and what a ceremony it was...
They had Light Horsemen and the surf club rowed in and put their oars up as though they were landing the troops at Gallipoli..
Then John Williamson sang True Blue...
The setting for the ceremony was beautiful with the ocean as a backdrop...

Jean, I'm glad that you are keeping a sharp eye out...wouldn't want to miss a bud.....

Enjoy the footy today, Anthony,,,,,
Teresa good luck with Sugar....
Hi to everyone else...
Go Bombers.

Newcastle(NSW), Australia(Zone 10a)

What is this caterpillar? Its in my shade garden eating everything precious. The Butterfly or moth in question must be a cunning bludger, it lays eggs right down inside the centres of the plants or flowers; so you can't see them 'til the flowers come out, eaten before you get a chance to save them.

I have never had this one before; though come to think of it, most of the plants in trouble are new to the garden as well!

The Amaryllis was given to me last spring, ditto the Eucharist lily. I moved, what I think are hyacinths, in last spring and the Spider lily is just about to bloom, I think. Spidy was planted next to a palm tree five years ago and is slowly being squeezed to death up agains the wooden border.

They know when to strike, that's for sure. I have been spraying with the liquid caterpillar poison, but its all too late by the time you notice.

Thumbnail by Gabi65
Newcastle(NSW), Australia(Zone 10a)

The above is a fairly big grub about 4 cm long. It's the teeny ones you can hardly see, that do most of the damage. These have been rioting in the Amaryllis, and all the leaves have rotted. But I think they die down in Autumn anyway. I don't think they are burrowing into the bulbs , but, I have get to get into the gruesome task of separating them out to replant.

My first thought is to make a bucket of the Success solution and wash them all in it before and let dry in the sun before planting? Or am I locking the stable after the butterfly flew out the window, to garble a metaphor?!

Merino, Australia

Gabi, I would dig all the bulbs up, clean all dead leaves and stem material, check for anything like grubs or eggs then drop the bulbs into a weak bleach solution . Rinse and dry . I would closely check for any sort of holes etc in the bulbs.
When the leaves appear , check for anything eating them and spray with a systemic insecticide. Same for when the flowers appear again.
There are insecticide powders you can also dust the bulbs with if you store them through winter.


Newcastle(NSW), Australia(Zone 10a)

Thanks so much Jean. They are fairly muddy and the leaves have either been chewed right down to the bulb or rotted off and feel slimy. I would like to get the mud off, then do the bleach thing, is that OK? Should I cut the roots off? I will definitely get some dusting powder!

I have kept the big bulbs and tossed the little ones, I am not that fussed about more of these as I am a bit short of room as it is!

The only Amaryllis I ever had was some Naked Ladies, which I simply ignored and they came up every year. These are a different thing altogether. Is it right that these are from South America and Naked Ladies (belladonna) are from South Africa?

Apart from Jonquils and Freesia, I have never been one for bulbs, but slowly I am being converted. I have a nice warm spot on the western side of the house that will be shaded from the hot afternoon sun by nevt doors carport, I will put in big pots I think!


Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
A misty autumn morning here. Quite lovely to see the trees looming out of the mist as it slowly lifts.
I am going to be out as soon as the sun is up . I have to check on all my brug babies.
The flowers are opening and its quite exciting to wait on the blooms to fully open.

Dianne, I wont miss a single bud. I will photograph them all. I hope yours are doing the same.

Charleen, I havent seen Charley for a day or two. Is he sulking ? ...lol

Al, hope your garden is full of seeds and seedlings now.
I wish lots of sunshine for you.

Moon, hope you are getting lovely weather too. How is your garden going ?

Anthony, are you over the flu bug now ?
I hope Cocky has been amusing you while you recovered.

Teresa. how is the Weasel ? When does her obedience trial come up ?
Still sending positive vibes to her...

Gabi, scrub those bulbs to get rid of any lingering slimy bits. Cut the roots off, as most bulbs can make new roots each season.
If you store any, put them in one of those mesh onion bags so they dont sweat at all.
Hang the bag up if you have mice around as they will chew anything.
You can also store in dry sawdust if any is available.

The sun is peeping through a bit so I am off with my camera.

I hope everyone enjoys the morning tea treat ....PoppySeed Muffins.

Stay safe and warm.

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Still just the 'zombie brain 'remnants of the flu, Jean, and continuously blowing my nose...I've much potting to do,but very windy!!!!!-waiting on the parcel post van at the moment..

Christchurch, New Zealand

Anything exciting coming by parcel post Anthony?

I harvested the seeds from my special lily yesterday.
Have them in a voile bag so I know which ones they are...

Any hints on the best way to sow them?

A few seeds escaped & are in the garden, be interesting to see if they come up.
I was thinking of getting one of the seed raising units from the Warehouse along with seed raising mix.
I'm sure there are detailed instructions online on how to grow lilies...
the fun begins :)

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Poly box-'Broccoli box'-40 holes punched from the inside bottom-out,with a 1/4 inch rod or socket extension bar[you will see the effect of punching from the inside to out].3/4 fill the box with a decent potting mix[remember these babies are going to be in there for 18+ months] so they need something to munch on after they germinate..1/2 inch layer of seed raiser mix...poke the seeds in on their sharp side, level with the surface.you should fit 30+seeds. 1/4 inch sprinkle of seed raiser over the top...fully water the entire box without disturbing the seeds- keep moist[not wet] from there on...when the green little hairy wisps appear, apply a weak mix[5-1] seasol/fish emulsion solution..after about 8-10 weeks ,a fine sprinkle of 'osmocote' or balanced liquid fertiliser..Remove bulbs and pot up, the following winter[asiatics-trumpets]..BUT!!!!! Teresa, in this case, you are sowing seeds heading into winter[no good], so you must put them in full sunlight at 18*, like I do, Inside the garage... otherwise start them outside in late August[50 % sun].The secret to growing lily seedlings, is how long you can keep the green growth [some species excluded]...Signed..lily Yoda

Did anything exciting arrive in the post Teresa......google up 'Pappo's Beauty' and 'Anastasia" liliums... and I'll let you be the judge...............WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Charley has been roaming around in pasture, Tbo hasn't loosened the chain yet but he tries everyday....It is not from Lack of trying....on Tbo's part. He can't stand chains.
Tbo is getting better, but still has his moments. If I keep a lead strap on him, he acts better. So strange. I took that horrible trainer (????) collar off. It hurt my feelings to use it on him. so just big red collar and blue lead line.....
He and the chihuahuas get me up at 7AM in morning. They insist on it. Bossy critters....

Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule
Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Its going to be a lovely autumn day just like yesterday. I will try to remove a few of the dead shrubs today as the bit of rain dampened the top of the ground I may just be able to get the roots loose enough to finally get rid of the ugly dead skeletons.
The very large shrubs I will just cut back and hope they reshoot from the base in Spring.

Anthony, you are going to have a wonderful show of liliums later. Dont overdo the work just yet though. Keep resting until the flu is completely gone.

Teresa, it sounds as if you will also have a nice lilum display.
Do you have any trials for Sugar over the weekend ?
I wish her well if you do.

Charleen, that TBo is such a funny fellow.. I hope he doesnt hurt his teeth on the chain.
I like his red collar. You could also try one of the harnesses that fit nicely across the chest and shoulders.
Great for strong dogs and easier than them pulling with a lead on the collar.
I had a friend once with a bull terrier who would chew on the metal pole of her clothes hoist in the backyard. He would run at it and run around and around with his jaws locked on it. There was a shiny place where he had worn it smooth.
Dogs can be so weird at times.

Hello Al, hope the garden is coming along now.

Moon , are you enjoying spring sunshine too ?

Hello Dianne, the buds are opening. so exciting ..

Heres a treat for morning tea...Apple Tart..
I am off to take pics of my brug flowers opening..

Happy day

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Clifton Springs, Australia

Beautiful here too, Jean..
I wish that I could see those buds opening, not a one on any of mine....
I'll just have to wait.....
It smelt lovely here this morning, all the different Brug scents...

Is your double pink Abutilon flowering? my red and yellow dwarf ones are in full bloom, but the double pink only seems to spot flower.

I use that harness lead on Tilly, they really are excellent....I had one for our Bull terrier, but one day when we got home from a walk, the phone rang so I went inside without taking his off...when I came back, he wasn't wearing it..he had chewed thru ins thick leather.....it had cost me $50, so I never bought another.

Have a lovely day all...

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

How did you make your '1/4' so small, Dianne?

Clifton Springs, Australia

Anthony, it's from here..very useful.
It's lower down on this page....

Christchurch, New Zealand

Dianne - that's a useful link, I used to be able to type 1/2 & it automatically converted to
Annoying that it doesn't anymore but now I can use the codes :)

And thanks Anthony for the info on germinating lily seed. I will have to save your info & then look up a bit more so I can get my head round the whole thing.
My idea of sowing seed until now has been to scatter it around the garden & see what happens ...
sometimes that is very successful, other times not so much.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Cloudy here this morning and we are hoping for more rain. Yesterday was very windy but warm. ( about 24C)
Not much doing in the garden yet. I am still waiting for the rain to soften the ground.
I have been getting all my plants ready for the trash & treasure next weekend. I hope I can sell them all .

Hello Dianne, handy link there. One can play with all the numbers.
My brug buds are slowly opening. I will have to wait at least another day or so to see them fully open.

Teresa, I am a bit like you with any seed. I just toss it around and hope something comes up, which it usually doesnt. Self sown seed has no problems growing but any seed I throw around, is never seen again..

Hello Moon, Al & Charleen.
Anthony, hope the last of the flu has left you now.

Hello to anyone else looking in.

Heres a treat for morning tea....Chocolate Peanut Squares..

Happy day and stay safe

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