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Clifton Springs, Australia

The wind was dreadful here last night, leaves everywhere and some flowers blown to shreds....
I was praying for your buds Jean......
No wind at all today...thankfully

Merino, Australia

Dianne, its lucky that most of the brugs are now under the ash tree which is on the south side of the house so gets none of the awful north wind like yesterday. It will get the cold south wind but I wont be worrying about buds then anyway.
Today is colder with some wind but nothing like yesterday.

Christchurch, New Zealand

we had a nice day yesterday & a stunning day today.
I set out for work early so i could take more photos... but the bus didn't show up.
The next bus arrived hotly pursued by the other... it had broken down & the driver was trying to make up the 15 minutes.
So no time for photos but after work it was fine so i walked up through town & took photos going the other way,

Today had a chilly start but it didn't take long to heat up.
I was wearing merino layers & had to strip down to the tank top.

the weasel had her moments, she was mostly good but during an off lead recall she took it into her head to run off & go fossicking in a bag that was on the ground.
She emerged with a roll of paper towels & proceeded to strut around showing off her prize.
Lucky i practice for this kind of thing was able to call her over to swap the paper towels for a treat.

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Back to the nippy autumn mornings here. Should be a lovely day later.
Not a lot going on as I am still waiting for the rain to soften the ground. I tried pulling a few weeds yesterday but even the grass wont come out.
I did clean up all the dead leaves from the day lily clumps , so thats one tidy up job done.
Hubby will get his chain saw out and cut all the dead shrubs at ground level for me.
So much easier than trying to get roots out of the ground.
Whats left in the ground will rot away eventually.
Maybe some of the hebes etc will reshoot.

Teresa, looking at those pics of the damaged buildings reminds us all of how devastating Mother Nature can be . It takes a long time for towns to recover.

Silly Sugar Weasel....lol
I know we shouldnt laugh when you are trying to get her accredited for things , but it did sound very funny.
I can just picture her running around proudly with a paper towel roll in her mouth.

Hello Dianne, Charleen, Moon, Anthony an dAl.

Hope all is well with you all.

I am off to check on my brugmansia blooms.

Heres something tasty for morning tea....Banana Walnut Cake..

Take care and enjoy your gardens.

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning. My Aussie babies are back in Queensland....and I do indeed miss them. We had a lovely visit and it was so grand to have them here.

Now time to get really busy in the garden...spring has finally sprung and things are starting to sprout and bloom....including the weeds....grin

A couple more Louisiana irises and this noid iris are putting on quite a show

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. The sun has not risen above the trees as yet so its very nippy. Yesterday was fine but cold.
I am waiting to get more rain so I can get rid of the dead shrubs around. I did weed a little yesterday in the cottage garden. Not many weeds as I have tried to keep on them because they like to grow behind the shrubs and think I dont see them. I have been vigilant this time and none escaped me.
My salvias are getting bigger so a hair cut will be in order later.
The buddleas will also be cut. I like to wait until late winter/ spring to do them .
I still have some in pots that will go into the ground once it gets wet enough to dig.

I see my white nerines are flowering too.
I used to have a whole row of them but they have gradually disappeared. I will divide this lot and spread them around again.
Still none of the pink ones are out. Its unusual as they are always out before the whites.
I think a dividing of all the old bulb clumps is needed.

Hello Charleen. Very pretty blooms. I have seen your speckled iris but just cant place the name. I think it had Pepper in the name..
Give the furry ones a pat for me.

Hello Dianne, Teresa, Moon and Al.

Anthony, hope you are finally over the flu.

I am off again to check on my brugmansia flowers. They are slow to open this year.

Heres a nibble for morning tea...Cherry Scones

Stay safe and warm.

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Close, Jean!

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Batik is the name of this one. It was in a flower pot for a while, then I found it a good spot and Look at it go!!!!!

Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Just passing through today, thanks for the bite Jean. We've got just a few daffs and tulips in bloom, Mitt's irises from another DGer are fast on the way. These are my 300 tomato babies awaiting Becky's charity event for a local hospital in about 3 weeks.


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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone..
Its a chilly morning with a very red sky.
I am hoping that means rain but hubby says no rain forecast.
Its all up in Queensland still.
We did get a small sprinkle yesterday.
Just enough to wet the path and remind us that there is such a thing as rain...lol

I Love your flowers Charleen.
Havent seen Charley for few days. Is he sulking again...lol

Al, tulips are lovely. I wait for mine to bloom each year. The first daffodils are always a reminder that spring is around somewhere.

Hello Teresa, Moon, Dianne and Anthony.
I am off to check on my brug flowers.

Its amazing to watch them as they color up over a few days.

I will leave you all something tasty for morning tea....Pumpkin Spice Cake.

We have moved to here ...

Happy day and enjoy all those gardens.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Wow Al, all those baby tomatoes.....do you sell them by the tray or whatever the person wants?
They are looking terrific....your Iris will look lovely when they bloom...

Nice pics, Moon....that noid Iris is lovely....

Just got back from a funeral service for a lovely lady, who was 91.....her husband was so brave.....

Alright Jean, no excuses...the sun did come out for 5 minutes...lol
I expect I'll see them tomorrow.....sigh.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning.

Thanks, Dianne. and Thanks to Jean and Charleen for the ID on my iris....did some searching and it is indeed 'Batik'.

Wow Al, you have been busy....and tomatoes are sure to be a hit at the sale....perfect timing...perfect choice...what variety are they?

My brugs are starting to leaf out...even the persnickety shredded variegated one....GRIN lots of things are starting to show buds and color now.

Hope you all have a lovely day


Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

If you enlarge this picture, on the left , you will see Charley with his rump up against the house and his nose is all you see. Looks like he is waiting for cabbages to grow....
Abigail and Jake had a foggy day yesterday, then it cleared up and was beautiful day. cool and cloudy today.
Have a great day...

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Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Ah,yes - lots of tomatoes Moon. This year I have Ace55, a nice bush beefsteak type. Roma is my standard for salsas and pasta dishes. Also Supersweet100 for the cherry size lovers. About 100 of each if they hold up well.
They will be potted up into 9 oz. plastic cups this week, an easy sell for a dollar each three weeks from now.

These are old pictures from a previous year to show the display ready for sale.


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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Here we do Early Girl, Sweet 100's, and Romas as a rule.This year we are also trying Yellow Plum and a Husky Cherry and a third HUGE plant that Jim brought home...without a tag?

Those should all move very quickly at that price AL....make ask for a Dollar and a donation....grin

Merino, Australia

Moon, Charleen & Al...
we moved when you were not looking ....lol
we are now over here....


Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)


Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

DERNIT those Aussies are hiding on us again!

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Hiding , I think not, Charleen, from a celebrity like you

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Anthony, you flatter me...
We will not let them get away from us AL. We got cookie crumbs to follow....Charley will get us there..
He loves cookies...

Merino, Australia

If you fellows dawdle in the woods too long following those crumbs, the witch will get you .
Dont be like Hansel & Gretel , stopping for gingerbread.

I'll put out some gingerbread over at the new site, maybe that will lead you to us...lol


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