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Eight Weeks to Planting time here

Madras, OR

So today, I started 4 kinds of squash, cilantro, celery, cucumbers (lemon, straight 8, and marketmore plus pickling cukes), several varieties of flowers, and onion seed. The tomatoes are up, and about 6 inches tall, varieties include:

Amish paste, Abe Lincoln, Arkansas Traveler, Goliath (my favorite slicer, earlier than early girl or better boy). Striped Roma, Roma, Black Cherry Tomato, Sugar Lump (also a cherry), anjd a couple others I do not recall at the moment. Several kinds of peppers are also up, but it has been a little cool for them to flourish, even in the greenhouse.

Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and kolhrabi are all sprouted and maybe will be able to transplant out in another month. Spinach, beets and carrots have all barely sprouted in the garden itself. But they are up. I do have a little row cover over them at night on colder nights.

So some gardening is underway. And my juices are flowing as well
On the other hand, we got both ends on the hoop house this weekend, and expect to do the roof midweek.

Thumbnail by nancynursez637
Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Your hoop house looks good. Glad to hear gardening is humming along. Our last hard frost should be within the next couple of weeks. May not have one in April but usually do. Anyway, the sunshine and warmth is glorious!

Madras, OR

Today, I planted the first tomatoes in the hoop house. Not sure about night time temperatures yet, but I have these large buckets I take the bottom out of, then set them down over the plant with the top open. Then I add a gallon jug filled with water to the inside of the bucket, and a row cover topping at night if the temp is scheduled to drop well below freezing. Planting tomatoes like this outside in the past protects them to about 27 degrees, as long as they have not yet grown above the lip of the bucket.

If I plant them against a rock wall, too, or the south side of a building, they do well in even colder temperatures. So done the same inside the hoop house I am hopeful for an earlier harvest of tomatoes for the house and the farmers markets. Over the next couple weeks, as temperatures at night moderate, I will plant the rest of the crop.

I put in a row of french filet green beans in the hoop house as well, hopefully to have a crop early June. And a few vegetables for the house, suchs as green onion, lettuces, broccoli are all sprouted and growing pretty quickly, so I moved them from the greenhouse to the hoop house today.

It is starting to feel like spring and I smell like dirt at the end of the day!!

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