iris doesn't bloom in children of parent plant

Eustis, FL

Some years back I purchased a 'black iris' which is actually a deep purple. Over the years it has multiplied and I now have over 20 plants but only the original plant blooms. The children seem healthy and are well watered and fertilized. Any suggestions?



Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Hi Mike. Have you divided the plants, or left them in the original clump. Over crowding irises can seriously reduce blooming. Also, I have found over fertilizing seems to result in lots of growth and reproduction, but few blooms. Here is some info for you.

Eustis, FL

Thanks Moonhowler,

The plants are well divided. Perhaps I have given them too much water but the afternoons here in Lake County FL, also in 9a, are quite hot and they don't get much afternoon shade.well, the cannas are happy..........................

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

You are most mentioned fertilizer in the original post....what form and how often do you fertilize them?

A thorough soak once a week when it does not rain should be sufficient for them, especially if they are well mulched to help the soil remain cool and retain you have the black 'Superstition' bearded iris or the black 'Gamecock' Louisiana iris?

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Iris don't like to be buried / covered in deep soil, when you plant them, the baby ones too, when planting, make a hole about 3 inch deep, drop the plant in the hole and as you gently press the soil back into the hole left the plant upwards so the roots are left under the soil BUT the bace of the plant is JUST covered in no more, the tuberous part at the base likes to have the sun bake it to get the best flowers, you still need to water these plants even though they like baked in sunshine.
As for the baby planl's, when you separated them, did you make sure each baby had a small root attached as this is required to allow water to be taken up by the little plant, If these are really tiny, I would transplant them into a seed tray filled with good compost, set the plants into this and leave in a slightly shaded area and water when required, maybe the little baby plants are not yet mature enough to have flowers as yet, I'm sure this will happen with the right care.
Best wishes, WeeNel.

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