Best cucumber variety for mini pickles

Walla Walla, OR

I would like to plant cucumbers with the intent to can mini pickles this year--can anyone advise me what variety of cucumber would be best for this? My goal is something akin to Nalley's "Elites" in size (1.5"-2"), if anyone is familiar with those. Thank you for any advice. Oh...incidentally, Walla Walla is is WA, not OR, like it says to the left under my name. Don't know how to change that error...

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Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

There are many varieties of pickling cucumbers which would meet your needs. Staring with old timers like National Pickling, Boston Pickling, Arkansas Little Leaf to modern commercial hybrids like McPick, Maxi Pick, Calypso,Vlasstar, etc.

Walla Walla, OR

Thank you very much for your reply Farmerdill! I assume then, that the trick is to just pick them small. Awesome...I can do that!

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Exactly, But you do need to select a pickling variety. These set a lot of fruits compared to a slicing or burpless cucumber.

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