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Time for April Showers

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Time for a new thread, ladies!! We came from here:

Join us with your gardening news, photos and other chat.

It was a beautiful day here until late this afternoon. Al and I spent about 5 hours working in the yard. He was blowing leaves into piles so he can burn them and I was weeding the flower bed out front. It is always a wonder to me how weeds can survive the winter and seem to thrive in spite of adverse weather!!! I did discover that several plants that I got at the round up at Jim's last fall are beginning to put out leaves. Elaine, the husker's red penstemon appears to be doing great and Sandra you had given me a gaillardia which is also doing well. I also have a monarda which I bought at Dabney's that is putting out leaves. Kathy Ann, the sedum you gave me is doing great!! I have a rudbeckia which I had bought that has a couple leaves showing and a few other things.
We are expecting temps below freezing tonight and only a high of 44F tomorrow so I covered all of the plants with new growth with leaves so they won't get frostbite.

Sandra, I meant to take a picture of Gunny's rose. You wouldn't believe how well she is doing---new leaves all over her--in spite of nine inches of snow a couple of weeks ago. She is an amazing rose--and very hardy! :D

I borrowed this graphic from my friend, Becky, who posted it on a forum at that other place. It seems appropriate for an April thread. :)

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St. Simon's Island, GA(Zone 9a)

We were at about 78 degrees and HUMID! Nice day, and I work at a garden center, and boy, were we busy!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Elaine I did work all day today and boy can I tell it! May not be able to move tomorrow. I started at 9 this morning showing my neighbor where he should plant a whole bunch of azaleas he just bought. We got them all placed so he just has to dig the holes. Then I was at my antique booth by 10 with a truck load of new stuff. After I got it unloaded I went back home and got another truck load. Several really big pieces of furniture plus some small stuff. Then I worked until 5:30 pm rearranging, hanging pictures, moving things around - on my feet the whole time. My feet were burning from having on the same shoes all that time! Then we ran to Wendy's and got something quick for dinner. Then I went out and racked pine needles until it got dark! Getting ready to take a long hot bath with sea salt!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I got to work in the yard too. I'm afraid to show Yall pictures. LOL!!! I have cut back everything. This is gonna be a reconstruction year. I still have the indian hawthorn to whack back by the Natchez crepe myrtles and the ginger.

Then Jim had an appointment at 2:00 PM but didn't see the Dr. until 4:30 PM. They opened up the incision again and put a sponge in and sent us home to meet with home health care to re-mount the wound vac machine. They inserted the tube into the incision this time. Dr. Shelleck put Jim on antibiotics hopefully to prevent any infection with the incision being open.

Before we left for the Dr's office I put on a roast and we just got finished eating and got the kitchen cleaned.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Jeri, sometimes you've got to be brutal! And it's good to start over by cutting way back but I'm usually timid about doing it myself. But it's a good thing to do it and in the long run things look way better for it. You'll be glad. Hope Jim is doing better. Y'all have had it rough!

Charlotte, you had a busy day for sure, and you earned that good long soaking bath!

Ooooo, Happytail, I'd spend all I earned if I worked in a garden center.

We've come to rely on you, Marilyn, for starting our new thread, so Thank You!! Glad the Husker's Red is doing well. Most of my stuff is doing ok that I got at the swap, but it may be too early to see some of it yet. Not sure about the amaryllis yet, but the hot lips for sure is doing great. Sandra, I'm fairly sure all the daylillies have survived, even with the landscaping re-do where some got trampled last fall. I've had to baby a couple.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I agree about the cutting back. Some of my azaleas I never trim but I trim the ones around my koi pond and in front of the Ouse every year. But I never seem to get enough off so this year after they bloom I'm going to do a big whacking back! I want to be able to see over the ones around the patio and koi pond.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Hello all...... Happy, you have a beautiful house, and I agree with Elaine - I wouldn't bring any money home if I worked in a garden center! But, you will have a gorgeous yard I am sure!! It is already very beautiful, and I am sure you will be continually expanding the beds since you work where you do!

We remodeled our house in East Camden where we lived a couple of times while we lived there - moved rooms around, etc. Pretty major reinovation the last time. Then we spent 14 months physically building the house we live in now. We build the shop from the ground up (except for pouring the concrete and the roofing). On our house, we paid someone to frame it for us, roof it, and to do the sheetrock. We put down our own hardwood floors, but we did pay someone else to finish them for us. We paid someone to do the cabinets as well. We have a lot of wood in the house - we have two ceilings (LR and MBR) that have pine beaded ceiling on them, and their is pine beaded ceiling as wainscoating throughtout most of the main living area. My sister, Jessica, and I sanded and sealed each of those boards! Then our gameroom has solid wormy maple on the walls - we sanded and sealed each of those as well. We did the wiring, hung all the fixtures, recepticles, etc. Then did all the painting, and trim work (which also had to be sanded and sealed!)..... by the time we were thru, I was hoping I never had to sand ANYTHING ever again! LOL...... I worked for months trying to prefect the floor plan, knowing that I would probably never have an opportunity to build another, but even so, there are a couple of things that I would change if I could build again. At this point, with Leigh's job situation, we are not sure we will stay here, but that is what we were planning when we built it. We have wider halls and doorways, just in case we need to use a wheelchair, but in reality, our bathroom would be a tight sqeeze for a wheelchair - might could make it, but it would be tight! Then, not to mention our foundation is 40"...... so I think we would need to add a ramp if we ever needed a wheelchair. LOL..... But, with utility costs, and property taxes, I am not sure that we will try to stay in a house this large indefinitely. We have 3000 sq ft heated and cooled - 4,000 under roof counting the porches and garage. Then we also have a storage room above the garage that is probably another 700 sq ft. We even had ductwork ran to that area and it has a window in it in case anyone ever wants to use it as a bedroom. It also has hardwood flooring down, but it hasn't been finished and sealed. The walls and ceiling up there are sheetrock - and finished out, so it would be a quick addition for someone needing the space - assuming I could get all my junk out of there! ^_^

Then in addition, we have remodeled two rent houses, did some major work on my parent's house, and remodeled Alex's house. I love redoing houses and watching them transform...... although my body doesn't like it as much as it used to. :(

I have a lot I need to get done out in the yard as well, but I have been busying working at Mom's house or getting tax stuff together. I FINALLY go see the accountant today! I can't believe I have waited until April.....don't think I have been this late doing taxes for close to 20 yrs! I will be so glad to have it over with!

Kyle's friend from Zimbawe was a great kid and a fun house guest for the weekend. It was interesting learning some about his country and we enjoyed his british influenced accent! He ate everything and wasn't picky so that always helps when feeding guests! It was nice to have kids in the house!!

Guess I better get back to work. Hope everyone has a great day! It sure looks like a nice one!


Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Here are some late pictures I have promised for a while now.

#1 Wrought Iron cart( From LSU)
#2 Green Amaryllis (From Cindy)
#3Talavera Frog Planter(From LSU)
#4 Crown of thorns in full bloom
#5 Indian Hawthorn grafted to tree stock

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Central, LA(Zone 8b)

This is what I have started to do to my beds. Looks kinda like a bomb exploded. LOL!!!
#1 After
#2 Before

Thumbnail by jeri11 Thumbnail by jeri11
Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Yep we're all different! Genna I had to laugh reading about all that wood you sanded and sealed! My house was full of natural sealed wood when we moved in and I painted it all!

Jeri that's exactly what I need to do with my azaleas that float in my yard! I know it's going to look really bare for a few months but I'm going to be whacking too! Really dread having to haul all that mess around to the front to be picked up. Speaking of azaleas mine are going to be blooming before too much longer. I'm already seeing color. I have a white azalea that is actually in full bloom.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

The azaleas and purple magnolia have already bloomed and now that's being replaced by the bright green leaves.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Jeri, you always have a pretty yard! Our azaleas are just beginning to bud, but my hellebores have been really pretty this year and the pieris, even my new ones, have been blooming like crazy (yay!). Can't wait for the dogwood and redbuds.

Have to ask for some prayers from y'all this week. My daughter-in-law's father, Tony, was diagnosed about 18 months ago with lung cancer and had been successfully fighting it. He was diagnosed just prior to having a hip replacement, so that was put off until he had chemo and radiation. Then he had the hip replaced and was doing really well until about a month ago and they found another spot and cells in his lymph nodes. This week her mother was hospitalized with gall stones and they found a spot on an ovary. Heather rushed to the hospital last night. Jan's IV line had come out and her fever had spiked. Don't have any word yet today on how she is doing. The kids are doing ok dealing with all this and Earl is going down tomorrow to help take care of the grandkids after school. Jan usually helps out when Chris, our son, has to work late. They live about 15 miles apart just outside Birmingham and have always helped out with the grandkids. It will be a huge loss to the kids & grandkids if anything happens as they are very close.

Also my good friend Mary had a lumpectomy last Friday. It turned out to be a very low stage I cancer but she has decided to have a double mastectomy next week. Her grandmother died of breast cancer and she has known a couple of people who found more lumps later after having lumps removed. She met with a surgeon yesterday and I think she had made up her mind before she and her husband met with him. She has a good attitude about it all and I know she'll do well, but she still needs our prayers. They have 2 daughters in grad school (1 in med school) and a son who is a junior in high school. Thanks, dear friends!

St. Simon's Island, GA(Zone 9a)

This is what I did today. I dug up a bunch of mondo grass that was getting too much sun. I replaced it with 51 one gallon Aztec Grass, and then planted 100 caladium bulbs, and 54 four inch Melampodium. And just in time, because it is going to RAIN tonight and tomorrow! My back is not going to be happy tomorrow!

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Elaine will certainly be praying for Jan and her husband and Mary! How terrible to have both parents so ill at the same time!

Happy your bed looks great! I love Aztec grass.

It was really cold here today. Felt colder than it actually was because it was damp and overcast. But warm weather is headed back for the weekend!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Thanks Elaine!!! I appreciate you saying that but right now the poor butchered beds are quite an eye sore to me!!!

Sounds like your poor DIL has really got a full plate with both parents being so sick!!! I will add both of them and your friend Mary to my prayer list.

I go with Mary in the morning for the verdict of how Dr. Fort is gonna handle the latest occurrence of cancer rearing it's ugly head. Mary is not doing well!!! She makes me so mad that she makes every thing so much worst by being so negative. She is destroying any chances of good days with her attitude. She's not feeling physically bad just so depressed.

Jim is not doing well!!! He hasn't slowed down on any of the drainage and Monday Dr. Shecllack put him on Bractrum. He started feeling bad as soon as he started taking it and tonight he started running 101.4 temperature.

I took a purchase agreement on my little park in Watson today. I'm gonna use the money to pay off our motorhome and that should make our bills a lot easier to live with and less to take care of. All of my units are getting older and that means more maintenance. Jim & I are getting older too and with him having the complications since his surgery, it's scared us into thinking that we can't do it all any more.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri I know it's very frustrating and hard to understand Mary's negativism since you are such a positive upbeat person. But as you know depression is a disease and they can't really control it. My dad had problems with depression from time to time and when he got in one of those funks he was so hard to deal with and you just couldn't reason with him. You just have to try and not let it get you down!

I know you are really getting concerned about Jim's leg!

Know what you mean about not being able to do it all anymore. I've been going full steam for the last week and it's catching up with my body! My mind thinks I can do the same stuff I did 20 or 30 years ago but the body wants to balk now and then! I rearranged furniture, etc Mon and Tues and then went to an auction last night and bought some more stuff. One being a HUGE pine hutch. I'm proud of myself however. I had enough sense to hire someone to move it over to the mall for me! But my body is feeling all the yard work and moving furniture I've been doing. However, I can still jump up in the back of the truck in one quick motion by putting my foot on the bumper and swinging up. That's kind of my benchmark!! LOL

I know rental property has it's advantages but there just seems to be so much work and aggravation that goes with it. That's the one thing I have discovered as I get older, I am less tolerant of anything that causes me aggravation!!! Should also be a big relief to lessen your bills.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

It is very hard to watch her close up inside of herself!!! I literally have to drag her out of her house some days and that is when nothing is wrong. Now that she has something to worry about she is really driving her crazy!!!

Our motorhome payment is $1900.00 a month. That takes a chuck out of my budget. I can't wait!!! We should know something in a week or two .

Yes!! I am worried about Jim. I have never heard of any of this happening and can't understand why it won't stop draining.

Ripley, MS

Jeri, you probably hit the nail on the head, when you said "getting older". When we get older, our bodies just don't heal as well as they did when young. I have been dragging around like a 150 year old the last couple of days with this rain. Tell Jim to stay off that leg and it might help more, is he trying to drive ?
I agree with Charlotte about Mary, she is facing another round of treatments and I too would be depressed I am sure. The big C is horrible, but tell her the big JC has more power than the big C ever thought about having !

Your beds look so good Hap, no garden time here, too mush cold and rain. I worked outside Friday morning for a couple of hours before the rain started and have not been out since. Monday was nice, but still had the girls and Eli, so stayed inside with them.

Elaine, so sorry about all the sickness in you post, prayers up for all

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Is Mary on any kind of anti-depressant? They can help some. When dad would get in one of his funks he was the same way Mary is about getting out. When I would go see him I would tell him I wanted to go see his brother, my aunt or wanted him to show me the old home place spot he grew up. That was the only way he would get out. If he thought he was doing it to please me he would go but other wise he wouldn't. He would snap out of his spells after a while. My dad was a christian and very involved in his church and had a very good support system there. But when one of those depression spells came on it was like something chemically happened to his brain and you just couldn't get through to it.

Another rainy cold day here! We've had rain every day since about last Fri. It's supposed to warm up tomorrow and be in the 70's and sunny Sat. Hope that's the case. Sarah and I are planning on going on a hike Sat morning.

If it ever stops raining I've got to finish getting all the pine needles off the stone in the back! I still keep finding limbs that hung in the trees and then finally fall. Then among all that are the weeds. But they will still be there when I get around it to! LOL

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

She wasn't on any anti-depressant meds until today. I told the Dr. what she had been doing and he is trying her on one. They did the blood work and she will start her 1st chemo next week. There is a lot of politics going on in regards to our charity hospital. They are closing Earl K Long down completely and ob/gyn has been transferred to Woman's Hospital until 4/12/13. Then unless something changes Woman's will no longer take medicare or medicaid and they don't even know if it will be picked up by any of the other hospitals. Mary can't afford for there to be a lapse in treatment so please pray that all of that gets resolved soon. Bad enough to be fighting cancer without having to fight the government too.

Sandra if I was facing what she was facing I would be burning the candle at both ends trying to get everything done before the chemo and I started to feel bad. I would want to see all my loved ones and do EVERYTHING. That's the part I don't understand. Feeling bad would have to even find me. I'd hide from it. To me it's like she revels in the bad news to the point where she is not even sleeping at night. I already accept that other than Sunday morning church she is doing nothing on Sunday. She won't go to any of the Bible studies or even Wed. night church with me. She won't even come sit out back while I work in the yard. Jim keeps getting onto me for bugging her but it hurts me to see her like this.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Jeri, sometimes I think some people have forgotten how to feel good. Maybe they have been in pain or suffering so long they forgot what it's like or they just don't want to feel better.
And then there are those who always smile, or try to smile, no matter what. They can always find a smile. I had an aunt like that, and my dear grandmothers (both of them) too. I hope I'm like that, and you certainly sound like you are.

Ripley, MS

Jeri you think you know what you would do, but I would not even guess how I would act. I made it through all my pains with a fairly good attitude, but I have not endured cancer. I am sure Mary knows she needs to do things, just can't make her body get up and do it. I am praying the depression meds help. I have been on depression meds since 2001. That was one of the first medicines I was given when the blood pressure meds didn't work. My doctor started me on Celexa and when my shoulder MRI came back showing nothing could be done, he changed it to Cymbalta. It is also supposed to help with the pain, as well as depression.
Glenda came and took Jerry's Mom to rehab yesterday. They want her to go twice a week to try and get some strength back, she was hurting so bad when they got home yesterday. She is 83 years old and she still wants to try to be better. I think I would have told him I would not go to rehab. I admire her for trying.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri I agree with Sandra. My guess is she is in denial. I'm on my phone now bit when I get home I'll tell you about my son's experience with his dad when told he only had 3 weeks to live.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Well Jim refused to go back to the Dr. He had taken Advil last night and again at 5:30 this morning and the fever is down by the time I got back with Mary from her appt. Don't get me wrong guys, I do try to understand what Mary is feeling and I try to give her space but then she does nothing if I don't stay after her.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Elaine, so sorry to hear about your DIL's parents! I know it is super rough to have both of them fighting that at the same time. Prayers being said for them and for your friend. I admire her for making that decision. I have a friend who did the same thing - had a radical and then still had a knot come back on her chest that proved to be cancerous. But, they took that off and apparently that was the final bit. That was 2002 and she is still doing great! She was told that hers was the more aggressive type and they said it would be like a 90% chance it would come back. But, i think if I had it, I would want the radical as well - just because I know so many people that had it come back.

Jeri, I hate to hear that Jim's leg is not any better. It is really getting to the scary stage. Be aware that the Bactrum MIGHT be what is making his fever spike. Twice in the past 2 yrs while being put on antibiotics and once on a sulfa based drug - I got extremely sick! The first time I thought it was the supposed bladder infection that I was trying to get rid of that was making me so sick, but every day I got worse and worse. That was when Alex got his acceptance letter to med school and I was SO sick I couldn't even get up off the couch to congratulate him. The next day I was covered in hives. As soon as I got off the sulfa, the FIRST day I felt 100% better. Then back last July when I had that root canal that had a root tip left that got infected, they had me on some antibiotic and hydrocodone for the pain, I kept feeling worse and worse - finally realized I was getting to feeling the same way I did on the sulfa and called my pharmacist and then my dentist. Ended up coming off the hydrocodone and felt better within hours. Pretty scary that the meds that they give you to make you feel better can make you so much worse. At least the second time I recognized the symptoms and got off of it a lot faster! Maybe you should seek a second opinion on his leg? This has been going on for over a month hasn't it??

I am sorry to hear that Mary has withdrawn. I am sure she is terrified - and that instead of admitting that she is scared, it comes out in other ways. I know when they told Leigh he had kidney cancer - he said his back hurt him SO bad. He said the worst part was that he KNEW it was all in his head, because it had not been hurting before then, but he said the pain was just as real. I think cancer really messes with your mind - no one wants to hear that word! I have been praying for her and will continue. I will pray that God will grant her peace so that maybe she can enjoy some of her days before the chemo starts! Jeri, I do know one thing..... you are one of the most positive people I have ever known, and all of us would be truly blessed to have someone like you trying to help us thru any illness that we faced! I pray you take care of yourself during all this taking care of others!! And, I think your yard is beautiful...... even with its haircut! ^_^

It has been cold and dreary here since last Saturday too. I am READY for that nice weather that they say is coming for the weekend! I hate these overcast skies.....

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri I know what your talking about. It's very hard to see someone go through what Mary is going through. She is probably angry, terrified and denial is a coping mechanism of sorts. When my ex-H was told he had an extremely aggressive form of leukemia and he would not live but for about 3 weeks, he chose not to have any treatment as he was told it really wouldn't make any difference and actually just make him feel worse during the time he had left. The first week he and my son were trying to take care of all legal business that needed to be taken care of. However, my son had a really difficult time doing all that needed to be done as his dad didn't want anyone coming to talk to him. One minute he would agree he would take care of something and thing the next minute he wasn't about to. He didn't want his sister's to come and visit him! He would talk to them on the phone but was adamant that he didn't want them to come. It was sort of like he would have to admit it was all real if he talked with them face to face and said his goodbyes. He would tell them on the phone that he was going back to CA with my son and they were going to be leaving soon and would probably be gone before they got there. My son could tell from what he was over hearing that they were very concerned that he was going to be hauling him across country in his condition, so he had to sneak outside and call them to let them know what was actually going on! He made the decision as soon as he knew the diagnosis to stay in LR with his dad until the end. That was the best gift he could have ever given him although it was very stressful for him. He had to laugh about the absurdity of it all at times to just keep his sanity through it.

Jeri you can't make her do anything or change how she thinks but don't quit trying!! That's what's going to keep her going. I know it's hard for you and you also need to take care of yourself. You haven't known of a lot of the things I've dealt with in the past and I want go into them but I do understand what you're going through. God gave me the same role in my family that you seem to have in yours.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I googled the Bactrum plus read the info sheet that came with the script. Both places said that in rare cases it could do that and of course, you know it would be Jim. It said to keep on taking it unless it caused difficulty breathing. His Dr. wanted him to come in b/c of the temperature but he refused. We have an appointment for Monday. If they take the vac off at the Dr's office than home health care has to come out and re-install it. I'll tell Jim what happened to you Genna. Maybe he'll listen to that.

My garden is how I take care of myself. A little yard time and I'm good to go again. I'm praying our weather warms up tomorrow and somehow I get outside.

Cameron got accepted and sworn into the National Guard. He leaves on his 21st birthday on 4/29/13. He originally was gonna do this for the educational benefits but right before he signed up they stopped all of that.

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

I have read all the posts and I'll just say that I agree with all the advice that's been given here about Jim and Mary. I will add them both to my prayers as well as your DIL and her parents, Elaine, and your friend.

Buddy suffered from depression all of his adult life and it is very difficult for the people close to the person who is depressed to have to deal with their loved one's depression. It is hard on everybody. When Buddy would take his depression medicine he was sooo much better but then when he started feeling better, he would decide that he didn't need the meds any more and he would stop taking them. It was a vicious circle!! :( But he is in heaven now with the Lord and he definitely is no longer depressed!! :)

Happy, I can only imagine what that many caladium bulbs must look like once they come up. I am sure it is a beautiful sight!! I have never had caladiums planted in the ground--only in big pots on my porch.

We have been painting the other walls in our kitchen and hallway today. We will finish the walls tomorrow and then I will start on the trim. I still have to finish the last coat on the countertops but have been waiting on warmer weather so I can open the windows. We were in the upper 50's today and it will be in the 70's this week-end. Hooray!! Dare I say that spring has finally arrived in the Ozark Mountains????

We are having a new roof put on the house---it is a MUST DO!! The folks started yesterday and worked again today. Hopefully, they will be finished by Saturday afternoon. Then the guttering company will come and put the gutters on next week, weather permitting, which will make things better for the flower beds beneath the drip line on the house. :)

Jeri: I meant to say that my garden is my therapy, too. You put soooo much love and effort into your flower beds and it shows. They are beautiful! I know they will be beautiful again this summer even if you have cut some things way back!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Thanks everyone!!! I will tell both Mary & Jim!!!

Jimmy just sent this article to me:

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri it sounds like that could possibly be the same person that stole your wallet!!! Bet they find them soon with the photos being broadcast every where!

Happy you just reminded me that I have a bunch of caladium bulbs stored that I need to get out and get started. It's too soon to put them in the ground here but I like to get them started in pots in the greenhouse so they are ready to go later this spring. I want put mine in the ground until May.

Marilyn I plant mine in the ground every year but then dig them up and store before we have a frost.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Thanks for your prayers, everyone. They have determined that Jan's spot on her ovary is a cyst. She is better but still has a fever, although not as high. Don't think they've figured out what's causing that yet, but then I guess they will deal with the gall stones. My DIL, who is a surgical nurse, took care of the poor care problem with the IV that came out, etc. She gave them what-for I think when she had to make a trip to the hospital when it came out. Her father is doing ok for now. No new treatments, and he has said he doesn't want chemo this time. With Jan's illness right now he doesn't want to do anything I'm sure. My friend Mary is doing ok. She's preparing herself, both mentally and otherwise for the long haul at home for the next several weeks. She said they will put 'stretchers' in to prepare for implants and that will, in itself, cause some extra pain and healing initially but will be worth it in the long run to prepare for what's ahead. A couple of the other girls here in the office have been teasing her of course about coming back ready for the 'Hooters' calendar! Made her smile.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Jeri, if Jim is reacting to those meds, he will just continue to get worse. Of course, it could be infection or anything that is making him have those problems. I was just so shocked when I realized that for over a week I was making myself WORSE instead of better. In fact, I was going downward so fast the first time with that sulfa that I wondered if I wasn't going to end up hospitalized. :( Thankfully, the rash finally started and I stopped it - it wasn't until I stopped it that I realized how sick it had been making me! I felt so stupid...... but all that time I just thought it was the infection that was making me so sick. I hope that they are able to isolate the problem on Monday - this seems like it has been going on wayyyyy too long!

It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend here - and I am so thankful to see the sunshine today! I am thankful for the rain that we have been given because I know we really needed it - but day after day of it really works on me and I needed a sunshine break! ^_^ I am sure we will work at my Mom's house most of tomorrow so I won't get much done at home, but at least I will be outside!

Elaine, it is great that your friend Mary has such a great attitude about it! I am glad that she is able to enjoy the joke and smile - I am sure that helps relieve a lot of stress! I knew a guy years ago that had a bad case of cancer and he spent several hours a day watching every comedy that he could get his hands on. He said the laughter is all that kept him going! I thought that was a good therapy for him to put himself on. I miss the good old days when clean comedies were common place - guess I grew up watching Jerry Lewis and having laughs. Not many available now adays.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Our home health care nurse checked Jim out this AM and even conferred with his Dr. They are still shooting for Monday before he sees the Dr.

I have started sneezing and can't stop and it is driving me crazy. Sure hope I'm not coming down with anything.

Elaine it does sound like your Mary has the right attitude!!!

Genna haven't you heard that laughter is the best medicine. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that a positive attitude will keep you alive.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Mary starts chemo Wed. She is trying to get some things done before she starts so she is staying busy.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri I totally agree with you about the positive attitude!!! Sandra's MIL seems to be one of those people.

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Yes, ma'am! "A merry heart doeth good, like a medicine!" and that is straight from the Good Book! :)

St. Simon's Island, GA(Zone 9a)

My husband asked me today when we would be "finished" with our yard. I told him, "never" because it is a living, growing thing, that is constantly changing. We put in our basic bones landscaping in January 2011, right about the time we moved into the house. But, there are things that didn't work, too much sun/not enough irrigation/too much irrigation, etc. So, I had a few things I wanted to move around, and replace with something else, and a few annuals to plant, so we spent the morning doing that. I needed to freshen up the mulch a bit, so we made a trip to Lowes, and I picked up a couple of Drift roses while we were there. I am going to put them in the back yard, where the deer can't get to them. If anybody has any really good deer remedies, I'm all ears. I have tried a bunch of different sprays, but when they are hungry, they will eat anything and everything. Lantana, cast iron plant, society garlic, salvia. All things they aren't "supposed" to eat. And I never see one in my yard. Just poop and missing plant parts. Speaking of deer...I better go spray my newly planted stuff, before it gets wiped out by the herd.

Ripley, MS

Have you tried tying white plastic bags about eye level around? It works on the idea that when a deer senses trouble they throw their tail up into the air as a warning to the rest of the herd

St. Simon's Island, GA(Zone 9a)

The white plastic bag idea is not one I've heard of before. Thanks!

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

We have lots of deer around our place and they never bothered my flowers last summer. I have a salvia that smells like cat urine--I think it is Mystic Spires--and that could be the reason they stayed out of the flower beds. Who knows??? I've read that you should put human hair around the area where you don't want the deer. Supposedly they don't like the smell of it but I haven't tried it yet.

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