yellowing leaves on pea plants. need help identifying.

Tivoli, TX

I started these peas indoors about 3 weeks ago. They have been growing exceptionally well. I came home from work today and noticed the leaves are looking a little sick. I cant tell if they are just stunned or if the have a mildew. Can anyone identify what this is? Should i be worried or is this normal?

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Sacramento, CA(Zone 9b)

Not sure for pea plants specifically, but my squash leaves did begin to yellow and I learned that the plant was stressed.

Either too much fertilizer is stressing the plant or the plant has a bacteria/disease that is slowly killing it. This is from my experience. Hopefully you find an answer soon. Good luck.

Victoria, Australia

Pea plants are susceptible to a number of diseases that often result in wilting and yellowing of the leaves.

Preventing yellowing and disease, avoid planting pea plants in areas with poor drainage and take care not to water pea plants excessively. Know the pea plant varieties before planting to ensure the best match for the weather and conditions in your area. Fertilize and use fungicides and herbicides to prevent conditions encouraging disease development.

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