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Lyndonville, NY

Good morning, Thank you for the new thread....and the furbabies!

Shannon came home crying, neck & shoulders are so sore, can't turn head to the left. Gave her warm compresses and some
Tylenol and she went to bed but was still up at Midnight. If she can get through today, she is off until next week and can
rest til her appointment on Monday.

BonnieB, good luck at the nursing home, I know Mr. B will love seeing his new girly friend.

Bonnie, how is your DM doing?

We have snow here....what the heck??? Cold, overcast and flurries.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)


s and a

Lyndonville, NY

Well, the coffee took forever, might be time to clean the pot.

Izzy is out snoozing in the snow flurries. I asked her to come in and she "huffed" at me and
laid back down.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! Well yesterday ended up not being the day I planned. First BIL calls. He's close will be stopping in for coffee. That visit lasted over an hour. He was on his way to Bloomer to pick up 17 boxes of beef. He left and we got ready and went to do our own running. Bank, batteries for phone, stop and look in a couple of stores, got groceries went to WM and then to the Dollar Tree. Was after 4 when we got home. Dead tired. Watched the movie we rented and it was a dog. Not what it was advertised to be. Don't know if you could call it a day off or not. I do know if they try to call me in I will say no unless something happens with the boss.

Deb so sorry Shannon is hurting so bad. Hope she is better this morning. Is she taking pain pills during the day? I can see Izzy in the snow. Have a cute story DH told me about Ty But will post later. I need to make a few more comments.

Adina I am sorry you had to work Easter also. I am so tired of people coming in and saying you shouldn't have to work! Why are they shopping then? Hope DD cold goes away fast.

Bonnie hope your mom is feeling better and behaving while she heals. So sorry she took that fall.

Tam thanks for the new thread. They seem to be filling so fast. Glad the work is going good. Hope it keeps going that way. But I think you put the fear of God in them already! LOL Are the chickens laying good? Anybody sitting on more eggs?

BonnieB have a good visit today and I hope you don't find too many chores to do when you get home. Wish someone would come and help me with my flowerbeds this year. So glad you got that help. Sun is shining here. Hope the wind doesn't start up again as it made it really cold yesterday! Thinking of starting my tomato seeds soon!

Dianne we haven't heard the coyotes for awhile here and I like it that way. But with the snow slowly melting I am sure it will be different soon!

Elsie hope your Monday went well and there were a few smiles and jokes floating around. My co-worker was trying to tell the boss I wasn't coming back but she couldn't stop smiling! I knew that was going to happen! LOL She is almost always smiling.. I have finally seen her get mad. Only took her 6 months! LOL

No doors blowing open here although they should of with how strong the wind was!

Will tell the Ty story and get my behind to cleaning!

DH was telling me when he was making the drainage ditch wider breaking ice Ty was straddling it at the end. Watching the ice chunks floating down it and growling. He would dunk his head in up to his eyes and grab that ice and growl and shake his head and throw it. Then go for the next piece. He did it for about 45 minutes. I guess he was just soaked but a happy dog he caught all that bad ice and killed it!

I am hoping to get a picture of it today as we still have plenty of ice and snow to melt yet.

Will pop in again as you all know the puter is so close to me!

somewhere, PA

What a good dog! That Ty saved you from maurading ice! Whew! :-)

Debbie - hoping Shannon can manage today. Poor kid!

I am sitting right on top of a guy hammering & using all sorts of power tools. The wonderful thing about the exposed beams downstairs is how pretty they are and the height it adds to the ceilings. The not so wonderful thing is that there is absolutely nothing but 2" of wood between
me and the downstairs. No air space even to help deaden the noise. But I don't mind - I'm just so happy work is finally going on. I've been working on this kitchen redo for well over a year (design started w/me & a CAD tool, went to a different kitchen designer/contract house in June last year & finally got traction in Dec with these guys!)


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Tam, oh, thanks for explaining, I thought you were literally sitting on him. I thought wonder what he did to rile her so! Will be sending that cake recipe today sometime.

Vicki, I can mentally picture Ty killing the ice chunks. They seem to have so much fun with so little in the way of toys. Mr. B can play for hours outside with nothing but a string! You should have told that woman that it was people like her that forced you to work on a holiday! I didn't have one April Fool joke played on me yesterday. Of course I stayed home, but usually DH or DS will get me before the day is over.

Debbie, glad that Izzy is just daring spring to come warm her up! Laying out in the flurries. She is one brave dog. Sure hope Shannon has a much better day, and then she has several days to rest up before she has to do it all over again.

Dianne, sure hope that the storm that came you way has ended and you didn't get much snow. It is time that we all have some good weather to lift our spirits. Enough already. I bet Diesel is going to be a dog that wants you with him all the time, like Mr. B. Thats good, but sometimes it does feel clingy.

Well Mr. B didn't want to get out of bed this morning, so I left him there. He is STILL in bed, and just gave me a dirty look when I told him he needed to be outside. Chris greeted me, and with a puzzled expression on her face, it was like she was asking where her dog friend was! Today was a good visit, and the residents seemed in better spirits, probably because the sun is shining.

DH called me on my way home and asked me to stop by Southern States and get peas,onions, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. He is going to be discing the garden space and probably tomorrow we will be putting those things in. Whoopee, spring is finally making its way here, and I am getting really excited about planting and garden clean up, and just all the spring time things that happen. I noticed my liliac bush has leaves emerging, so won't be long before I have some fafulous smells.

Lyndonville, NY

BonnieB, my lilac has the leaf buds also...although right now covered in snow!!! Looks like a blizzard out there but the sun is shining brightly.

somewhere, PA

Its cold here but above freezing (38degF when I looked a couple hours ago).

BonnieB - The DG article on electrophobic trees pulled me in yesterday. Did you read it? Thank goodness I read the comment posts or I would have forwarded it to friends.

Our little bantum rooster is trying to take on GG (Gentle Giant) rooster. GG is the nicest roo I've ever had. But he's not putting up with the little guy's power play. Gary said he thinks the little roo decided it was now or never to make a move. He is just not gonna win. This morning he was bloodied but not hanging back & away from his (huge) "competitor".

I'm so excited! The pantry is now enclosed in drywall & the hall closet is at its new /reduced size. They are have reworked the radiator placement in the living room and are now working on the demo of the bathroom. When that's done, they will finish the radiator work and turn on the heat again. Probably just in time for spring to arrive and no longer need it. :-)


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Tam that is so exciting. The remodeling not the roosters. Roosters have no sense at all.

Company DS and DIL just left. So My day is shot. Will see how much I get done tomorrow! Oh well at least I feel relaxed about it. Nap would be nice but it is too late!

BonnieB I have to laugh at planting here already as there is still tons of snow. I hope it doesn't freeze again. Silly man!

Ty and I went out to check the stoeve and it is still iced over but flowing. The yard looks pretty good but Ty was disappointed!

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Waving at everyone. I am feeling better than I did this morning, just tired as I have been up sense 3AM.

Sandy and andre

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Sandy it sounds like you need to go to bed early! Glad you are feeling better.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Sandy, were you sick or just having trouble sleeping? That does make for a long day.

Tammy, that is so exciting to have some progress made. Yep, hope that the heat isn't off long, as in all probability it will turn cold for you now.

Vicki, that is what I would hate about having varying hours, you would never get anything done for the company coming by. I know you enjoy being with your DS and DDIL but you have to have some "you" time.

Elsie, how was work? Hope that everybody is over the April fools jokes and pranks for a bit.

Bonnie, so how is it going with you?

Adina, sure hope that Andreea gets over the cold soon. Not comfortable not being able to take anything for it, and I know colds can be miserable.

Dianne, still thinking about you and Diesel. Hoping your weather is not too bad.

Debbie, did Shannon feel better when she came in from work?

Tomorrow is grocery day, so hope to get started early, so I can get back home. The Amish girl is going to go with me tomorrow. DH broke some garden for them today, so they are getting settled in.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Hi everyone. Much to my surprise when I walked into DM's room today, she had made a major improvement over yesterday. Instead of sitting in her chair slumped to one side with her head leaning to the side and eyes almost closed, she was sitting up straight, holding her head up and her eyes were wide open. She was still very weak and her voice was still very weak and she was still confused, but overall so much brighter and in the moment than yesterday. I was amazed. I tell you, she is like a Timex watch. She takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. Bless her heart.

Today must be my lucky day. I posted on two job descriptions looking for part-time pet sitters for the cats at the ALF and round the clock sitters for DM at the ALF. Today, I received responses from two women who are friends one who is HHA certified and the other who is CNA certified who are willing to each work one 12bb hour shift each day and pull every other weekend for $10 per hour. I am interviewing them at 2:00 tomorrow. Then tonight I had a response from a woman for the pet sitting job at the ALF. She works for the Dept of Edu, but also looks after and elderly lady near my mom's "to make a living" and is in the area to or three times a week. She will go twice a week when I am in town. Her visits combined with my 2 to 3 to 4 visits per week should keep the box clean at all times and satisfy the head nurse. The sitter can step up her visits when I am out of town. I am interviewing her at 1:00 tomorrow at the ALF,

Tam so excited that your project is finally underway.

Debbie, my heart aches for Shannon. The child has been through so much pain and suffering in her short life.

Dianne whatever would you do without Diesel? He is just what you need whenever you need it. What a perfect companion.

Sandy beautiful picture.

I am a mess. I have a cold on top of the returning sinusitis and conjunctivitis. I have business to deal with for DM that is a hot mess that involves getting copy of the probation of my dad's will from the courthouse in Louisiana before April 15th so I can file an income tax return for DM.

Deb look what I found on e-bay. They match my plate exactly. They are Czech Bohemian Cranberry
Glass Lusters With Enamel. Listed on e-bay for $1,200.00, That makes what I paid for my plate a steal.

Sure hope I can get s good night's sleep tonight and truly feel rested tomorrow. I am draggin big time again.

Sleep well everyone.


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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Bonnie are they vases? Or if not, what? Good for you on making the contacts with the sitters, both human and pet. That indeed is a red letter day!

Lyndonville, NY

OH Bonnie, I guess you had luck with the link I posted...good! I knew there was quite a bit on that page that looked similar.
Glad to hear you have "help on the way" for DM and the cats. You need this helps so much before you fall over yourself.

Shannon worked til 8:30 tonight. She is exhausted and up in bed already. Her blood levels still too low, so upped the dosage
again slightly. If not better by this weekend, might have to start the shots back up. Sigh.

Exhausted here....more to share but need more facts.

Sweet dreams all...

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I am still up, reading books from Open Library.
I was not sick sick but felt a little dizzy and my stomach did not feel right.

I am going to bed

good night

s and a

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Morning on the way to the gym


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! Pork roast cooking in the roaster. I have a small roaster I use. Ty;s couch blanket is in the washer. Coffee is half gone. So a good start to the morning.

Sandy you must be feeling better if you are headed to the gym. Good!

Bonnie your mom is one tough cookie! Maybe she was over drugged yesterday? Wow! what luck getting people to interview already. Love it when things fall into place for others so fast. The eyes are getting worse?

Deb poor Shannon/ Sending strength and whatever else you need.

BonnieB have a nice time with her. I still can't believe you are planting already! Guess I will just have to get some of those cold weather crops planted sooner than I do. I just have a hard time doing that!

Better go and get busy. Have plenty to do today before they show up.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Vicki - you sure are up & going early today!

Bonnie - now if you'd just get healthy, things would be fantastic. It sounds like you'll have things set up pretty nicely with these additions. Too bad she needs all this help though.

Debbie - at least Shannon got through the day and has off for a while from your previous post. I hope you get some rest too.

BonnieB - Have fun running the grocery store. One problem (or should I say another problem) with all this construction is we can't get out during the day to run to the grocery store or whatever. I'm hoping DH pulled out his car before the guys arrived so he can get some necessities today. (We have absolutely no street parking as the road is not even two lanes wide and the driveway holds only a few cars so they park us in.)

OK. We've got saws & hammers and all sorts of stuff happening so I think its time to get to work. :-)

~~~ to everyone I missed this morning

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, sun is shining brightly here, although it feels very chilly outside. Today is grocery day, so nothing to be accomplished till I get back home.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

BonnieB I believe they are candelabras of sorts. I think, and I could be very wrong, that maybe a votive type candle would be placed inside the bowls

My house is so out of control because I am so run down I let things lay instead of putting them back where they belong. Also, my housecleaner, Elaine. did not come this Monday because it fell in the first of the month. She has a lot of condo cleans which is her bread and butter income. When the first of the month falls on a Monday - a major check out day combo -she has her hands full. So I was under no pressure to pick up before she came to clean. I knew she wasn't coming this week. I have already started tackling the mess by scooping litter boxes and policing all cat areas. Also hung up all my clothes. I think I will take a luke-warm cuzzi bath and see how I feel after that. If nothing else I can start a load of wash before I sleep.

WELL!!! Good Morning. It seems I slept in my chair last night. I awoke to find myself sitting here with the above post on my PC - typed, but never sent. It is going to be a l-o-n-g day.


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Bonnie we could do a Homes out of control Group! I would join it! At least you didn't have to type much this morning! LOL

DS didn't do much upstairs. I am so mad at him and myself for not doing it yesterday after they left. Some day I will have a room for guest to stay in.

That pork roast smells so good and it is cooking much faster than I thought it would. It's going to be hard to keep my fingers out of it! I did already sample it. SHHHH!

Lyndonville, NY

We are just dragging here. Shannon was up, but went back to bed.

DH is now going out of town Monday and Tuesday to Rhode Island for work, same day as Shannon's
cardio work up.

Just glanced out the window and seeing a touch of green leaf buds on my me hope.


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

A friend posted flower sprouts from behind her garage. Gives me hope!

Deb we gotta have hope!

Making an easy dessert for tonight.

Called Chocolate Eclair

2 boxes instant vanilla pudding
3 cups milk.
1 cool whip

Mix pudding according to directions carefully mix in cool whip.

Line 9x13 pan with grahm crackers pour on half the pudding. Another layer of grahm crackers. Rest of pudding. Another layer of grahm crackers. Let set overnight.

Frost with fudge frosting.

I am letting it sit most of the day . Should work just as good.

I am using only half and if I need another dessert will try it with chocolate pudding.

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Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Vicki, yummy! Save me a piece, please!LOL

Bonnie, take care with that cold and your eyes too. Those vase are so beautiful! Good news your DM was feeling better. I hope you can find the right sitter.

Debbie, sending hugs for Shannon. I hope her back doesn't hurt so much today.

Tam, great job with your pantry! Poor little rooster!

Sandy, good to hear you are going at the gym!

BonnieB, what a funny dog Mr. B not wanting to go out!

I'm cleaning the closet today because it's raining, so no gardening....ugh! I still have a few days off left so I have to do whatever I can until I'm starting work again.
Andreea is packing these days. They have found an apartment and they are going to move soon, maybe this week. Her DH is there now, cleaning the apartment and when it's done, they will take their things and leave. It's not far from our village, so we'll be able to visit each other.
Time to go and finish the closet. Talk to you later.


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Hello Adina. So glad they are moving so close to you. Will sure make babysitting and visiting easier. Glad to hear he is a cleaner hope he does it after they move also. Is it furnished or do they have to get furniture? Hope you get done with that closet soon.

I plan on starting tomato seeds soon. Do you have yours started?

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Back from the grocery and other errands. Thought I would work outside but that wind is down right cold instead of chilly, so think laundry will be on the agenda!

somewhere, PA

I definitely am in the "house out of control" group! WOW is it crazy here.
The bath demo is underway - you can now see into it from the kitchen (where they removed the cabinets already). So interesting to see what's behind the walls! The shower is now gone. They are putting in the pantry door & putting in a water spigot for the deck.


Verona, ON

Still very windy here and quite cool. The wind gusts are rattling the tarps covering the wood piles and Streak, Sassy and Diesel do not like it. I've tried to weight down the edges of the tarp but the wind is so strong I haven't had much success. Too windy to work in the gardens - the wind off of the lake is quite cold actually.

BonnieB you seem to get such enjoyment out of visiting the NH. I am so happy that you do. You are going to have to give Mr B a tap on the rump - he is disappointing his fans the days he is too tired to go with you.

Started in on cleaning out the den/computer room this morning. Of course you know that means a bigger mess than I started with. Have several boxes of books packed up to donate to the hospital gift shop. I found out when Warren was in the hospital I could get excellent books for $1 - $2. If I went overboard and just had to have a new release and I mean new it might cost all of $5.00. I decided I would rather the books go there so someone else could enjoy the surprise of getting recent releases at such a great price.Even though DH couldn't respond I would go back up to the room and prattle on about how I bought such and such and weren't we lucky to get such a deal. I also got 2 years worth of People magazine ready to take to the CC plus Puzzle Booklets that the Toronto Star newspaper puts out every week. The 1 thing that gets done a lot are puzzles in the CC's waiting rooms. These are ideal as they are short and sweet plus not hard core so most people can find success.I also filled a whole recycle bin with catalogues. Order just 1 thing from 1 catalogue and you are plagued for life from a gazillion ( well it seems like that many!) companies wanting you to buy their product. I have been putting them in a crate in the den closet - I have no idea why I didn't pitch them when they arrived but I didn't. Probably that old "I'll look through this later" idea or just maybe there was something that caught my eye and I wanted to have another look at it. lol In the closet, out of sight, never to be remembered by me again until today. Recycle for paper is tomorrow so I am determined to get through this whole stack of mags and flyers.

Tam, very exciting times at your place right now. So glad the workers are showing up and putting in a full days work. Little banty rooster still trying to take on the Gentle Giant?

Coyotes were fairly quiet last night. Although when they did get started I heard a gun shot. Sometimes a shot fired into the air is enough to quiet the rabble.Do any of you remember that line from Jesus Christ Superstar ..... tell the rabble to be quiet I anticipate a riot? I used to quote that sometimes in my classroom when I taught. For some reason the kids were mesmerized by it and quietened right down. BonnieB sometimes the noise is the result of a turf war - we have 2 dens of coyotes that like to try and extend their boundaries on occasion.

Do any of you or have any of you used a steamer on your hardwood floor? I sort of thought Bonnie did but maybe I was wrong. I desperately need to do something to spruce up these floors after a winter of things being brought in on feet and paws. I've tried washing with a mop and even did a high traffic area on my hands and knees - can't seem to lift that film from the floor surface.

No wonder you and Shannon are draggin Debbie - after what you both have been through these last few weeks both physically and emotionally it is a miracle you both can manoveur around at all. Good for Shannon being able to finish out her work last night.Hugs to you both.

Vicki I can smell that pork roast all the way over here. Mmmm - going to have apple sauce with it?

I feel the need for a nap. Diesel is already on the bed - has been in this room twice looking for me so think I will join him.


Verona, ON

We xed Tam - you have every right to be in the House out of Control category - you are under construction. Me, on the other hand have no excuse other than my typical I'll do that later.

somewhere, PA

Dianne - I use the steamer on my HW floors. I really like it. Mine's a Bissel.
I think there are a lot of us in that "I'll look at it later" category for catalogs. I found some that were 5 yrs old. I've been in such a mood to clear out all the collected junk that I've been able to really prune. Feels so good.

I will take some pic's to show you guys - maybe it'll make you feel more "in control". lol


Verona, ON

Thanks Tam. I will have a look on Amazon. Do you need a special liquid to put in the steamer to help clean?
Adina I meant to comment on how wonderful it will be for you to have your DGS living fairly close. I know you and Cici love that little guy to pieces! What is Ionut up to these days?

Hope the interviews go well Bonnie and you have yourself some new employees to help care for your mam.

Now I will try for a wee nap.

somewhere, PA

Dianne - it came with a eucalyptus cleaner but I've mostly just used water with it.

Forgot to say - bantum rooster was looking a bit better today. I did not see GG around so maybe they are working out their territorial issues. And I have a broody hen - the daughter of the little white bantum that had 2 litters of chicks that she'd hidden from me. The first batch of 5 late last summer & the second on this Jan. I just don't need more chickens right now. (I'd rather buy a few new big hens if I did want more anyway). lol


Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Dianne, thanks for asking about Ionut...I forgot to tell you that he is going to move into Andreea's apartment in the Bucharest, I mean...and he is going to live on his own "for as long as I can and if I can't manage I will come back home"...these are his words!LOL Oh, well, I hope he will manage...but , on the other hand, I wish he would stay home. I know, I'm a silly Mom!LOL
I'm also using the steamer on the hardwood floors and it's working very well.

Tam, good for you for cleaning the junk! I've finished the closet and threw away some junk too. I also switched places of some things on the shelves which also feels very good!LOL I didn't realize you need to demo the bathroom.

Vicki, I've already started the veggie seeds. I sowed tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and some herbs, parsley, lovage and basil. Also some petunias and nicotiana. I shopuld have sowed spinach, red orach, letuce and radish outdoors, but the weather is crazy. It's raining a lot and the wind is blowing hard. Andreea's new apartment in Buzau has furniture, and all the fixtures.

BonnieB, what groceries did you buy? We went yesterday to buy groceries , mostly veggies and fruits, but also biscuits, flour, sugar, oil, jam, noodles.

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Tam, my Mom had a cat who used to hide her kitties under the bed!LOL

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Tammy, how are the kitties handling the construction? It must feel good to get rid of some stuff that you don't need anymore.

Bonnie, I hope you get some good people to make things run more smoothly at home at the ALF. Did you go back to the doctor or is that tomorrow?

Vicki, dinner sounds delicious. Do you have today off?

Dianne, I hope you get all of your cleaning done.

Debbie, with time off I hope DD feels better. How about you?

BonnieB, did you get stuff done today? It was very windy here too.

Adina, it sounds like things are settling down there. I hope you get all your stuff done before you go back to work.

I posted last night but then I closed the window - DUH. I went to Lowes after work to look for an air purifier. They had azaleas for $9.99 and hydrangeas for $1.50. I hope the hydrangeas are perennials - I got 3.

I picked up an air cleaner at Walmart - hope it works. I think Tammy is correct about mold. Either that or I have developed some brand new allergies. Even at work - when I turn on the fan I get really wheezy. It's been so hot at work that all I want to do is go home.

A co-worker came in with her son yesterday. They visited with Teddy. My word this little boy was so loud. It's a sad story - the co-worker is maybe in her early 30's and her husband passed away from a massive heart attack maybe 2 years ago.

Work is getting worse with every day. They just keep piling more work day after day and think we can keep up with it. I had to take the phone off the hook so I could get some work done.

somewhere, PA

What a day!

Here's a clue of what happened. Study the photographs. Cat near an opening into the ductwork.
Photograph of ductwork below... heading off to the basement.


Thumbnail by Tammy Thumbnail by Tammy
somewhere, PA

Thank goodness Gary was in the basement to hear Pixel. He had to cut the duct to get her out. She's very happily sleeping on a pile of growbags now.

Loretta - so sorry to hear about work. And allergies/mold. My bosses kids are the loudest I have ever heard. Amazing how much volume can come out of those tiny bodies. lol


St. Simon's Island, GA(Zone 9a)

My sleepy old man. He is 12 years old, and really suffering from arthritis in his back and back legs. He's a sweetheart!

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