how to help my roses

Shirley, IN

I planted several rose bushes last year they all bloomed but one yellow rose, it had several branches but only one had leaves and it never bloomed . will it bloom this year? what should I do now to help my roses this growing season? when should I fertilize ? what should I use . I have two new roses to plant what do I need to add to soil if any thing? is it all right to plant them now ?thanks for any help

Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

It could bloom. It sounds like the majority of branches had no leaves because they were dead; can you visually tell? Dead or dried out branches can be safely pruned. If you are uncertain if a branch is not dead, you can start pruning but only in 1" increments; and stop pruning as soon as you notice that the branch is not dead.

You can help a rose by providing it with enough moisture, well draining/acidic soil and regular applications of fertilizers/amendments. New shrubs should be planted in Spring, probably near the middle of this month; see the links below. They are hungry kids and respond to applications of these materials very well. A fertilizer high in nitrogen like blood meal will make the plant develop more/new branches. A fertilizer high in phosphorus can help the plant develop more or stronger roots and blooms but I am not sure I would go buy Super Triple Phosphate as it is very very high in phosphorus, 0-45-0 sometimes).

Below is a link to the Duneland Rose Society in Indiana. There is a ling to consulting rosarians in your state that can provide specific answers.

Below is a link to rose growing recommendations just for Indiana, made by Purdue University. It is very specific and full of information so get some tea or coffee and read it this weekend when you have time:


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