Difference between Colocasia Coffee Cups and Tea Cups?

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

I am hoping someone here can answer my question because I have searched several times on the internet and haven't found an answer.

Is there a difference between Colocasia Coffee Cups and Colocasia Tea Cups? I recently purchased Colocasia Tea Cups from Michigan Bulbs and while I read their description and care/planting information, I always enjoy learning more from various sources. When I do a search for Colocasia Tea Cups, I find a lot of information on Colocasia Coffee Cups. I can't tell if there is a difference between these 2 or if they are the same plant and just called by 2 different names. So if anyone can answer this, or point me in the right direction to find the answer, I would be very appreciative.

Also, if anyone has grown Colocasia Tea Cups and would like to share their experience and any information, tips or tricks, I'd love to hear it!

(Zone 7a)

PlantFiles has both listed as separate plants. Another site lists them as the same plant. Looking at pics makes me believe they are the same. I can see no difference. I have 'Coffee Cups' and love it. It's great indoors in Winter and perfect as an outdoor Summer accent.

The only tip I can pass on is water, water, water. Michigan Builbs has a bad rep but hopefully your bulb with be okay.


Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

Thanks, kwanjin! As far as Michigan Bulbs goes...I've ordered from them a few times over the last year, and lets just say the plants/bulbs I've ordered have been a consistent hit and miss. Some have grown great and others I couldn't even jump start. The Colocasia Pink China and Tea Cups I recently ordered are in limbo. Don't know which category they will fall in to. They arrived with the soil completely drenched and the two or three leaves they had were limp and dead. They must have succumbed to very cold weather during transport. However, while potting them up, I looked over the roots and they were healthy and white. I have had them under grow lights in a warm room for about a week now, and the Tea Cups has sprouted 2 new leaves and Pink China is about to push one out. So, I am hoping they continue to grow!

So, I take it you have your Coffee Cups in a pot? If so, what size pot are you using? I am debating whether to plant it in the ground or in a pot. How much direct sun does yours get while outside?

Thanks again!

(Zone 7a)

Mine is in a 3 gal. My zone of 7b is iffy at best. I put it out a few days ago, forgot to bring it in at night and all the leave succumbed to frost. I'm not worried, tho. It's bouncing back just fine.

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