When will dormant Boston Ivy cuttings grow?

Muscoy, CA

I live in southern California. I'm new to gardening and I ordered some bare root Boston Ivy cuttings, grown in Tennessee, to plant to cover an ugly cinderblock wall. When they arrived I was surprised at how dead they looked but was told they are in a dormant stage and will come out with warm weather. It is full blown spring here in California, temperatures have been in the 60s at night and 80s during the day. The plants are about 6 inches long each ( some are a little less) with roots dangling down. I planted them according to instructions 3 weeks ago and there is still no sign of life. I am wondering how long they will take to grow something so that I know they're alive - and how long I can expect it to take for them to cover my 6 foot by 40 foot wall. I planted one cutting every 2 feet. I appreciate any help.

Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

I am 200 miles north of LA.
I have 2 boston ivies in my garden. One is in full shade (doing great) and one is in full sun (looks stressed). They are starting to leaf out. It's hard to say if your cuttings will survive. Keep them damp and give them a little more time. They will go completely limp and dry up if they are dead. I think you will be lucky to have them do well in southern California, it could easily be too hot and dry, especially on a block wall, for them. Mine have grown very slowly, I'm sure it's the weather, they probably do best with more humidity. They are however a gorgeous plant and we have enjoyed the way they change color. Good luck with it, never know, it could work and if so it would be lovely.
Pictures are from 2010, they've filled in completely.

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