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Issues with deer


Last year was the first time in many years I was able to have a vegetable garden. It was very dry and half my garden was having a tough time to begin with. What did manage to grow to maturity was all but eaten by deer. I live in the country and let me just say...I have a lot of deer. They are looking in the windows at me in the morning and evening and a few have taking to jumping the fence to get into the enclosed area for my dog. I cannot afford to build a 10 foot fence around my garden. Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep the little deer monsters out of my vegetables?

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

2 wire electric fence.

Madras, OR

My fence is 6' high plus a two strand hotwire (electric fence) above that. Still they were jumping over teh 6' and thru the two strand hotwire. So, I wrapped the electric fence with tinfoil at the spot they were coming through, and then I slathered the tinfoil with peanut butter.

No problems since. In areas where I am not fenced by have flowers, I apply every spring just before budding and blooming begins raw, aged animal manure. there is no odor, but the deer do not eat the tulips and other small plants when they are so side dressed.


I've been thinking of an electrical fence. I may have to give that a try. I don't have any problems with the deer coming around to the front of the house to bother my flowers. They just eat all the good veggies. Thanks for the ideas.

Delhi, LA

There is a commercial product called Hinder that the farmers use in my area to keep them out of their soybeans. You just mix it with water and spray. It won't hurt anything but will keep the deer away.Hinder is a brand name and I'm sure the same product is marketed in other names.


I just read up on Hinder. It sounds like it may work. I also read about a home made mix that works very well too. Thanks for the heads up.

Delhi, LA

If I rememember right the forestery people use eggs to keep the deer of their seedlings.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Rotten eggs at that.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

The usual advice for minimum fence height to keep out deer is 8 feet.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

My brother built a concrete block fence around his yard. Just high enough so the deer can't see over it. A deer won't jump something they don't know what's on the other side. A little expensive, but has worked good for him.

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

CG you are so right. A deer will not jump if they can't see where they will land, thus the moats(?) at the zoo. I have a grape vine growing around one of my gardens. I didn't plant the grape it just showed up, years ago.

You may want to try a fast growing vine that the deer can't see thro. Or one of those water scare crows that's activated by motion. Everytime it detects motion it sprays water. There are a lot of deer here and many people around here use those scarecrow things.

Flagler Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

haha, I have bear and deer, and I'll add my 2 cents! I did buy a scare crow water thinging! I think it's working!!!! It's activated when something walks in front of it, and squirts a high dose of water,( 30ft) it's laughable, but after a bear got into my garden and I researched it, this seemed to be the ideal thing. I read all the reviews, which were good, the videos that people left, to the effectiveness of the scare crow were hilarious, I had to give it a try. I'm going to buy 2 more!!! Yes, I feel it works, I got mine from Amazon for $50+ dollars, it's easy to set up, it shoots a high powered stream of water, up to 30 feet, for 4 seconds, would scare anything from entering your garden. Plus it has some noise to it, so when it goes off ,if your windows are open you'll here it, sph sph sph, sounds like a garden sprinkler system, only louder because of the strength of the stream of the water. My hubby heard it one night a 4 in the morning, till he got up and looked out the window, what ever it was that set it off, was gone. Now I want to set up a video camera, motion activated, to see the action when it happens.

This is a must have for anyone who has animals where you don't want them, harmless, but yet, it works!!! You can set it for any height, and for a distance up to 30 foot. The eye is a 90 degree eye, so depending on where you set it up, you may need 2. For small animals, you set the eye lower to the ground, for deer and bear you set the eye higher, after getting spooked by this several times, the animal in question will stop coming around, it has no idea what's going on! And, the scare crow runs on a 9 volt battery, and your hose. They say to buy a timer, we didn't we just hook the hose up at the end of the day, and than in the morning, unhook it, and use the hose as any other normal day would see fit. Here are some picture's of our's. We live up against a nature preservve, and I have 2 gardens, 1 with 3 raised beds, fenced in, and in another part of our yard, another fenced in area!!

Check the picture's out! I some how erased the pictures that showed it in action as My hubby was running around the enclosed garden, it will shoot a stream of water from where it's sitting clear to the back of my garden, a heavy stream of water, my beds are 9' long, another 3' in front and 3' in back of them, so the fenced in area is about 15', the scarecrow sits about 4 foot from the fence, facing the woods, that's the first picture, and the start of the woods is approx. 5' from the back side of the fence, the deer and the 2 bears we know for sure live in these woods come and go using the right side of our garden, I always look for poop from either of them, lol, This thing is awesome, for real, and no, I don't sale them or have anything to gain from promoting them! I just hope it works. The bear got into our garden 2 weeks ago, ( no damage done other than bending the fence) and the deer won't jump in if they know they can't jump out, I ordered this a day later, he/she bear hasn't been back! YET! I also hang strips of old bedding sheets on my fence, and spray the strips every other night with a strong smelling perfume, bears have a strong sense of smell, and believe me this perfume stinks, not saying what kind it is, expensive for sure given to me as a gift, lol, I found a use for it! I also thinks it keeps the animals away. Anyway, I hope this helps any one reading this. I've had the scarecrow for a week, we shall see how well it works in my garden, and like I said I'm buying another, my yard is quite big, and I have another area to defend. It's got a 9 foot fence on 1 side, and a regular 5' chain link fence on the other side,( was to be my doggy run till I decided to plant there too ) the garden is about 8 foot wide and about 30 feet long. Nothing has disturbed this garden yet, but I have sweet corn planted there, so a second scare crow will keep my neighbors out, hopefully. see the last picture!
I'll be the first to say no, it's not working, but at this time, nothing has invaded my garden, not even my own dogs.

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Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

I hear it works well for kids or grandchildren too.

Sharp County, AR(Zone 7a)

My garden is in the path of a herd of deer on the way to the river for water. We didn't know it at first but we do now and not planning to change the garden. I have tried many of the suggested ways to keep them from eating my garden and my flowers.

This is my tried and true solution. I buy 14'x14' bird net. The stiff plastic net that you put over fruit trees to keep birds from eating the fruit. Unfold the whole piece and I cut it in three long pieces and drape each over a row in my garden or my Hostas. If I have a block planting of beans or potatoes I use one whole sheet. I drape the net over my fence of tomatoes. I can lift the net so that the leaves of my garden plants are not growing up through the holes. No need to tie anything down just keep a check to make sure your plants continue to stay covered.

Problems are few. My theory is the deer don't like the scratchy plastic on their noses, but actually they can't get to the plants as long as the net is covering the plants. If I forget to cover them after picking or the wind blows it off a corner, that is exactly the spot in the morning that is munched.

I have used this system for 4 years successfully. In the fall I roll up the net strips, push them in a plastic flower pot according to the size of the strip and store them in a shed for the next year. I hope you might try this remedy and tell your story.

Pulaski, GA

This worked for us. We soaked some old rags and old clothes in dirty dishwater and then laid the stinky rags on the ground around the garden. I was told that the smell of humans would keep away the deer in our area (south Georgia). Also, if a male family member wanted to go outside after dark and pee around the garden, no one stopped him.


Thanks jamibad! I checked the scarecrow thing out on Amazon and laughed till I cried watching a video of 2 dogs running for their lives. I'm almost 100% sure I'm gonna give this one a try. I checked all the reviews on it. Most people were quite happy with it. I've told others who live in town and they are now looking into it as well. They have trouble with racoons and skunks mostly, oh and of course feral cats. Thanks so much for everyone's input and advice. What a wonderful group there is here!

Flagler Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Susan, so far so good, and I'm getting ready to buy a second scare crow! I have 2 gardens, and since I added the first, I've had no problems with the bear or the deer! Just FYI, tonight I was outside, the scarecrow was hooked up and ready to do it's job when one of my dogs walked in front of it. Laugh, I was hysterical laughing, he jumped a mile high and beat it to the house. I want to set a video camera up, so I can record my own feed back for this unit. It's awesome, and we even set it up during the day to keep the squirrels out of the bird feeders, it works, which is why I'm going to get another!

And yes, the video's on Amazon are pee in your pants funny!! All in All, this is a great product!!!! I love it! Let me know how you make out when you get yours! Jami


Jami, did you use the tape and make a few adjustments to your unit? The reviews said something about that. Anyway, I have ordered mine and while I can't video bambi's reaction, I am gonna try and set up the deer cam to see what happens. I'm really excited about this product. Its humane and stops me from loosing all that expense and work so they can have a snack.

And yes, I laughed till I cried over the 2 dogs doing there business. Thanks so much for letting me know about this product. I love DG! I would have never found it without this place. Susie.

Plantersville, TX(Zone 9a)

Does a person just go to & put in Scarecrow? I would like to see the video also.

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

I recommended the product now I'm going to have to watch the video too. Lol

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

I would use the terms Scarecrow and Water in the search.


I literally typed in "scarecrow water thingy" as Jamibad called it and it popped right up. Be prepared to

Plantersville, TX(Zone 9a)

Yes, it worked. I'm thinking about ordering one.

Flagler Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

lol, I have seen this in more advertisements, since I'm familiar with it now, it does come highly recommended, and since I have the one, I haven't had any deer droppings or Bear visits! I do believe it works, harmless, very funny if you could catch the action on video, but YES, I'm getting a second one, and the price is right! $50 plus change, and free shipping, thanks to Amazon, at least when I bought my first one. Still, if there's shipping I'll pay it, as my cost of putting in my gardens, and my body ackes and pains, it's well worth the cost!! I really can't say if it works, but yet, I feel it does, till you hear it go off, and look outside, what ever set it off is long gone! I just know that since the bear came for a visit before the scarecrow, he hasn't been back since!! So you figure it out! No rabbits, no squirrels, nothing!! Nothing has been in my garden but those dang tomato horn worms, out there everyday picking the ugly slimy things off and drowning them in soapy water! Ewww! Seven dust, neem oil, I'm having war with them! But, no Bear , or anything else. Now, if I could only keep the armadillo out of the yard. He's bold, my dogs bark up a noise, wakes us up, I turn the yard lights on, if there not already on, and than he scoots! This is why I need 2 scarecrows. Heck, I'd buy 3! Keep all the critters out of my yard! no harm done! We chased them out of their natural habitat, but we also need to survive!
Gracesmom, did you get yours yet, I didn't have to make any adjustments! My fenced in raised bed gardens are about 30 ft wide, 10 ft deep, 1st picture: My hubby set the SC up and than walked along the back side of the fence, this stream of water hit him in the face, no adjustments needed! I think depending on the lay out of the land, you need that stream of water to hit what it is you want to " run away!" 2ndPic: I'm putting a picture up, where during the day, to keep the squirrels out of the bird feeders, my DH went out and set it up on a ladder, tree
height for bird feeders, and those tree rats, it kept them away, which is why I want to buy another, it doesn't bother the birds! And that is where my 2nd garden is! If anyone has questions, please ask! Due to the fact I have no video of this scarecrow working, as what the actual selling point videos have, here again, very pee in your pants funny, I swear it works! Everyone in my neighborhood is having problems with the bears getting into their garbage, not us! I live up against a protected reserve for displaced animals. All woods!!!!! Something has to be working, I even have a compost pile, a green house, and a garden shed, nothing bother's us, except a pain in the butt armadillo!!! I guess I would need a 3rd, as he travels all over the yard, you can't predict where he;s comming in, or leaving! Enjoy, and let me know how you all make out if you buy the scarecrow! It works!!!!!
Have a happy shiny day in your non messed gardens! Jami

The first picture is just of the scarecrow! I think, so hard to see the little thumb nails! For some reason I can't find the picture I wanted to put up here.
The bottom line is, you get the point, I've had it and so far it's worked, now, it;s your turn to tell me what your doing and have you gotten your own scarecrow?

I will try to get some picture's of my DD's walking in front of it, especially if I get up in the morning, and forget to turn the hose off! lol!

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Flagler Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Sorry, I said I couldn't see the images in the thumb nails, there;s no scare crow in the first picture! Please forget you saw this picture! lol!! But the second does show it in the ladder, waiting to spray the squirrels! lol, they did cease and deist!! After a few squirts, very high powered as my DH sat it too close, they gave up! Too Funny!!!!

Plantersville, TX(Zone 9a)

Do you have to turn it off, whenever you enter the garden to do some planting?

Flagler Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

be, yes, lol, and sometime's I forget and walk in front of it, and Bam, a good spray to the face, as it sit's close to where I go in and out of the garden. I should say the dogs have figured it out too, once it's on, they stay away from it. They have gotten hit with the water from it more often than my DH and I. Really funny too. We only plug it in at night when all is done for the day in the yard. The dogs are out with us during the day, and no animals are roaming than. It's at night when everyone come's out of the woods to scavenge for food. My garden is for humans, not all the little critters, and def not for bear and deer! As I said so far so good.This little unit is doing it's job. I Highly recommend it, the eye is very sensitive and will pick up small and large animals, the larger animals being able to be detected at least 20 ft from it, maybe further depending on how clear it is from plants, or like me, I have 24" high beds, anything lower to the ground it won't detect because the wood is in the way, but I have the garden fenced in from the smaller animals, like rabbits, racoons etc. It's the deer and bear I don't want trampling the fence to get to the goodies.

Good Luck, and again, if someone invests in the scarecrow, let us know what your using it for, and tell us your funny stories once you have it set up. You will forget it's there, at least once or twice, at least we did. lol! Jami


jamibad, mine will be here any day now. Will be setting it up close to the 16th or so as that is the date of my last frost and the weekend we'll be planting. I can't wait. I've told several people about this thing and they are all waiting to see if it works for me before they order one. I really can't wait to see how it works. I should have some result to talk about by early June. Right now is turkey season here and the deer are hiding deep in the woods but come June they'll be down here ready for a snack on my veggies! Oh, have I mentioned how mad I was last year when they came through and took just one bite out of almost every hubbard squash I had? Its a squirt gun war this year Bambi!

Flagler Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

LOL, It''l do the job, so far I've had no deer or bear in my garden! It's been a month and a half since I bought mine, and all is good here. I just have a war going on with horn worms, but seem to be winning the battle on that front too! If it's not one pest, it's another!! Good luck, I truly believe this scarecrow will work for you, as it does for me! I can't wait to hear how you make out. Stay in touch, and I'll let you know if I get invaded! Good Luck!

Happy gardening!!! Jami

Madras, OR

raw composted manures seem to keep deer away from things, as well a hot wire fence. They will jump fences, so I usually cover a 1' section of the top wire with tinfoil and slather peanut butter on it. They will be drawn to the peanut butter and get a small shock, but it only takes once and they are done wiith your garden.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

What is raw composted manure ? Sounds like a double negative to me.

Flagler Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

gracesmom, did you get your scarecrow? And how is it working out? So far, I'm good to go, I'm getting plenty of vegetable's from my garden, and nothing breaking in! I saw a raccoon today, he was eating the dog food DH puts out if the dogs don't eat it. But nothing has invaded my garden, and I know it's the scarecrow keeping everything at bay! I hope it's working out as well for you!

nancynursez, Your technique seems to work, but I took the cheap way out! Have you heard of the scarecrow? Anyway, what works for each of us is important, we don't want to share our gardens with the critters, lol!

My gardens, backed up against a nature preserve! Maybe you can see the scarecrow in one of the picture's, not sure when I up load them to here if I can see it or not! Yep, it's in the 4th picture!!!!

Have a happy day everyone!! Jami

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