Anyone had success with selling collectibles and antiques?

Crozet, VA

I would love to hear people's thoughts on selling some of our belongings in order to basically kill two birds with one stone...........declutter and have some extra money.....For two years or so I have become aware of the clutter magnet my house and storage shed is. I used to dabble a little in buying and selling items, and gave it up about ten years ago. I enjoyed it but life took over and I haven't had the time or opportunity until now. A friend asked me to go in with her in renting a space at an antiques mall nearby. Without trying hard, I was able to look around my living room and find numerous things that I don't particularly want to keep.

Having been around the buying and selling for some time, I learned a bit about what sells and what doesn't. I know that since getting out of the business, which before I used to get inventory from other shops or at auction sales, or other places, I have inherited two homes full of some quite nice items, but things I don't need, nor particularly want hanging around taking up space.

I am hoping to hear from others here who have been in the business, or who would like to maybe get in to the business and get some tips on what sells well, tips for displaying items, and any thing general that you may have learned about this topic. I am super excited about my little one shelf, which might be double the size this week after speaking with the store owner.....and hear success stories and also things to watch out for as far as how to fail in the business.

Thanks to all who are interested in the topic, and I look forward to hear from some of you.


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