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Tomato first-timer. Is this little one diseased?

Dallas, TX

This tomato plant is the variety Early Girl. I suspect this is gray leaf disease. Can anyone confirm?

Thumbnail by elixir75
Plantersville, TX(Zone 9a)

Looks fine to me.

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

Maybe a little wind/cold damage. It has been extremely windy lately and cold than normal in DFW.
Make sure you will take your container indoor from Wednesday to Friday.

As soon as you will see the first flower bud, remove all the leaves below it. So you will get read of those yellow ones.

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

Do any of your other plants have the discoloration on the leaves? Do you mean gray mold? It looks like spider mite damage to me. But the time, temp etc aren't really rite. If it were me I'd isolate it from the other plants, just as a precaution.

Dallas, TX

None of my other ones have discoloration, but I bought them at different times. They're all very recently transplanted though.

It looks similar to the gray leaf spot pics on this page:

However, I think drthor may be correct and it's likely the cold spell last weekend that caused it.

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

That is a great site, I just know of a couple diseases that start out looking similar to that. It may just be the crazy weather but I recommend keeping an eye on it and if it gets worse don't ignore it. Are they in the ground? I usually see a slight purplish discoloration before the disease spreads on the plant and to other plants. Keep us posted, please. Always so much to learn.

Delhi, LA

All of the first ten tomatoes I set out looked just like the one you are showing. They were just smaller than yours. I think it is the cold spring and we had to leave them in the cold frame to long. As the temperture warmed and they began to get their roots down and grow, I put just enough Miracle Grow in a bucket of water to turn it a very pale blue and poured about six ounces arount them. They have turned a beautiful dark geen now and have jumped to about a foot high.

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