Green mold in soil of radish seedlings

Kihei, HI

Hello, I'm growing radish in a container and I noticed that the soil is green and moldy. I researched and found that it's probably due to circulation and overwatering issues so how do I go about getting rid of the mold other than cut back in watering and spacing out my plants? Do I have to toss my seedlings even though they look good? Do I have to transplant them into different soil? Does the mold go away once I let them dry out in the sun? Thanks!

Tiskilwa, IL

No, don't toss your seedlings if they still look good! You could try cutting back on watering, putting the tray in the sun to dry out, etc, but that's a delicate dance with your seedlings' water needs, so I'd recommend something different. (I mean, maybe you should but back a little, but if you're depending on that to kill the mold you could be tempted to cut back too much.)

The main danger from mold that I'm aware of is "damping off". This is where all your seedlings suddenly keel over like they got broken off at the root and die, and there's a particular type of fungus that causes it, which is probably not what you have, since your seedlings look fine--BUT since you're aware that your conditions are getting a little fungus-friendly, prevention is in order.

What I do to prevent damping off is spray the seedlings with cold chamomile tea. Seriously! Chamomile is a natural antifungal. It's also gentle--there are commercial anti-fungal preparations but you do want to be careful what you use on seedlings since they're usually fragile, and chamomile is definitely harmless to them.

So if I were you I'd make up some chamomile tea, put it in a little spray bottle and spray it on. Good luck!

Kihei, HI

Great!!! I will try the chamomile tea! thanks so much!

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