Help needed from accross the pond

Durham, United Kingdom

Hi every one, I joined this forum a few weeks back and I have only just realised when I logged in today it's in the good old USA, so if you want to you can kick me off.

Any way The question I want to ask probably has more relevance to Americans than Brits as the US are usually ahead of us in tech stuff so I will go ahead and ask.

I am about to start a florist shop business and I have dropped very lucky to start with as Interflora have let me take over an area where a shop has just closed due to retirement, a big plus towards the lease and government taxes.

My question is this my dad god love him is building me a web site as he has time on his hands and I love him for it, but the thing is he is not a designer and though I am sure he is getting most stuff in the right place I really need advice on the layout and design etc. can you help please you can see the site here

Thanks hope you can help Scarlett.

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