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OVRG #198 Spring is here!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Sue, that is horrible about the goat taking Austin for a spin. They are notorious for their bad behavior. He wouldn't get ANY treats until he learned to behave. Yum, love peach jam. I went to an orchard today and was going to buy some peaches, but they were hard as rocks, and we are going to be away the first of the week, so I was afraid that I couldn't do anything with them before I left, and the wouldn't last till we get home. I am determined to get some, even just enough for some to eat fresh. I am wanting peach ice cream. Yum.

Karen, so it was love me, love my pets huh? Of course they had to be included in the deal. Cute critters. I had some teenage girls come here on Monday, with a little 6-8 week old puppy, telling me I could have first choice of the only male in the litter of puppies that Mr. B fathered. That would have been okay, but they wanted $150, and beside, Mr. B is neutered, so he can't be the father. When I told them that, their faces fell, cause they thought for sure that I would pay them for one of his puppies. Guess they were counting on that $150 for school clothes or supplies. It was cute, but we only have 9 dogs now!

Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

I came inside to cool off a bit before going back outside to weed.; I'm still fighting the battles but I think the war may be lost to the weeds. I suddenly was amused that this thread is about Spring. What I came inside from, is diffenitely ( excuse spelling I'm too hot to spell this am) Full time summer! The grandids are coming tomorrow for two weeks. I will be exhausted by the time they leave, but real happy. I can't wait for them to get here.They are from Texas, so it will feel like home outside to them. I passed out and was very sick last year from dehydration so I don't stay out very long at any one time. I set small goals from overviewing the garden from the dining room and decide what need attention the most and as soon as I'm done, I drink about a gallon of ice water and rest for awhile. I worry about all you friends and take a word of caution, Don't overdo it ! Love to you all. Lurker Lou

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Bonnie. How could they think it was Mr.B ? My friend had this happen to her and it is a scam. The lady accused my friend that her dog made her dog pregnant and she should pay for it. The lady wanted 500.00 ,MY friend told her to take a hike , she said she would sue her and my friend said " good luck with that " and slammed the door in her face. LOL
hot and hot today
still pretty busy with goats. got new collars and they behave better on the new ones. So lets hope for the best !
got 12 jars of black raspberry jelly
24 peach jam
next is corn , beans, salsa and ???

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

I can only see about 3/4 of the posts. Looks like they are working on it again, but it is worse rather than better. Talking about the print here, and the spacing.

Sue, I guess it was just because that Mr. B is a JRT, and the puppy looked just like a JRT. It was supposed to have bred a Pekinese, but there were no characteristics of that breed that I could see. It was a cute puppy, but with 9 dogs (DH has 8) we didn't need or want a puppy.

I haven't canned much so far. Some beans, pickled beets and some pickles. I am going to make some blackberry jelly, getting the berries out of the freezer so I have some extra space. DH's cousin brought us a gallon of tame black berries today. I think part of them will become a cobbler, and we will see about the rest.

Lou, good to see you. Hope that you are taking it easy out in this heat. I had a heat related episode several years ago, and I almost don't go out at all when it is this hot.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Whats up with the text here??????????
I cant see much of it??????? Is it me???

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

I got my berries out of the freezer yesterday. and wow. they were from 2008 ! LOL i threw them out and got fresh. i didn't think they would be any good ?
next is strawberry. i think... got some in freezer but have no idea on the date LOL
good to see you Lou. :) how are things .
welp need my second cup of java
have a good day to you all

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Sue, I deliberately bought non-self defrosting freezers so things don't freeze and thaw on cycles... thus good for several years. That's great for the things in the bottom of the chest freezer that I forget I have.

Making a list doesn't help because I forget to cross off what I take out, and forget to add new stuff I put in.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Sue, Thanks! Bad goat! Glad Austin is alright.
Your house sounds like the place to be. Peach and Strawberry jams! YUM!
Fair sounds fun. Hope you have a good time and good weather!

Bonnie, Never knew you had to buy the pick of the litter if your dog sired the litter. I thought you were given that for your dogs services. I have never been a dog breeder so what do I know.
Your good! I'm not sure I could keep up with 9 dogs. I have a hard time with 2 dogs and 2 fish tanks.

Lou, Hope you have a good time with the grand kids!

Going to see one of the niece's in a play today. Should be fun!
Have my house cleaned thanks to this heat.
Have a blessed day!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

With this new format, if you all will
type about 5 or 6 words to a line, I can
see that. Any more and it is hidden
by the margins.

I am getting put out by this,and
hope they get it fixed soon.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Bonnie, There should be a
blue bar at the bottom of
your screen. You can move
the screen over to view all
of it. Hope it helps!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Sue, no the horizontal scroll bar didn't help. Read on another thread that I needed to go to preferences at the top of the home page, then when you go to preferences, change the font size to 12, and then when you go to a forum, use the mouse wheel to enlarge the print so that you can see the print. You zoom by holding the ctrl key and rotating the mouse wheel. It worked and I can see the whole post.

Marcy, if you are able to see this, it should help your too little text and enable you to see the whole posting box.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Bonnie, It's funny, right after sending that I went to another thread and the same thing happened to me. I sent a message about it to the contact us link. Will try your faster fix. Thanks for the tip!

Waddy, KY

Been a while since I've posted. Need to find the time to go back and read what all of you have been doing. Been making around 70-90 batches of bread a week and trying to get some more garden in the ground. Time is rapidly running out for squash, beans and cucumbers. Picked blackberries on Tuesday and made a few gallons into jam. Will do more later when there's more time. I've got a bushel of peaches in the cooler to get processed and in the jars. The days aren't long enough and I don't have enough energy to get it all done. Got some beans planted tonight cause I thought it was going to rain. I guess it still might.

Second daughter was over on the rented farm checking cows tonight and smelled something dead. Followed her nose and found 11 head of the neighbors sheep piled up under a tree. Looks like lightening hit them. He's been at a livestock show and apparently didn't even know they were dead. DH, DS and DD took the backhoe and skid loader over there and buried them for him since the stench was becoming overwhelming. These were show sheep and that probably set him back around ten thousand dollars. It's not been too good this past two weeks for livestock along our little road. We had a cow get her back down the hill and bloat. Then there was a cow we think was rode down by the bull and she died too. Then Thursday we had a ewe lamb, which was blind, get in with the bull and he broke her leg and she had to be put down. Hopefully next week will be better.

Think I'm going to bed as it's a little late. Have a good weekend everyone.

Columbus, OH

Jeez, what a week. I'm so sorry.

Well, the new plumber found and fixed the leak that incompetent plumber #1 couldn't find, but charged us $150 more NOT to fix.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Celene you need redneck fixe's duct tape :)
. Hope you can get it fixed soon.
austin survived the goat dragging LOL
he is good as new.
rain here today. :( may go see
a movie.
hurt my back yesterday, fell down
our back porch stairs. 4th time i have
done that. sheesh. they get slipery
in rain and snow
grape jelly day today.
not moving very fast today either.
our fair is coming up
kids are excited

(Zone 5b)

Hello, trying to catch up on how you all have been! All posts have been cut in half, tried to fix it, nothing works yet! So Hello again until I get this fixed!

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

You can't fix it!
The "Tech Team"
is redoing the whole
site & not doing so
Type like I just did.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Janet, Hope this week has been easier on the livestock. Sorry to hear about all of the losses.

Celene, Glad you got your leak fixed. Sorry it took 2 plumbers. Plumber #1 would be going on the never call list.

Sue, Hope your back is feeling better! Our deck is slick when wet and I have busted my rear more than once.
Glad Austin has weathered his goat attack alright.

I took my son to Kings Island today. Was standing in line for rides wishing I had pruners to deadhead their flowers. Then I started wondering why you would put knock out roses next to were you kids will be standing in line. Is it me or does that seem silly?
Got to get some of the Red's game in tonight. Hope everyone gets to enjoy the weather next 2 days. Going to be beautiful.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Wow...sounds like everyone has been having probs...geesh!!!!
Well...refill on AC lasted only ONE day...and was gone! To the tune of 326.00 no less!!!
And guess we will have to have a new furnace and AC. Called..and they are on vacation this week...OF COURSE!! So come Monday..they will call me back...lucky it cooled off here.
Told Dave I would get his truck fixed for his BD still at the repair shop. Seems they cant find a part that's needed...and think it will be an expensive one at that. Wish I had kept my mouth shut about the BD present...LOL!!!!!
Lordy..what a summer this has been!!!!
Wonder If I can find a place to bury my head in the sand?????
On the other flowers are beautiful...smiles.
But my neighbors house just burned to the ground...sooo sad. Had 19...yesss....19 fire depts. here...a 4 alarm fire. Her whole life destroyed...I feel sooo bad for her...and she is a widow too.
Mmmmm...guess I am rambling..sorry for that....been one of those weeks!!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Gosh, Marcy, the trouble could be spread out some. Sorry for the neighbor. What will she do?

How is your son? Been thinking and praying for him.

I guess troubles find us everywhere. Had a neighbor die and attended the funeral on Thursday, she was only 57. My two neighbors who have cancer are not doing well. One started her third round of chemo on Wednesday, and the other goes to the Dr on Monday, and will probably need a blood transfusion on Tuesday. My Dr appointment is the middle of August and will probably schedule my surgery for cancer then.

The garden is going gang busters, DH is giving away bushels of beans and squash and cucumbers. I have much canned and only need to make some roasted tomato sauce yet, to fill my cupboards for the winter.

Had another Amish family move into the community today. I am being cautious and slow to meet them. I have gotten roped into driving the other Amish family to the grocery and other errands as needed. I don't want to become a Yoder toter to this other family.

Worried about Pat. Anybody heard from her?

We had a short vacation last week, and as always, seemed like everything needed doing right away when we got home.

Waddy, KY

Well, Bonnie, I'll have to say that it does irritate me that I go through all the channels to get permits and inspections to sell my baked goods and try to follow the rules and regulations for baking in my kitchen and many of the Amish openly ignore the regulations, bake whatever they wish and sell wherever they want. If the health department shuts them down, they go somewhere else and carry on. The undercut other's prices and folks fall all over themselves to buy something the "Amish" made. Oh well, enough of that.

Got some squash pickles I need to get in the jars tomorrow and some peaches to scald and peel. Hopefully will get them into jam. Got a ton of jam I need to make. This summer is flying by. The vegetables that I planted last week are up and growing. So are the weeds. I never did get any winter squash planted because it was either too wet to work ground or I didn't have room at the time.

MIL is going to put new flooring down in her kitchen here in the next month or so. We're going to have to move a big chest freezer out of the kitchen. It hasn't been moved since 1963 and you can bet we're not looking forward to that.

Not much else going on here. Just work.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Mmmmm...sorry for complaining...I know EVERYONE has problems.
Praying for everyone with cancer...such a terrible disease.
My son: seems to be one of the lucky ones! He had his full body scan last week...and it showed nothing in any organ..yayyy! So for is just in the blood...and the very beginning stages. The oncologist said...since he has all the "good markers" in his blood...he could go for years without treatment! a very slow growing type she that is WONDERFUL news! They will keep check on him every 3 months...and for now..that is it!!!
Thank you ALL for the concern and prayers..much appreciated!!
Talked with my neighbor yesterday. She is going to rebuild...maybe a modular. For now is staying with her daughter. She is a strong lady...and will overcome this. I gave her a BIG hug and cried with her...and she said she would come over to talk soon.
She is my age...and she runs the pre-school in town at the Methodist that will soon keep her occupied.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Marcy, the older folks like us seem to be able to just pick up and go on, where the younger ones seem that they are so overcome that they can't seem to get things together to rebuild. Just an observation from the peanut gallery. Yahoo for your son. So glad that it is treatable and that they are keeping an eye on it and will be on top of it when (if) the time comes for them to do so. Prayer is a wonderful thing.

Janet, I am not advocating buying from the Amish. I do know that they circumvent rules that we have to follow. One of the Amish girls who moved into the community had been baking and going to Pleasureville every Saturday and selling the goods on the street in front of the bank. Well, two weeks ago the Shelby County Health Department came and told her that she would not be able to sell on the street anymore. They said she could sell from a building, but of course it had to have a commercial kitchen, be inspected, etc. Don't know what she plans to do, but at least it is not happening now. Don't know why Shelby County was involved, as she was selling in Henry county, but they did tell her that they had had a complaint and they had to follow it up.

I knew that you were probably up to your arm pits in veggies of some kind. Did you know that "our" lunch place closed. If we go to lunch anytime soon (first rainy day) we will have to find us another spot. Any progress made on your house? I bought the laminate to go in my family room and down the hallway, if I can ever get the man here to lay it for me. I have done a little canning, but thankfully, I didn't need to can much. Will be making roasted tomato sauce, freezing corn and picking and freezing lima beans sometime this week and the first of the following week. That should keep me busy for a little while.

Waving to all I didn't address. I think of you all on a weekly basis, or sometimes on a daily basis, but by the time I get around to posting, my brain has lost the train of thought that brought you to my mind to begin with! Getting old is not fun, and certainly not for sissies.

Columbus, OH

Hope you all are doing well, I'm mired in cleaning up plumbing mess :)

My braces are gone now, just wearing them at night till the retainer arrives. I had popcorn, caramel, and I bit off pieces of a burrito this weekend. It's the small things...

Now if I can get a chest freezer on Craigslist? lol

Waddy, KY

I wondered how long it would take for them to have the HD on them. Several years ago I was told by a market vendor that the HD down there spends a lot of time just chasing them from house to house shutting their bakery kitchens down. They shut one down, they just move to another member's house and start up again. Take my money, follow my rules. And no, I wasn't the one that reported them. LOL!

Marcy, that sounds like the best scenario for bad news possible. Will they take bone marrow from him while his is still good and store it just in case it's needed in the future? I'm just so glad they're on in and will follow him closely.

Better get moving. Haven't got much baking done this morning and need to be getting productive around here.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

LOL Janet, I never imagined that it was you who reported them! DH talked to them last night, and from initial responses, looks like they will try to comply by starting with an addition to their house which will house a commercial kitchen. That should take the rest of the summer, and by then the weather will be too cold for her to stand on the street to sell baked goods the rest of this year. Which the health department said was a no no. There are several vacant store fronts in the town, so she may make arrangements to sell from one of them.

Need to get moving myself. Making roasted tomato sauce today, but got delayed by a neighbor bringing dog food and assorted supplies, as they had to put their black lab down. She had a heat stroke one of those really hot days, and her kidneys shut down. Only 8 years old, and the vet tried for two days to get her kidneys active, but was unsuccessful. Had to do some hand holding (and I hope that she is there for me when something happens to Mr. B). She and her husband are devastated.

Hi ho, and all of that little people crap!

Columbus, OH

Dogs don't do well with kidney disease, it's so sad. We see so many burned feet from hot asphalt and heat strokes this time of year.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

just a quick check in
sorry to hear of so many with illnesses. sending them prayers .
Marcy yikes on the Ac . hope it gets fixed soon. thank goodness it cooled down and not heated up
Bonnie you have many amish at your area ? we have tons ! but on the other side of our county. I agree just because its amish doesn't mean its good. IMHO. i have had some of there baked good.s nothing to brag about IMHO.
Janet how are things at the farmers market ? is it a good year for your sales ?
well i have 19 entries for fair this year. That doesn't include kids animal projects lOL tomorrow is baking day practice run.
tomato's are in the canner. so taking a break myself.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Years ago I went to an open house in Storm Lake, IA for greenhouse supplies.
Some Amish had some bedroom furniture on display for sale. I asked the man where it was from. He said Pennsylvania. I said it must have taken a while by horse & wagon. Didn't take it very well.

All you Ohio/Kentucky people have a good day!

Waddy, KY

How in bloody blazes can weeds grow so darned fast? I've got late season cukes, squash, beets and beans planted and if I don't get out there with the tiller tomorrow before the rain moves in I'll loose them all because it's a light green carpet already out there. I thinned the beets and Kate hoed around the other stuff today.

Sue, this weekend 3 of the 5 markets were really, really good, one average and one below average. We got six lambs back from the butcher and I think we probably sold two of them over the weekend. We've got six more to go and we'll be out of lamb. The garden stuff is pretty pitiful this year. There aren't many peppers or tomatoes on the tables for this time of year but there appears to be quite a few green beans. The deer ate my blackberries so I bought some for jam and I think I'll go pick one more time to get some for cakes. Are you doing a market this year? I used to send a lot of daylilies to the fair and the kids did their 4-H projects but anymore, I don't even go. It's dwindled down to practically nothing but the midway and the horse show.

Bonnie, that's too bad on the eatery. I didn't think the food was bad. There wasn't much of a crowd there either of the times I ate there so I guess everyone just goes to Cracker Barrel, which is not my cup of tea. When it slows down some we need to do lunch though.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

well our fair begins friday but our work started today. set up goat pens ect...
tomorrow we bring goats to the fair grounds ,
friday fair begins !
i won't do some of the entries i signed up for. i just can't get my pie crust right ??? i used to make a pretty decent pie crust but it has been 10 yrs since i have made a pie crust. :( so it may just not happen .
brownies are good
corn bread is good
i jsut need to bake a chocolate cake and another batch of brownies and corn bread to take to fair on sat.
Janet no i m not doing market. just had to many other things going on.
take care everyone

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Sue good luck with your entries and hope the kids do well with the goats. It is so much fun for them, I am sure.

Don't worry about the pie crust, I haven't ever made a decent one, and I am 60 plus years! My DM could make one at the drop of a hat, and it was always flaky and sooooo good. Sorry I didn't follow in her footsteps on that.

Janet, I read that there will be a Mexican Restaurant opening there in the spot where Southern Table was. It is supposed to be authentic home cooked Mexican food. When it opens, we will surely have to try that, or do you like Mexican food?

We got a few sprinkles of rain late this afternoon. Would not have wet you had you stayed out in it.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

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