Talisman Rose?

Warrenton, VA


My mother, in the '40s, carried Talisman Roses in her wedding bouquet. I would like, at this point in my life, to honor her with growing this lovely rose. Apparently, it is VERY rare!
I am on a wait list for a 2014 Talisman own-root rose, which is fine, but I am wanting to know if anyone has grown this rose and what am I in for?

Long Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

Sorry no one has answered your questions as yet.
That's interesting that your mom had it in her bouquet. My mom did, too...same era, 1940's. That's how I came to know about that rose. It was a popular "florist rose" at the time.

There is a "bush" Talisman AND and a "climbing" Talisman...same blooms, just different growth habits.
It was also a popular garden rose for many years. Growing up we had a climbing one which did "OK" but wasn't anything spectacular. We lived near the ocean in So. Cal. and it's one of many roses that doesn't like the damp air, so it was always plagued with rust, mildew, etc.
One of my sisters has one that does really well. She lives way inland away from the fog, dampness etc.

I've seen it listed on online nursery sites.
Try looking on www.helpmefind.com They're a good source.

I think Talisman is one of those older roses that faded into obscurity as growers developed newer ones that resembled it in color and size and had bigger blooms, better disease resistance, etc.

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Northern California, United States(Zone 9a)

Rogue Valley Roses has a climbing one available https://www.roguevalleyroses.com/rose/talisman-cl
or you can go on their waiting list for the regular one.

Warrenton, VA

Oh, THANK YOU Calif_Sue and JasperDale! What a memory and tribute to my mother! Now, if only I can GROW the lovely rose...I am asking about requirements. There is concern about disease resistance...you may well be right about its finickyness, JasperDale...so, we'll see.
My little cinderblock cottage looks forward to seeing this rose!

Long Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

Don't be discouraged by it's tendency to be affected by disease. The one my sister has grows just fine and she is NOT a gardener by any stretch of the imigination. She just happens to live where there's very little fog, damp air, etc. and just happened to plant it in a good spot in her yard.

ANY rose can and will develop disease if the conditions are right, regardless of how "disease resistant" it's purported to be.

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