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Aurora, IL

This will be my first year using a strawbale garden. Years ago, I went to the effort to create a lovely square foot garden, and I lost almost everything to squash bugs. It wasn't a total failure--the square foot garden was the feature that sold our house the following spring. :D

Anyway, will squash bugs hide in the straw?

Wake Forest, NC

Yes they will.

Glenville, PA(Zone 6a)

Place a radish seed and tobacco residue with the squash seed when you plant. Plant nasturtium with your squash.

Aurora, IL

Ooh! I have planned to companion plant radishes and nasturtiums with the squashes. I didn't realize they might help with squash bugs.

I wish I had some of the killer chickens someone mentioned, but living in the city limits, it's not allowed. I guess I'll need to study up on the signs so I can keep on top of them before they do damage.

Monte Vista, CO(Zone 4a)

lenswyf, you could put a birdbath and feeder nearby. Might serve the same purpose as the chickens. Unless you're growing berries, lol.

No Central, AZ(Zone 7b)

I was wanting to set up bird feeder myself, but in CA I had it on the other side of the house from where fruits and veggies grew so as to direct them AWAY. Those birds do love fruit, and seems they would not 'only' eat bugs.

Aurora, IL

I'm not planning any fruit except tomatoes. Do you think they'd leave the veges alone?

Mesa, AZ(Zone 9b)

Birds love tomatoes, especially when they start ripening, they will eat a hole in them and eat the seeds out. Hang some old cd's or some bird repell tape around to help keep them away from your tomatoes.


No Central, AZ(Zone 7b)

Great info gemfire. I have not had a problem before with tomatoes, but will consider that for next year. My main bird problem was my peaches. I was INVADED this year by squash beetles that killed squash and melon plants. Not sure if the fruit that had started to grow from those plants were attacked by those beetles also or if the birds came in to eat the beetles, then ate at the fruit. I plan on keeping my fruit trees semi dwarfed and want to try to cover the whole edible garden covered in netting against birds.

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