Tall seedling question

Richland, WA(Zone 7b)

I need some help from the MG experts, please. I have sprouted some Heavenly Blue & Blue Tie Dye MG seeds inside. Because our temps keep going down close to freezing they have been inside & out many times. I put them out in the sun every day that it is warm enougn, then they sleep in the house at night. They seem to be quite sturdy but have long "legs"-2-3" stems. My question is that when I put them in the ground can they be planted up to the first leaves or will the stem rot? We have pretty constant winds here and I don't want them to get broken by the wind. Thanks in advance for any help- Jo in WA

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Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Jo, dont plant them that deep. I think they will rot. Since its a vine, you can wrap the over long stems around and around the base of your support, won't hurt a thing. Who cares how long the base of the vine is since your growing it for the lovely flowers and actually no one is going to know the stem got leggy after you wrap it several times. I do it all the time.
Just now saw your post by the way and welcome to the MG forum.

Richland, WA(Zone 7b)

Thanks, patootie- I will take your advice- Are they very sensitive to cold? Our temps are staying about 36-38 or 40 at night- 60s daytime.

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Jo, if its getting that cold at night, they won't like it, preferring warm temps. I think we've had other MG enthusiasts growing in the Northwest who have problems growing in that cooler climate.. You could always grow a few in your
home where the temps would be more to their liking. If it warms up there to near 70's, they might grow and bloom just fine on the outside. I would keep carrying them in at night as long as the night time temps stay that cold.
Hold off planting in the ground, they don't like cold soil temps either, :-)

Norfolk, VA

You can plant them deeper to encourage a stronger root system; if the soil is to soggy and cold, there is a chance for rot.

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