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Good Bug or bad bug on my green beans

Kihei, HI

Is this a good or a bad bug? Also, I noticed the leaves were a little eaten. What could it be from and what should I do? thanks

Thumbnail by TValdez Thumbnail by TValdez
Plantersville, TX(Zone 9a)

It depends on what the bug is doing. If its eating your plant, I would call it a bad bug, & get rid of it.

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Looks like some cricket has been munching on the edges. I had similar damage and located this HUGE brown and yellow creature.

The brown spots look like sun scald....

And, those little flies are monsters. Blast them with the hose, regularly, or use sticky yellow traps to catch them.

You can make your own traps from yellow cardboard squares smeared with a nice, thick layer of petroleum jelly.


Kihei, HI

thanks so much! Yes, I did see a cricket but I thought they were good and would eat the bad bugs, not eat my plant. And I have noticed more and more flies that look silvery...I'm gonna go and buy a fly trap! Thanks for the info!!!!

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Crickets and most of their relatives (grasshoppers) are plant eaters. If they like the plant... and the plant grows slowly, or there are a lot of crickets/grasshoppers, they can strip it down to a skeleton.

You can trap such bugs like this:

Put some loosely rolled newspaper near the plants in the late afternoon, leave them overnight. Each morning, collect the rolls.
Many bugs like to hide during the day, and come out at night to eat. By collecting the rolls during the day you are removing the bugs that have entered them to hide through the day.
You can shake out the bugs where they will not do damage, and reset the rolls until they fall apart, or you can throw the rolls with the bugs inside in the garbage. Then set up some new rolls.

Idea: If you have a wild area of your garden you might want to turn the bugs loose there.
Then predators can feast, and increase in population. Then the predators may move into the vegetable garden and give you a hand with pest control.

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