Store bought cherry tomato plant - fruit has bad smell/taste

Wedgefield, FL

About a month ago we bought a cherry tomato plant from the store that already had tons of green tomatoes on it. We planted it in our garden in Miracle Grow flower/vegetable soil and eagerly waited for the first tomatoes to ripen. Two weeks ago we picked the first ripe tomatoes to find that not only did they have an awful chemical-y smell, but they tasted just as bad, bland and chemical-y. Is it possible that the nursery the plant came from was using fertilizers/pesticides on the plant after it started to fruit that caused this awful smell and taste? Even a month later without using any pesticides or fertilizers the ripening tomatoes are still smelling and tasting bad. The one I picked this morning doesn't seem to smell quite as bad as the first ones we picked, but I'm not going to try tasting it! I'm afraid we might have to just pull out the plant and toss it!

Enterprise, AL(Zone 8b)

I would take some of the tomatoes back to the store I bought the plant at, explain to the management and ask if they had had any other complaints.

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

Did the tomato plant have a label? If so, does it say what the name of this particular variety is?

The taste of tomatoes is subjective. There are some tomatoes that I find have an awful taste, that others think are wonderful.

And then there are people, like my husband, who will eat anything you put in front of them! LOL

Wedgefield, FL

The tomatoes seem to be tasting better now, although I can't say I'm impressed with this variety. Unfortunately the plant didn't come with a label, so I don't know what kind they are. The tomatoes didn't just taste bad, they tasted horrific!! I've had good tomatoes and bad tomatoes, but I never had a tomato I had to spit out! To be sure I won't be buying from that vendor again if the supplier is, as I suspect, using excessive amounts of pesticides!!

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