dead iris

Coopersburg, PA

How can I wake up my dead bare root iris that came from Bulbs

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Maybe try soak them overnight, then recheck them, are there any tiny shoots on them at all, there are different type of iris, bulbs, tubers are the most common,

I would still plant them in a pot, just cover the bulb a few inches of soil or if a tuber place the roots into the soil and have the tuber JUST under the top of the soil as the tuberous type like to have their tuber parts baked by the sun to achieve flowers.
Enrich the soil no mater what type you have and add some humus to the soil too.
Good luck. WeeNel.

Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

Do you have any other irises, and if so, have they sprouted yet? What type of iris are the ones that do not want to sprout? It may just take time. Luciee {;^)

Coopersburg, PA

My irises that were planted from previous years are all growing like crazy, but the dried ones show no sign of life. The customer service person at Bulbs Direct advises me to have patience. Will keep watching and waiting. I did soak them, as advised on the package directions. Thanks for advice and comments.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

So Sorry about your problems with your newly purchased Iris, it really is so disappointing when you've ordered some plants and after awaiting their delivery, you begin to picture the garden once those plants have grown, bloomed and set on there way to give a show for years.
Unfortunately the reality is often very different from some plant companies, I swear they depend on us all not bothering to complain as gardeners are so busy however, I think you should only wait another few weeks before demanding a full refund IF there are no green shoots.

You sound like you are experienced with Iris, I suggest you either email, phone or write this company, inform them you have grown Iris before and in-fact still are growing them and the plants received are way below the standard you would expect and the condition was such that the roots were never going to produce new plants even though you have tried to give them the best chance and earlier reported problems to the company.

What the heck Susan, you are never likely to actually see these company representatives and any good plant company must know that all things considered, NOT ALL plants that are shipped around the country are viable by the time they reach their destination.
There are a lot of companies who wont even argue and refund right way but these are companies that understand their produce, being Live plants, all be it while in dormant state, will never produce 100 % guaranteed, climate, packaging, postage transport times ect have to be taken into consideration and your postal address should tell the company they will have a good result or dont ship to your state at the time of year they did, after all they are presumed to be the experts and you are NOT.
I would give up waiting and get back to them sooner rather than later, I feel so sad for you but have been there and got the t shirt years ago therefore have not done post plantings but go to nursery where they will order my list IF they dont have them in stock.

Good luck Susan, hope all is not lost.

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