ID please : small grass hoppers in my eggplants

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

This year I keep finding these little bugs that look like small grass hoppers.
They are brown and only 1/4" big.
I think they are making little holes in my eggplant leaves.
I have never seen them before.
Could anybody identify them, please?

Thumbnail by drthor Thumbnail by drthor
Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

They look like young grasshoppers to me, other than that I don't know.

La Grange, TX(Zone 8b)

It's a grasshopper in the nymph stage. There are a number of grasshopper species in Texas, but I can't ID them until they reach the adult stage. If you have more than one nymph, now is the time to try to control them. Grasshoppers are difficult to control/get rid of once they reach the adult stage and acquire wings.
A better control method not listed by A&M above is a pesticide bait made specifically for grasshoppers.
You can usually some at your local nursery.

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

bettydee thanks so much. Your was the answer I was looking for.

Central, TX(Zone 8b)

Grasshoppers are a plague in my country garden; I've been fighting them for years! Nolo hasn't worked for me cause adults fly in from surrounding ranch land in such numbers that I'd go broke using Nolo. Birds and chickens can't keep up with them. With these cool mornings the little hoppers aren't that active - vacuum them up with a handheld Dust Buster or hit them with a Spinosad spray (it will affect any insect hit so don't use the fire hose approach)...Good Luck. What we need is a break in the drought and a cool wet spring to bring on the natural diseases that infect and kill grasshoppers.

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