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Beech (bare root)

Virginia Beach, VA

I have 4 bare root Beech seedlings that I got about 6 weeks ago I soaked them in KLM and potted them up. I kept them inside for the first 4 weeks ( we had a cool spring) and outside for 2 weeks. But the brown buds have yet to break and some of them feel hollow inside. is this norm or have I lost ALL of them? I have worked with many seedlings but never Beech.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

What size were the seedlings, and how did you plant them, Beech is one of the easiest of all tree's to grow, I once grew a hedge by taking off twigs about foot long and just pushing them into the ground in a line about foot apart, low behold we had a hedge 2 years later and when I return to that city, the hedge is still as good as ever, kept to about 6-8 feet high.

If you can give a bit more info as to soil, pot size if any and where the seedlings came from would help to give some until then, keep the seedlings watered when needed, sheltered from bad weather and don't let any wind dry the tiny plants as when tender leaves get too much wind blowing it can burn the tips and buds.
Good luck. WeeNel.

Virginia Beach, VA

I got them by mail order and they were potted up in turface mvp and garden soil about 60/40 and I watered as needed. They are only about 9-12 in high and 1/8 in thick................... If you could answer this for me I can tell if its a loss. I have 3 maple that have leafed out do they leaf about the same time as maple?


Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Beeches around here leaf out later.

The buds should not feel hollow.

Scrape a VERY shallow scrape on the stem and see if it is green under the bark. Well, that small it is not really bark, more like skin. So you are scraping just enough to see under the skin.

A dead plant (or dead twig) will be pale tan, and will look dry. A live plant may be green or white, and may look a tiny bit wet. Not soggy, probably will not ooze water, just look a bit wet.

Virginia Beach, VA

I'm not new to gardening,but never worked with Beech seedlings befor. I do know about checking for moister under skin and they are still not brittle. Thanks for the tip on the bud casings as some feel hollow but NOT ALL. So there still may be hope. You think if I put them under the bench for a bit (a lot more shaded and wind protection) and mist a few times a day it will help? Now I'll just watch and see : )

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I think your right Edd, give a little TLC, these as you know are just babies and have been lifted out from the soil, transported to you and now need time to just settle and recover, some small plants recover faster than others but once the Beech gets going, It will grow for you I feel sure.
Good luck. WeeNel.

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