Spider in Saint Peters, MO in house, can you identify?

Lake Saint Louis, MO

This guy was up hanging out in the corner of my ceiling last night, being in Missouri the first worry is probably obvious. We have tons of homes infested with Brown Recluses around here. Although I am not jumping to conclusions considering they aren't usually out in the open. We have a ton of wolf spiders around also, but this one just struck me as different. Could someone help ID it for me?

Thank you!

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Minot, ND

This appears to be Heteropoda venatoria, a huntsman/giant crab spider in the family Sparassidae - see http://www.loupiote.com/photos/19402409.shtml for an image. This species is widely distributed in the southern US, but as Missouri seems a bit north of its usual range, it may have hitchhiked there in produce or some other means of transport.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

I was thinking the same thing but had no idea Huntsman existed in Missouri. On all the university sites in my state listing spiders "found in and around homes" this one never comes up. My wife keeps saying because of its abdomen shaped like a diamond that its a wolf spider, but I really didn't think that family of spiders usually climbed way up on walls. We saw some very similar in our basement before winter, although wolf spiders actually could have been down there. Thank you for the response!

EDIT: After posting the same picture on a few other ID sites (including Reddit) I have been told it is a running crab spider, family Philodromidae, probably genus Philodromus. I compared several pictures and feel they are correct. The abdomen and leg structure match up perfectly as well as the markings. What do you guys think?

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