CLOSED: Four-winged gnat, see text for description

Evansville, IN

Tiny head. Legs each longer than body. Wings over twice as long as body.
Color: Black body. Legs yellow with black tarsi and third femur.
Antennae yellow, facing forward. Same length as legs.
Wings folded similar to a cicada. Hindwings half the length of forewings.
Wings entirely membranous with venation.
Head to tail twice the length of width.
Three pronounced black cerci about as long as femorae.
No mouthparts visible at 9x magnification.
Body: < 1 mm. Forwing: 2 mm. Total length including antennae: 3 mm.

Photo not available, specimen still here. I'm having troubles getting a good shot of it so I sketched the forewing.

Thumbnail by schnautzr
Minot, ND

Did it look anything at all like the insect on the left in this image? -

Evansville, IN

You are amazing, thanks! I have been trying to place it in a family now for three evenings without the aid of higher magnification and have been unsuccessful. Glad to finally see something that's at least the same shape and has the same venation!

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