Evergreen Vines/scrubs for heat zone 11, hardiness zone 9b

la belle, FL(Zone 9b)

Finally we have a garden! We are looking for evergreen vines, flowers, scrubs for FULL SUN in heat zone 11, hardiness zone 9b.

I checked online (see my trade list for vines) but I would appreciate any response about your experience with plants for these zones.

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

The only vine I have that stays green all year is the Jasmine.
My Passion Flower in the back yard (more protected) usually has leaves all winter but does lose some. The one in front drops it's leaves. Of course when the catepillers come thru the leaves are gone in a matter of days but that is followed by a new "crop" of butterflies and then new leaves.

Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

I hate to suggest the obvious, but you just can beat it.


Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

GG I just love to look at bouganvilla but I don't have any cause of the 1" thorns. Used to have 2 hanging basket ones until I walked into one face first. Maybe heidi could put some out where you don't have to weed around them much.

I have Carolina jasmine and thats green all year also and really takes any cold. Mine is in full sun.

heidi check with your local extansion office and see what they suggest.


Orlando, FL(Zone 9b)

is it me or do the typical hot pink bougainvilleas get hard to look at in the sun. they hurt my eyes sometimes, and make it seem hotter than it is!

i was admiring the planting of beach sunflowers at a McDonald's the other day. they should be used more, they are so hardy to heat, drought, sun, etc

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

My bougainvillea drop their leaves in winter. And yes, they are indeed "fun" to prune. I have a pr of heavy leather gloves for the occasion.

la belle, FL(Zone 9b)

Thanks for all the responses!
I would put bougainvilleas only in a spot where nobody walks by...ever! (I had my experience with them...) But they are great to protect your property line - works better than any fence :-)
Thanks for reminding me of the caterpillars!

Bonnie, Thanks for the local extansion office - I'll check it out!

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