CLOSED: Grow big beautiful tomatoes using the Tomato Crater!

Bemidji, MN(Zone 3a)

Helps warm the soil and radiate heat to the plant.
Helps control weeds. (Eliminates weeds next to the plant)
Helps control cutworms and other damaging ground insects.
Can be used with round or square wire support cages.
Durable, mold-injected plastic, for use year after year.
Works great for peppers and eggplants too !

This unique, patented, heavy-duty product helps you grow healthy tomatoes
by retaining moisture, directing fertilizer to roots, and helping control
encroaching weeds. Sold in packs of three.The Tomato Crater is the key to
beautiful delicious tomatoes of any variety!

For more information or to purchase, please visit our website at

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