Plants blooming today

Winter Springs, FL(Zone 9b)

Hey thanks Erin, the orchids sound interesting...thought you might have some really nice nurseries in Deland.

My goodness locoluna, I must put that "Pink perfection" on my want list...just beautiful...I was right, it really stands out.

DeLand, FL(Zone 9b)

Hello Sherri,

The 'Debary Nursery' is the best in our area. It's right South of DeLand and Orange City. The lady who owns it sells interesting quality plants and has a nice variety. It's right off the I-4 if you hit the right exit, and your GPS will take you there.

You are welcome to stop by here and visit anytime. D-mail me for more information should that be the case. It will be nice to meet you and I always have a plant to share with a DG friend who passes through should the occasion present itself...

Erin was so right with mentioning the the 'Power Plant' and worth researching. They have great things.

Have a fun visit and safe travels,


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Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

All such pretty flowers.
My pineapple sage as taken off as well. The butterflies and hummers so love it, so Im happy to have it.

DeLand, FL(Zone 9b)

Research the benefits of eating Dollarweed (Pennywort) GG. Sue's husband Lew has convinced me. They are tasty greens for those daring to believe with health benefits. It is worth researching. Supplements are sold in health food stores. They have a lemony flavor...

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Lew eats Dollar Weed??? I need to take him a bushelul full!!!!! I have some that have got to be 4" across.

DeLand, FL(Zone 9b)

Yes! They don't need any....Ha!

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

Jean, I'll see your bushel and add two!!!! LOL!!! Since all of this rain! And my knee surgery….I wish I had a penny for every dollar that's popping up in my front bed! LOL!!! I'm really hoping that some cooler temps this weekend, and, my new "tractor scoot" will get me out there to pull a lot of this up! I'd love to be able to find a good use for this stuff!

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

I'm taking today "off" from yard work & concentrating on the Orchids I've been neglecting. So many need to be re-potted.

Supposed to be much cooler this weekend so will head back outdoors then.

Winter Springs, FL(Zone 9b)

Hey Q, I saw that last night on the news also, looks like we are going to have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

DeLand, FL(Zone 9b)

Sherri, I was out and about today and took some pictures of the nurseries I mentioned. There was actually one right down from one I mentioned, but didn't know the name of. That one is Plants 4 U. They advertise moringa and honey on their marquee out front. I also stopped and took a picture of the banner on the side of the road I mentioned across the street from the Nordman's Nursery (which I also photographed). I think it's the same people, but can't be 100% sure as I haven't looked into it.

David, I also included a photo I took of the cacti I shared with you. It's almost ready to bloom. You might be able to make out the orange of the buds near the top middle of the plant. It's huge!


P.S. I just realized from looking back at the date of your planned visit that you've been here and gone! That's classic for me! I'm always behind. Hope you enjoyed some good nurseries. :)

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Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

What a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! The weather has been perfect.

I was out doing a little pruning and found this little frog hanging out in my bird of paradise. Also found my first heliconia bloom.

My Purple Tiger rose.

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Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

That is a cuban tree frog and needs to go straight in the freezer. Love the rose.

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

I thought the "bad" tree frogs were the white ones.

How can you tell a "Cuban" from the regular frogs?

Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

Check out the three little links in this article. It is the feet in the one above that give it right away.

DeLand, FL(Zone 9b)

Other gardening folk ask me frequently what pesticides I use to keep away the bugs on my veggie and ornamentals.

My answer is always (because its the only one I have), it seems like the more, lizards, frogs, black snakes, Ladybugs,and such one has in their gardens helps. I do not think this answer is a good one for many, yet is my answer.

It seems the more varieties of plants we provide, and the more we create as tropical of an environment as possible for these critters in our environments, there is enough space for all to be happy and develop. We cannot live without them.

I would rather lots of healthy plants from veggies to ornamentals then a beautiful lawn. A maintained jungle garden has its benefits for me. Most destructive bugs will travel quickly to smaller tastier garden beds if that is all that is around in any area that is predominately grass and shrubs on the whole.
Love the frog pic Shauna!

As I have told you in the past Erin,...Cut the engine off the next time you visit and don't be in such a hurry. I love to share cuttings and plants. I'm surprised I haven't heard from you since the last time you stopped by, since you are so close...

Do you have any of the Pink Brugmansias at all? They were right there by your car that day that you were so busy and stopped by to drop off the cactus. I think we both have plants to swap!

Thank you for sending the picture of that cactus you shared that day, and now I know what to expect and It will be controlled! It is appreciated, love it, and thank you again.


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Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

The frogs are great. I make houses for the toads. That is why the cuban tree frogs are so invasive. They eat all the good frogs, snakes, etc.

DeLand, FL(Zone 9b)

I'm sorry to hear you have empty toad houses GG.

I guess the Cuban's haven't made it down this far yet, and will research the subject more. Thank you for sharing...

Winter Springs, FL(Zone 9b)

Hi Erin, thank you for taking the time to photograph the nurseries. And yes, I did have my visit already and found DeLand to be quite an enchanting little town, so I'm sure I'll visit again one day soon.

Shauna the Tiger rose is very nice, I'm guessing that is the same one as your Avatar photo.

This is my pest control....

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Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

Actually the Cuban Tree frogs started in the south and are working their way up. They can't handle freezes, so won't go too much higher than north Florida /South GA. They have obliterated the frog populations in Florida. No matter what I do, I can't eliminated them. All it takes is one rain, and if there's a large tropical leaf filled with water, there will be eggs in in by morning. It only takes a day for the eggs to hatch into tadpoles. They are in masses along the gutter lines, under the edges of the soffits, etc. Ugh...

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

We've had the cuban anoles here for years, but I've yet to see a cuban tree frog…I'll be keeping an eye out for them. Didn't get much for freezes last year…Don't think that we had more than one or two…And they weren't hard freezes as in years past! Can only pray for some this coming winter!

edit for punctuation…drives me nuts!!!!!

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Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

I killed a CTF just the other day and it was mottled brown. Some are sand colored. The round toe pads identifies them. Also, their sound is definitely different.
Shauna, hope you get rid of it.


Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

Bonnie, You're correct about their coloring! They go from pale green/ sandy brown splotches. Many get confused when trying to decide if it's a CTF or a gray tree frog, or some of the other close similars. The big toe pads give it away. They also say you can rub it's forehead to see if it's fused to the bone., I'm not going to do that.

DeLand, FL(Zone 9b)

We've had Cuban tree frogs at our house. Don't see the little green ones with those big ones around. I haven't seen any in a while, I think because of the freezes. Not sure though.

David, I've wanted to drop by. I always have my kids. So, I'm not really able to stop and visit with them. They aren't really well behaved enough for me to enjoy bringing them either. :(


Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

This is getting hard to load, if someone has a pretty picture, maybe they would continue this with a new thread??? I cant get my pictures to load at all. Very irritating.

Winter Springs, FL(Zone 9b)

Okay, I've not started a new thread before, so hopefully I do this correctly for Bonnie's, "Plants blooming today" thread.

New thread:

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