bougainvillea problems

Flagler Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

I bought this bougainvillea from a local nursery, put it in the ground, this was a beautiful red, and now, it's like a rust color! What happened to it? Is it something I did ? I sprinkled a little MG in the hole prior to planting it, not enough to burn the roots, it seemed like I was loosing flowers, but today I went out to add more mulch, and was surprised to see that it was very yucky looking. I also have another one, I bought this one a year ago, it seems to be happy where it is, but here again, the flowers were a bright pink, beautiful, and all of a sudden it to is changing color to a red. I"m posting 3 picture's, The first is the one I just bought that has the rust color, and the 2nd and 3rd picture's are of the one I bought last year, showing the natural color that's left on a few limbs, and the color it's changing to. I've always bought these plants, I love them, I just moved to a new home and brought the one from a year ago with me, the first picture is one I just bought a few weeks ago.
Can anyone tell me what might be going on. I do use a bloom booster on them occasionally, this year I treated them once so far, around 3 weeks ago, could this be the problem?
Thanks in advance for any input!!!
BTW, I have a beautiful one in the back yard, and it hasn't changed color, purchased after the one in the front that looks rust colored. It's a really pretty pink, and no, I don't have a picture of it! Jami

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Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

To be honest, these plants normally thrive on neglect, you find them growing wild in every country that has the right warm climate they seem to need, out in the wild's there is no one giving them plant food at there roots or bloom booster stuff, so maybe the first problem is what we call, killing with kindness, MOST plants need good light and water, then you look at drainage, soil type ect so maybe look at these things.

We have to grow these plants as indoor flowering climbers or in greenhouse borders and this works the same way as how you grow them, Soil needs to have good drainage, but you need to water often in the growing season, (some of your plants have new growth so they are growing)
Again in the growing season give a liquid feed maybe once a week at watering time or every 10 days, after the flowers (BRACTS) have stopped and look like the plant is stopped producing more Flowers, this is when you rest the plant and only water to prevent the plants from drying out completely, normally around September time. These plants need good light but don't require full sun ALL day.

Remember these climbers come in all different shades of Red, pink, yellow and cream, white so rather than compare the 2 plants you have, check out the label name / cultivar just to make sure you don't have the same type of plant but different colour to begin with.

Hope this gives you some ideas as to what could be wrong but otherwise your pictures don't look to me like dying plants as there are fresh new growing tips meaning they are fine, ALL new plants first year have to be allowed to settle into new position /soil / light watering regime ect so don't be too alarmed just yet, it needs to grow roots and top growth and sometimes both don't or cant happen at the same time, dont worry too much just yet but give water as required, stick your finger into the soil and check if water is needed as it's easy to over water plants in hot weather and these plants like HOT weather but also watering regularly WHEN needed.

Good luck, WeeNel.

Flagler Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

WeeNel, you have given me a lot of insight on these. They are growing, and as of today, I'm going to pretend they aren't there so I can keep my hands off them. lol. I seem to over do things sometimes and think everything needs to be fed. I do water, not often if things are in the ground, we've been having a few good rains so that should be all they need. I'll give them a month or two of keeping my hands to myself, and see how they do. thanks so much for helping in this matter. Jami

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Jami, your very welcome, it's not easy when your trying to grow something new to you, I always err on the side of wait see, then after about a month, start to worry but I always stuck my finger into the soil to check if it water is required, After about 50 years, I still have to do that as I find I can be heavy handed with a watering can, it's all just practice really, you will with time gain more confidence and knowledge so be patient and don't beat yourself up, we all had to learn somewhere and to be honest, I think most gardeners are still learning so your in good company,
Meanwhile just keep an eye on your plants as the climate is a changing everywhere and non more so than here, lack of sun and light been with us the last few years.
kindest regards and get back to us all if things go haywire on you.

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