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Hello from a flower lover in South Alabama!

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8b)

I have the iris called Rare treat..beautiful, showy , ruffled
and bright colors..strong stems..
I need 3 iris to add to my Sheri's healing flower garden
and show on my blog.
I love the azure blues, lavendars, orchids, bi colors and bi tones
I want iris that do not have to be staked...

I have looked at Double Bubbles, Stair way to Heaven, Vienna Waltz,
High Master, Beauty Becomes her,Final Decision a yellow, Jazz melody
Heavenly Encore, and Absolute Treasure.
Do all the tall ones like Stairway to Heaven and Absolute treasure have to
be staked?

I look at the seller sites and then look at the Daves member photos and
the photos of many on seller sites are not as pretty and colorful as
they appear when the members send in photos..
I do not want to have that happen to me..

What can you suggest in blocky, or ruffled, showy, and bright colors with
strong stems in iris

for me to plant in my
Sheris healing flower garden

my perennial flower garden

I enjoy walking around it daily and
photographing it for shut ins at nursing homes and for my blog

I also grow salvia for the hummingbirds, daylilys and clematis
and tall garden phlox , have 3 cats and have a blog of nature and
flowers and animals here in Alabama.

Here is Rare Treat my iris this week.

Sheri/ sheridragonflys

Thumbnail by Sheridragonflys
Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Hi Sheri! I just noticed your post. I usually hang out on the chat forum here on Mid-South and there are several over there who are much more knowledgeable about iris than I am, but I also have Rare Treat (one of my favorites). I'll direct some of them over here and see if they can suggest one of the ones you mentioned. I know I have seen some of the ones pictured so one of them can probably advise you.


Ripley, MS

Hi Sheri, beautiful photo, I don't keep the names on my iris, so I am probably not the best help, but one I do know I have is Jurassic Park, it is very colorful. I don't like to have to stake things either.
What part of AL are you in, I notice you have salvia blooming in that photo too, mine are just now starting growing out. I had my first iris bloom today, but don't know the name of it.
Some of the others will be along soon I am sure to help you. I have named daylilies if you need any help on those.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Beautiful iris...... You might like Arms Wide Open.... I have it in my garden and it was stunning last year! Unfortunately, my new puppy laid down on it a few weeks ago in my garden and so i don't think I will have any blooms on it this year :( But, I do not stake any of my iris..... I don't have a lot but I have never had a problem with them not standing up (unless of course the dog runs over them or something! )..... I have a tendency to favor the purples, and yellows and golds.... but that Arms wide open is a very lovely blue.

Glad to see you posting here on the mid south - feel free to join us on our chat thread here so we can learn more about you.

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