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What can I do with small bits of charcoal?

Barberton, OH

I have been clearing and burning small brush and have several piles of charcoal in small pieces an inch or less in diameter. The ash has all washed out. Nothing seems to grow on these piles. I am trying to reclaim this area and will till some when it dries. Should i just spread it out, or is there another use for it. It is too small to use for grilling. The soil is black, mostly clay. It will harden into solid lumps when it dries fully.


Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Read about "bio char" and use it anywhere. I put some charcoal around a Datura plant and it seemed to love it, which I was afraid would be toxic.
The charcoal after the ash is gone, is pretty much neutral and holds nutrients in the soil for slow release.

Milton, NH

We've got a wood stove, so I distributed hardwood charcoal pieces, same size as yours,on top of my shrub beds, they took over a year to breakdown. The pieces I mixed into my hot compost piles did break down.

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