CLOSED: Motherís Day Special, Reclaimed Cedar Planters 50% Off

Bellevue, WA

Old growth western red cedar is an exceptional quality wood from trees over 200 years old. Our old-growth cedar comes from old structures dismantled, re-milled, and reused. We collect, pull nails, dry, fill nail holes and re-saw to bring you the very best, from woods that were ready to be burnt or discarded.

The all-heartwood old-growth is extremely resistant to decay and remains perfect after lying outdoors for many years! Most boards have tight grain because the trees grew slowly. Some of these trees were alive over 1,000 years ago.

Unfortunately, due to over-logging, very little of this precious wood is available anywhere anymore.

Fortunately, many more people are re-using this excellent quality wood, offsetting our impact with respect to deforestation.

This planter box is about 9.5" x 9.5" x 24", assembled to last, with stainless hardware and proper joinery techniques Finished with a hand-rubbed natural linseed oil to highlight color.

Ships within three days unless scheduled for Mother's Day. Want your planter box shipped just in time for Mother's Day? Drop us a line, we can schedule delivery to within two days of Mother's Day.

This special offer is limited to materials on hand, and is only for Mother's Day. Our normal price for this planter is $120.

Andrew's Reclaimed

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