Green stink bugs on my cherry tomatoes!!!!

Kihei, HI

So, I found a couple of green stink bugs on my cherry tomatoes that are just starting to produce fruit! Overall my plant looks healthy, so how do I get rid of them and prevent them from damaging my plant? I am new to gardening and have no idea how to manage pests so any advice would be appreciated! I also have carrots, pole beans, radishes, onions, and cucumbers, and would like to protect these as well! What should I do? Oh and I live in Hawaii if that helps. Thanks!!!!

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Sorry there have been no responses. The best way I've handled these is to watch the plants closely.

I keep a cup of soapy water handy and when these bug are discovered, I drop them in the cup to swim in their own misery.

It just takes being vigilant which I'd bet you are because you noticed them already.

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