Ptilotus exaltus: care and overwintering in Zone 5b?

Palatine, IL(Zone 5b)

I have a few seedlings of these plants native to Western Australia. I am pretty sure they will not overwinter here well (rated hardiness is 8 or 9), but will they grow well this summer in my outside garden? What type of conditions do they like (especially soil)? If I cut back and bring in for the winter in my 60 degree basement, will they be OK with occasional watering?

Thank you!

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Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Sorry reddog but I never noticed your thread before, I have never heard of these flowers here in UK and don't think they would stand a day here in our climate.
I think you would have better luck getting the right info you require about those beautiful plants ( I'm envious) from the Australian Forum where these plants you have originate from.
IF you go to the site I think communities, there is a vast list of different forums and there you will find the forum for Australian plant, IF your not able to find that someone on the Aus forums should be able to direct you.
Sorry but that's the best I can offer you by way of help. Best Regards, WeeNel.

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