What is happening to my Loquats?

De Bary, FL

Hello Dave's Garden Experts!

I've been scrolling the pages for years, just signed up searching for some help.
I live in Central Florida, about 30 miles north of Orlando, and have these 6 loquat trees along the back of my lot. It was 10 about 6 years ago, but have had the other 4 die off slowly since then. I'm really not sure what is going on with them, but i recently lost one and am getting pretty worried. They get full sun the blunt of the day, and honestly only watered when it rains. i'm assuming they are about 10 years old, due to what the previous owner told me in regards to planting times.

I tried to take as many photos as i thought would be needed, please let me know if any more would help. They start off looking like the close-up. a little blackish branches with some bark peeling, then (live) leaf fall, then thinning (as in the second, farther away photo.) after it has been pretty much picked clean of leaves, they end up skeletons in my yard. The photo of the trunk is of my last lost tree. I'm not sure if the split down the trunk has something to do with whatever killed it, but it was not there until the tree actually died.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!!

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