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CLOSED: Tiny flying insect

Cincinnati, OH

I need some assistance identifying this insect (and any ways to get rid of them!). It is a tiny flying insect that seems to come back each year as the weather starts to get warmer. There are literally hundreds of them that appear, and subsequently die, usually on my window sills. They're very "fragile" in that when I grab one with a tissue it's as if it disintegrates. They don't seem to be doing any harm, they're just an annoyance. See below for a picture. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Thumbnail by eklein23 Thumbnail by eklein23
Minot, ND

This is a fly in the family Psychodidae, commonly known as moth flies, drain flies, or sewer flies. They are nuisance pests that cause no real damage. See for detailed information including control recommendations.

Cincinnati, OH

Thank you, Flapdoodle! You figured out my mystery!

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