I'm coming for a visit!

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I've heard wonderful things about the beautiful gardens in rhe South and so I'm planning a trip from the frozen north of Ottawa, Canada (thawing rapidly now) to the delights of Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. I'd love to get DG recommendations on places to visit, places to stay, and I hear the food is great!

I'm planning to travel around the 8th of June, after our Choir's concerts (of Shakespeare songs), and I might rent a car, unless travel by train or bus is better. If you know of a good B&B I would love a reference. Probably 3-4 days in each city.

Of course, you can expect the same attention to detail from me if you ever wish to visit Ottawa.

Regards, Andrew

PS Yes, I've actually grown Brugmansias here! Check my diary.

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(Zone 9a)

Andrew, Charleston is beautiful and June is warm but a lovely time to visit. Your timing is iffy though, the Spoleto Festival, http://spoletousa.org/ runs through the 9th. You might want to delay your trip for a few days. It would be hard, at this late date, to find a place to stay during the festivities and the prices are usually outrageous then. On the other hand, Spoleto is a fabulous experience if you could swing it.

Charleston is one big garden, in addition to just wandering the streets downtown, you have the beautiful Middleton Place and Magnolia gardens nearby. Come to think of it, Middleton Place has a hotel of sorts on the property. Sorry I don't have any ideas for B & B's.

Beautiful Brug you have grown.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Thanks for your heads up. I'll do a little more research on Charleston. Can't resist attaching a few more brug pictures. Best wishes, Andrew

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Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

OK there is the Tryon Palace and Gardens in New Bern
Juniper Gardens Out side of Garner owned by Tony Avent awesome hosta's etc
Elizabethian Gardens close to the outter banks
WRAL gardens are beautiful riogh now In Raleigh
Orten Plantation is beautiful

all of the above are in North Carolina on the Coast


Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

Orton Plantation is closed right now. A distant relative of the original family bought it and it's undergoing extensive renovations. Other than that, I completely agree with your list.
Both cities, as ardesia mentioned, are basically big gardens. I would highly recommend you visit any of the old plantations. Not only are they stunning, but the history is fascinating. One spot I visited and think you would love is Sheldon Prince William Parish Church, outside of Savannah, GA. It's the ruins of a gorgeous church built in 1755.

Dillon, SC(Zone 7b)

If you come South on I-95, the first town in South Carolina is Dillon. Latta, another small town about 7 miles south of Dillon on US-301, has a lovely B&B--Abington Manor. I'm going to try to add their web page, but if I don't succeed you can access it by Googleing (sp?) "Abington Manor Latta, SC." Check it out. It's expensive, but it's first class--a Greek Revival building, it has a AAA Four Diamond restaurant and inn. I was able only to add a picture of the Manor.

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Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

sos, I just looked at your second set of brug pictures.I love the last one. What a beautiful structure and the brugs look great next to it.

Travelers Rest, SC(Zone 7a)

Hi Andrew -
As a lover of the Low Country (our name for the coastal plain), I can say that you're in for a treat! SC has some of the most beautiful gardens you'll ever see. There are several places I'd recommend you visit. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is a beautiful old home with lovely gardens that should be in full bloom around the first of June. Charleston Tea Plantation is on Wadmalaw Island just outside of Charleston and is the only tea plantation in N. America. It's definitely worth a stop. Just a bit north of Charleston, near the town of Summerville, is Mepkin Abbey - a Trappist Cistercian monastery with very peaceful gardens and gorgeous oak-lined avenues. They welcome visitors and allow you to wander at will. Regarding B&B accommodations, you might try Mansfield Plantation. It's in Georgetown, just up the coast a bit from Charleston. I've never stayed there, but I know that it was built in the mid-18th century and understand it's a fantastic B&B. Here's the URL for their site. http://www.mansfieldplantation.com/

I hope this helps! Enjoy your visit!

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Thanks, everyone! I'm taking notes and checking sites... this is a lot of work but it will no doubt pay off in some beautiful experiences. I'm a little worried about the heat, but we get very hot here in the Ottawa area in summer so I should be able to cope. Cheers, Andrew

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Barb, the structure is actually a fountain! Water streams from a perforated pipe in the top section and flows down the mustard-coloured surface. It's lit at night. There's also a planting space in the top section, which I usually do. I was there when the artist constructed it, bringing the ceramic pieces from his kilm to insert. There's a water reservoir and pump behind the fountain, which I empty and remove the pump before winter and store it in my basement. --A

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Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

BTW - there is a BIG difference between the heat y'all have up there and what you're going to experience in the Low Country. Wear cotton and a hat. ;)

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Andy, travel by train or bus is not very feasible (and often not available) for a vacation trip to coastal GA/SC/NC areas. I lived in all those states many years, both coastal and inland. I'm a mountaineer at heart but the coastal areas are exhilarating!

Do you cook? Charleston has food as outstanding as their gardens, and is having a big surge back to foods native to the area. Take a look at the website for Anson Mills (http://ansonmills.com/) for a glimpse of some local foods being revived. Since I don't live there anymore I cannot recommend eateries, but I'd bet almost all are excellent. Ask the locals where to eat!

Be sure to check out the Sea Islands from Beaufort to just above Charleston where the Gullah people thrive, make great handcrafts, and cook.

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