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Swiss Chard bolting - can I deadhead without damage?

Cedar Bluff, AL(Zone 7b)

I've had Swiss Chard growing for two years -- (maybe three, but I missed last growing season as I was in the hospital in a coma and on life support for a few months so i don't know if this is the first time they've bolted or not.) They make it through our cold winters. I cook and eat Chard frequently, and I par boil the small leaves and feed to my tropical fish (they love it!). Plus I love looking at the plants!

I was getting some to cook for dinner tonight and noticed they are all bolting. I don't care to harvest the seed, nor do I care for more plants at this time, (one has turned into 5 or 6). Is it okay to deadhead the plants, or is it beneficial to the plants to let them go to seed? I don't want to do anything to cause these Chard plants to give out as they are very healthy.

I honestly can't find a place to post my question, and your assistance will be appreciated.


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