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CLOSED: Heirloom Vegetable Seeds, Herb Seeds, and Wildflower Seeds for Sale

We are a family owned and operated business that provides Heirloom Vegetable Seeds to the public with free shipping to your door. We currently have over 70! different kinds of seeds. Vegetable Seeds and Herbs too... Wild Flowers and Seed Banks for you! Our vegetable seeds are all heirloom meaning they have not been chemically or genetically altered in any way form or fashion. We support small farms and Gardens in the USA and have signed the safe seed pledge to commit the right way. Why plant (Genetically Modified Organisms)-GMO seeds which have not been properly researched and tested to ensure safe for your family. Heirloom Seeds are all natural seeds that can be harvested from your vegetables to grow again and again. So before you go out and look for seeds give us a try to healthily meet you needs!

Our site is

We just joined Dave's Garden nice to meet everyone!

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We are offering a new Seed Bank,The Economy Version Seed Bank! We are excited about this new bank! We are offering you a NON-GMO, NON-HYBRID, Heirloom Seed Bank that has over 35 Different Varieties! And guess what FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the USA! It is only 17.95! To order click link below, Thanks!

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