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White Plains, NY

Hello everyone,

I am planning for a DIY kitchen remodeling next week, our cabinets and backsplash need to replaced and we are planning to do it our-self. I am planning to order ready to assemble kitchen cabinets which can be installed easily. Has anyone here ever done this before?

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Forget the term "easily".
If you are a professional carpenter, you can do it.
The ready to assemble cabinets are not good quality.
Check out my web site. Then go out & find a quality custom cabinet maker.
Like us, we install what we sell. You won't believe how crooked houses are. You can't change a wall, so cabinets need to be trimmed to make them plumb & level.

White Plains, NY

You said "The ready to assemble cabinets are not good quality" are all the same.

We were planning to get them from the RTA store ( have you heard about them before?

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

I found in their site, all parts are made of solid wood or plywood. That is good. They should be OK.

White Plains, NY

I got the cabinets from them, they are all Plywood. My kitchen looks awesome..

Thanks for you help CountryGardens..

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

How about a picture.

Agawam, MA

Hey Ronald, can you upload your kitchen pictures. So that I can get a idea How they really looks.

nyc, United States

He Ronald, as the other friends said too, if you could share some pics of your kitchen we can share our ideas easily.

London, United Kingdom

I have done a few kitchen remodels and used ready to assemble units in two of them. You do get good quality units if you shop around a bit. I clicked on the link you posted to see what cabinets your were looking at getting but the link didn't work.

The key to installing these cabinets is patience! Never as easy as they make it out to be but not very difficult either. Do your preparation right and take it step by step. If you have some diy skills, you should be ok.

Seattle, United States


In my opinion, its not an easy task. If you have done it, that's amazing at all.

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