Greenview 2 Step Fertilizer Program - Any Good?

Trumbull, CT(Zone 7a)

My parents have Scotts service for their lawn and they are not happy with them. I reseeded my own lawn last year and used Greenview Starter Fertilizer that I liked very much, then came across their 2 step program. I'm wondering if anyone has tried it and am looking for opinions:

They have at least some good customer reviews:

I came across Greenview after reading about how most synthetic fertilizers are very fast release, they essentially disolve in water, feed the lawn when it rains or is watered and then are gone in a fairly short time. Greenview has a small amount of fast release, and more of the slow release type. I think it is entirely synthetic but acts more like an organic slow release type.

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Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Read the active ingredients.
Nitrogen is available in several ways. Some are fast release, especially in warm weather. Some are slower. Some are still available to the plants in cooler seasons, which is very important.

If you can get the grass growing as early as the season is right, it will use the fertilizer that is available in cooler weather.
Through the heat of the summer you do not want a fertilizer that releases too fast. The lawn needs to conserve water while still growing, and the slower release fertilizers are still plenty of food in the hot weather. In the fall the lawn can keep on growing, and it needs to reserve some energy to survive through the winter and come out strong in the spring. So a fertilizer that is available in the mild fall days is good.

If you want to buy into a program like that, they send you the fertilizer at the time it is right to apply it, that is your choice. I think the active ingredients are not limited to just that company, though, and you could buy the right fertilizers anywhere.
If you are specifically looking for 'The stuff the professionals use' then go to irrigation stores, or stores that specialize in products for greenskeepers like golf course and ball park managers.
Lesco used to be one such place, I think they got bought out by John Deere.
Ewing Irrigation is a source near me, they are wide spread in the western US. I have no idea if they are in the eastern US.
You might find such products at agricultural suppliers like Tractor Supply.

Once you figure out which formulation of fertilizers you want you can go read the labels at all the local hardware stores and nurseries and buy whatever products you want. Just because it says 'professional' or 'contractor' quality or whatever, does not mean it is right for you. Just because it is sold in a store that markets to the general public does not mean the product is bad.

Trumbull, CT(Zone 7a)

I'm very pleased with the Greenview 2 step program. When Spring comes around my neighbor always asks me if I put something down and I say no, not yet. It does seem to be slow release and the fall application seems to make it to Spring. It looks great and the weed control mixed in with the Spring application also seems to work well.

Trumbull, CT(Zone 7a)

I used the Spring fertilizer for several years but the version without weed killer because I was seeding, and did not put the fall down because I was seeding and using starter fertilizer. I think 2015 was the first season where I used weed control and the fall mix - that made it really take off. Here's a picture from 2016 - VERY pleased with this program:

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