CLOSED: Yellow Sac Spider?

Blasdell, NY

I'm in western NY. I have lots and lots of these in my house. They come out at night and during the day I find them in little nests in the corners and creases of my walls and ceiling. Because of that behavior and the black feet I'm assuming they're Yellow Sacs, but I would like to know for sure.

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Blasdell, NY

Oops, I meant for this to be the second image

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Minot, ND

This spider does appear to be in the family Miturgidae (long-legged sac spiders/prowling spiders) and in the genus Cheiracanthium, which often are called 'yellow sac spiders' -

Blasdell, NY

Thank you! Because there are so many (I've been killing at least 5 a day for almost a week) and they're all the same, I think that a mother must have hatched eggs in the house. Is that likely? I don't know much about spiders, really.

Decherd, TN

Hello all. I have a question for anyone who knows a little bit about spiders. I have in my home the common house spider, many of them. I also have in my home the brown recluse. Now, I know that not much research has been done on spiders interbreeding, but I found a spider today that makes me think that they do. I can't post a picture but I can easily describe it to you. It has oragneish red legs, no hair and no stripes. It has the same colored body as legs just a tad darker. It has a butt just like a common house spider, marking and all. On it's body, it has what appears like the hour glass that I am all to familiar with and it has fairly large fangs (unlike a house spider) that are black at the tip. It spins a web (unlike a recluse) and it is fairly small, although looked that the leg span is larger than a dime. It doesn't look like anything I have researched. Is it possible that my common house spider has breed with my poisonous brown recluse?

Minot, ND

@Whispergirll - There is no way that those spiders could interbreed. Please see if you can post an image of your mystery spider.

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